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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESPOND

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Discipleship1, 712:has fitted himself through self-discipline to respond to it and is, therefore, nearing the end ofDiscipleship1, 721:can be provided with a group which can: Respond intelligently to that influence, recognizing it andDiscipleship1, 746:thread, it will not be a waste of his time to respond, because the call will always be launched onDiscipleship1, 746:is doing or what his preoccupation, he must respond to that call, for it is the endowed right ofDiscipleship1, 752:of consciousness" to which the mind of man can respond; [753] he registers a constant succession ofDiscipleship1, 753:key to his own being and also the capacity to respond to the threefold vibration of the Master, asDiscipleship1, 754:consciousness of the disciple, the ability to respond to the quality and the radiation, emanatingDiscipleship1, 759:en rapport. His mind and his brain respond to the Master's mind. He is, therefore, mentally awareDiscipleship1, 759:relatively free from glamor, he is able to respond from the angle of sensitivity and feeling andDiscipleship1, 769:correctly or responds adequately. The others respond to partial aspects of the call and theirDiscipleship1, 769:Let us look at some of the types of people who respond to the call. Most of them do soDiscipleship1, 770:throughout the world and of all kinds. They respond to those upon the astral plane who are catchingDiscipleship1, 770:disciple. Probationary disciples who receive and respond to the impression more promptly andDiscipleship2, 11:will prepare their minds, give the needed time, respond to the few requests I may make, andDiscipleship2, 61:stable and balanced so that it can adequately respond to the new and potent forces which could andDiscipleship2, 62:(used along wrong lines in the war period), will respond more intelligently to this type of workDiscipleship2, 102:out the human capacity in its higher brackets to respond to this much higher quality. It has notDiscipleship2, 204:fellowmen. An increasing number of people who respond to the idealism and the purpose of the NewDiscipleship2, 212:idealists who seek a better world and those who respond to the inspiration of goodwill. This lastDiscipleship2, 260:is towards humanity. That is not so. They respond to human need when the demand is effective, andDiscipleship2, 324:for them to assimilate a presented truth or to respond to an intuitive perception. Their grasp ofDiscipleship2, 343:the disciple must be able also to register and respond practically to the greater spiritual lawsDiscipleship2, 359:the action of but one; they appear when the many respond on Earth to that which comes from theDiscipleship2, 374:the impression is simply the forerunner; others respond to the energy, but fail to register theDiscipleship2, 457:and the substance or matter aspect which will respond to it, utilize it and eventually give it dueDiscipleship2, 486:is in the nature of a platitude and you may well respond that this is true of all aspirants. ThisDiscipleship2, 510:for me to take but a disciple has to learn to respond correctly to that as well as to correction.Discipleship2, 523:the strength of Shamballa to which you so easily respond can safely pour in; then, too, will comeDiscipleship2, 523:towards me and the Ashram; endeavor to respond consciously to hierarchical impression, [524]Discipleship2, 526:not, my brother, we draw to ourselves those who respond to our major quality at any given time andDiscipleship2, 527:you can touch and to which you can intelligently respond) which was the main factor in bringing toDiscipleship2, 565:and his Council function. The first step is to respond to first ray energy; later you will come toDiscipleship2, 602:cells, the atomic lives of the brain organism, respond to the racial brain and thus conditionDiscipleship2, 639:your life and spiritual intention. I shall not respond, but (bear this in mind) record will be madeDiscipleship2, 658:for the sixth ray personality is quick to respond to soul energy but the effects work out in aDiscipleship2, 684:and all of you. Your sixth ray personality would respond to such an attitude on my part and then -Discipleship2, 698:lives now I have sought to serve your need. Respond in love to all these three. Break through theDiscipleship2, 703:and turmoil of the way of life is great and you respond with undue pain. Others escape in many waysEducation, 7:educators is twofold: 1. To train the brain to respond intelligently to impressions coming to itEducation, 8:and to use judgment; and his fingers must then respond to creative impulses to make and produceEducation, 19:therefore be the training of the mechanism to respond to the life of the soul. The higher Self orEducation, 20:of the mind, with its power to intuit ideas, to respond to impact, to translate, analyze, and toEducation, 25:years 1935 and 1942, will normally and naturally respond to this evocation of the mind element. OneEducation, 36:also the training of the human mechanism to respond to life impacts, and to the soul. This soul isEducation, 89:in the Science of Right Human Relations and thus respond to the major objective of the comingEducation, 103:is determined by its aspiration and ability to respond to the idealism which is today flooding theExternalisation, 4:bodies which react to it. Different types of men respond distinctively to any inflow of energy, andExternalisation, 6:seek to manifest on the physical plane and so respond to their environment. The flow of energy,Externalisation, 49:an embryonic mind of such a nature that it can respond to simple educational processes, whenExternalisation, 86:the world religions and