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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESOLVING

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Astrology, 56:upon our planetary life, then the true method of resolving the dualities will be known. It isAstrology, 185:of the human family can be instrumental in resolving dissonance into harmony. The definite patternAtom, 36:brother. The atom, then, can be predicated as resolving itself into electrons, and can be expressedBethlehem, 139:which Christ so fully exemplified, thus resolving the dualities of higher and lower in Himself,Bethlehem, 202:to the other. The at-one-ment consists in resolving the relationship between these two, and whenDiscipleship1, 658:it, and remember that only those succeed in resolving discord [659] into harmony who themselvesFire, 405:be entering into the stage of obscuration, the resolving process will commence. The plan, viewedGlamour, 102:the intuition. These capacities he developed by resolving the pairs of opposites on the physical,Glamour, 110:as more and more people have succeeded in resolving the initial physical cleavage and have becomeGlamour, 138:their voice be clearly heard. These people are resolving the sense of duality into a known unity,Healing, 631:about a psychological healing along the line of resolving cleavages, or produce an at-one-ment,Psychology1, 229:are looking on at the transmutation process. The resolving agencies are fire, intense heat andRays, 137:to remember that the disciple is occupied in resolving the many sounds into the Word; when he has
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