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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESOURCES

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Astrology, 208:of the husks of life and having exhausted the resources of worldly desire and ambition - he says:Astrology, 380:it finds [380] itself. Then later, when all the resources of the form nature (drawn out throughAstrology, 477:is never forgotten, for they draw upon the resources of the heart. They release the light of wisdomAstrology, 516:processes. It comes into activity when the resources of the lower mind have been used, explored andAstrology, 530:power, their historical past and their material resources or territorial extent but because theyAstrology, 532:politics, plus the redistribution of the world's resources in conformity to divine purpose. ThenAutobiography, 16:having two children had not drained her physical resources. My father was Frederic Foster LaAutobiography, 127:useful life. I told Him that I had exhausted the resources of doing "everything for Jesus' sake";Bethlehem, 204:in an attempt to awaken the latent personal resources of the ego, through processes in themselvesDestiny, 104:power, their historical past and their material resources or [105] territorial extent, but becauseDestiny, 106:politics, plus the redistribution of the world's resources in conformity to divine purpose. ThenDiscipleship1, 20:each others' hands and, where possible, pooling resources. It should result also in a united pushDiscipleship1, 69:brought out for our own benefit the material resources of the physical plane. We have conqueredDiscipleship1, 94:relation to the Hierarchy, its purposes and resources can be made. Secondly, the nature of energyDiscipleship1, 98:of the disciple's energies, his time and his resources on behalf of humanity; it requires a newDiscipleship1, 269:with its consequent need to draw upon the full resources of the soul. The routine of the dailyDiscipleship1, 269:spiritual integration and to call forth the resources of a divine son of God. I am emphasizing thisDiscipleship1, 270:of achievement which will draw upon the full resources of the soul. These must be demanded by theDiscipleship1, 363:of World Servers must now draw forth the deep resources of your heart. Ponder on this suggestion.Discipleship1, 471:therefore, less background and more undeveloped resources. You have passed and are passing throughDiscipleship1, 514:because you have never yet drawn fully upon the resources of your soul. This you will have to do toDiscipleship1, 548:counting on it and by availing yourself of the resources and strength which you possess,Discipleship1, 593:about. The disciple must be thrown upon his own resources. This stage of stabilization now liesDiscipleship1, 619:strength, of wisdom and light, and of material resources when there is such a condition as nowDiscipleship1, 692:and the dedication of all individual resources to the service of the Great Ones, without restraintDiscipleship1, 692:strength is so given and the gift of all resources is accompanied with happiness, then the discipleDiscipleship2, 24:serving, he will perforce draw upon all the resources of spiritual strength and light and all theDiscipleship2, 163:of the pressure of the over-shadowing spiritual resources. These forces have affected the spiritualDiscipleship2, 226:through the wise expenditure of the financial resources of the world in the many fields of humanDiscipleship2, 243:Apart from the demands upon your spiritual resources (incident to the particular initiation whichDiscipleship2, 465:aura of mine would act as a shield, and that the resources of both Ashrams were behind you. This,Discipleship2, 572:with the financial situation calls for all the resources of your lower mind and this strengthensEducation, 30:the agent of ever increasing powers, tapping the resources of dynamic energy in the three worlds:Education, 58:all, there is a definite effort to bring the resources of education within the reach of every manEducation, 74:life in this incarnation. He is left to his own resources or those of some ignorant nursemaid, at aEducation, 128:off by the parent or parents and left to its own resources. In the case of the human family, theExternalisation, 113:vision and understanding and with all its resources, cannot coerce and cannot forecast what mankindExternalisation, 191:that the produce of the world, the natural resources of the planet and its riches, belong to no oneExternalisation, 191:the needs of each nation, upon its own internal resources and the requirements of its people. AllExternalisation, 193:between those nations which possess unlimited resources and those who have few or none; the problemExternalisation, 196:common sense can solve it. There are adequate resources for the sustenance of human life, and theseExternalisation, 196:financial injustices of man's making that the resources of the planet are not universally availableExternalisation, 197:requirements (based on population and internal resources, etc.) and will know also what they canExternalisation, 197:facts are obvious. The old order has failed. The resources of the world have fallen into the handsExternalisation, 198:necessities of life and the wise pooling of all resources for the benefit of everybody, plus a wiseExternalisation, 198:bring about those conditions which will keep the resources of the world circulating justly andExternalisation, 198:and this wise distribution of the world's resources must embrace the high and the low, the rich andExternalisation, 235:of liberty, of territory, and of all economic resources. And, at the same time, the greatest andExternalisation, 236:Behind stand their great empires with their resources as yet untouched. Behind