the men and women who respond to the love influence - can change methodsExternalisation, 90:field of the world, having in them those who can respond to the subtler forces and who can -Externalisation, 98:the distinguishing quality is the ability to respond intuitionally to higher impression and toExternalisation, 128:by the Forces of Light and who, therefore, respond normally and easily to the concept of goodwill,Externalisation, 149:as a controlling factor in consciousness, who respond to world affairs and conditions increasinglyExternalisation, 153:thereby attracted or magnetically impelled to respond and then potent energies can be sent directExternalisation, 166:and means literally, "May all men everywhere respond to the keynote of the universe and giveExternalisation, 172:reactions. The capacity of the worker to respond, therefore, to the inner voices and to serveExternalisation, 196:children can be taught right attitudes and will respond, for a child sees and recognizes noExternalisation, 206:and women of goodwill are to be found, ready to respond to a clear call and intelligentExternalisation, 209:and women of understanding and vision who will respond to the principles here given. To prepareExternalisation, 210:work of reconstruction, I call upon those who respond to this vision immediately to set to work. IExternalisation, 216:who seek to live by the law of brotherhood, who respond to the influence of the Forces of Light andExternalisation, 231:United States of America should be expected to respond. I write as one who represents theExternalisation, 261:a manner that They can be attracted and led to respond to human need for deliverance? Such is theExternalisation, 262:human being, for men are as yet unaccustomed to respond to Lives and Influences of so high andExternalisation, 274:nearer to humanity, and the masses can then respond to the new impulses. You have, therefore: TheExternalisation, 278:to advanced humanity and to those men who could respond to the will aspect through their mentalExternalisation, 289:in humanity must ever, and most surely does, respond to the divine Appearance. The witness to thisExternalisation, 306:reach and influence Their agents or those who respond to Their note, vibration and message areExternalisation, 307:working under the Master M., are endeavoring to respond to this over-shadowing which is onlyExternalisation, 338:occultists and disciples, and by all who respond to its note. In doing this there will be need onExternalisation, 349:from the people of the world. Will humanity respond to the evocation of the [350] Buddha? WillExternalisation, 351:by the extreme readiness to act and to respond on the part of Those invoked by humanity, butExternalisation, 353:it will find that Hierarchy more than ready to respond and do its share in bringing about worldExternalisation, 361:of the Christ, of the Buddha and of those who respond to [362] Their blended influence. This testExternalisation, 422:of God, the Hierarchy; the Hierarchy will respond, and God's plans will then be worked out onExternalisation, 437:Members of the Hierarchy, but all on Earth who respond to hierarchical impression. Have theExternalisation, 509:telepathic faculties of men and their power to respond to inner inspiration be developed andExternalisation, 511:all are as yet failing to meet the need and to respond to the inner pressure. But in all of theseExternalisation, 515:planet similar to Theirs and to which They can respond? We know that it is not so and that muchExternalisation, 525:average disciple and aspirant, if they are to respond constructively to it. Today, however, thingsExternalisation, 530:in the Masters or higher initiates which can respond to any vibration of this nature. Though TheyExternalisation, 540:they are the first, needless to say, who will respond to this activity. As all this is taking placeExternalisation, 541:will enable the Members of the Hierarchy to respond to this aspect of the divine Purpose - theExternalisation, 649:rare souls who have demonstrated the capacity to respond to spiritual impression. The line of leastExternalisation, 658:measure until the race of men has learned to respond more adequately to the energy of the secondExternalisation, 684:magnetic aura of the Hierarchy may unfailingly respond to impression from Shamballa, and also be ofExternalisation, 686:which will necessarily pass unnoticed; you will respond, however, to the realization that theExternalisation, 699:all men wait and to which they will be able to respond, owing to the needed and new stimulation.Fire, 140:building the antahkarana), will the personality respond to that which is above, and the lower firesFire, 209:the initiate, but which produces a capacity to respond to contacts that far outweighs theFire, 251:human units who vibrate to His key note, and who respond to the measure of His life. All are heldFire, 375:from another branch of the human Hierarchy, who respond to the vibration of that center. It wouldFire, 430:the old Atlanteans (fourth root-race men) will respond to [431] the stimulation and will find theirFire, 437:To these six cosmic influences our Heavenly Men respond. They absorb the influence, being centersFire, 462:round, will enter into the fifth kingdom, or respond to its vibration before the climax of theFire, 462:than upon the human, for it is not yet ready to respond to the vibration of this planetary Logos,Fire, 464:and developed when - at a certain stage - he can respond to the vibration of members of the OccultFire, 473:to their being built for seventh Ray force will respond more readily than the others, though firstFire, 508:potentialities in its inherent ability to respond to the higher vibration; from the moment of
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