them again stand theExternalisation, 246:human relations, of spiritual unity and shared resources with complete confidence because his senseExternalisation, 309:need, and the mobilization of their time and resources by leaders in all countries are the keynotesExternalisation, 332:Let them draw upon all available spiritual resources, dedicating all their mental, emotional andExternalisation, 366:understanding, a future of shared planetary resources, and a recognition of [367] a generalExternalisation, 368:aided somewhat unwillingly by Italy. [368] The resources of the United Nations are vast and are nowExternalisation, 368:rapidly being organized. The man power and the resources of Germany and of her allies have reachedExternalisation, 373:realized goal of all national enterprise; the resources of the entire planet must be sharedExternalisation, 374:modern, goes to prove. Their tradition, their resources, their national genius, their past history,Externalisation, 375:out of revolt and out of possession of material resources, has brought about the present worldExternalisation, 420:This will bring about a pooling of spiritual resources and a united spiritual effort, plus aExternalisation, 460:sense the scope of the problem and to assess the resources available. This may land them inExternalisation, 499:preceding this world war, will mobilize their resources and fight to the death to prevent theExternalisation, 558:money, and even the Christ has need of financial resources in order to reach the needy sons of men.Externalisation, 581:great public utilities, the major material [581] resources and the sources of planetary wealth -Externalisation, 609:and into a situation wherein all His divine resources will be needed and will be tried to theExternalisation, 615:the menacing difficulties, his analysis of his resources and of those with whom he works, and hisExternalisation, 626:and power, and for the possession of the natural resources of the Earth - coal, oil, etc., and alsoExternalisation, 627:upon the world, using her vast capital and resources in so doing, and gathering into her banks theExternalisation, 627:for itself and rating each other in terms of resources and finance. In the meantime, humanityExternalisation, 628:can do much: those already using the financial resources of the world, if they will catch the newFire, 144:passing from one illusion to another until the resources of matter are fully utilized. [145]Fire, 754:Him, enabling Him to increase His Own stupendous resources by drawing upon still higher forceFire, 814:develop the intuition, and thus draw upon the resources of the Ego. Then will men be taught toFire, 959:the agent of ever increasing powers, tapping the resources of dynamic energy in the three worlds.Glamour, 14:This is recorded in your brain, drawing on the resources of your memory. The registering of oldGlamour, 241:which is and, until he has [241] exhausted the resources of his intellect or has deliberatelyHealing, 257:heal the whole man and bring into play all the resources - physical, emotional, mental andHealing, 381:is displayed today, the focusing of all the resources of medical and surgical science on behalf ofHealing, 381:science on behalf of the fighting forces - (resources later to be mobilized in aid of the civilianHealing, 475:still preserving his consciousness, gathers his resources together for the final abstraction. ThisHealing, 669:their greed, their determination to own the resources of the earth (such as oil, mineral wealth andHercules, 133:individual will not be encouraged to use his own resources, whereas too little may cause him toInitiation, 90:is more complete. He is rapidly exhausting the resources of the Hall of Wisdom, and is masteringInitiation, 119:whence he draws it, and has had a glimpse of the resources of energy which are available. Before,Intellect, 10:super-sensuous. We have well-nigh exhausted the resources of the material world, but we have notIntellect, 177:started with the man who, having exhausted the resources and the satisfactions of physical livingIntellect, 250:depths of his own nature and penetrates to the resources of his own subconsciousness and toMagic, 79:on the mental levels. Their aim is so to tap the resources of force stored up by the NirmanakayasMagic, 317:find that the attempt will call forth all the resources of his being and take much time to achieve.Magic, 456:and unimportant thoughts, seeks to tap the resources of this "rain cloud" and so precipitate uponMagic, 516:is its habit, in unison with all souls, taps the resources of the Universal Mind, and formulatesMeditation, 184:the dense physical vitalized and magnetized. The resources of the pranic fluid are illimitable andMeditation, 344:and a consequent throwing of the total of one's resources into the furtherance of that end. APatanjali, 32:an object or to a form has been developed, all resources have been utilized, [33] and the spiritualPatanjali, 69:as pure vision permitted its owner to tap the resources of pure wisdom. With the development ofPatanjali, 175:has practically exhausted the sum total of his resources in the three worlds. The tendency of thesePatanjali, 262:every day. The ability at will to draw upon the resources of the ego, the constant recognition thatProblems, 12:regard their national cultures, their national resources and their ability to serve mankind as theProblems, 38:on analysis and criticism and when all its resources are directed towards the satisfying ofProblems, 41:The task of the Great Powers (with their vast resources) and of the philanthropists andProblems, 66:that in the future neither of these planetary resources will be required? These are two instances
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