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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESPOND

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Psychology2, 137:Then, automatically, the physical body will respond. There is, consequently, a great need for thePsychology2, 139:times and periods. But today a group can respond and their numbers are relatively so great thatPsychology2, 141:at that point in their evolution where they can respond to the measure and rhythm of that Plan.Psychology2, 149:be sensitive to its impact. If we are unable to respond to its influence in any measure, that inPsychology2, 185:Within the human family are also found those who respond to that inner group of Thinkers, Who,Psychology2, 204:recognized through their complete incapacity to respond to emotional and mental training andPsychology2, 224:called in The Secret Doctrine), and its members respond to Their sensed vision of the Plan for thePsychology2, 240:possible on a wide scale, as men begin to respond to the trend towards synthesis, and to react toPsychology2, 241:that there exists in man the capacity to respond eventually and in group formation to God's plan,Psychology2, 249:- he will develop in himself the power to respond to this fourth rule of soul control, and willPsychology2, 284:The energy of sentiency. The capacity to respond. Emotional feeling, astral energy. The reflectionPsychology2, 291:soul. The capacity to react to the plan, or to respond to the recognized will of God. The principlePsychology2, 400:This involves the higher sensitivity, power to respond intuitional, intellectual ability toPsychology2, 408:wherein one can see the power to move and respond to the sensory apparatus, and the power toPsychology2, 485:the adherents of many esoteric schools so often respond is not that of the Hierarchy but that ofPsychology2, 485:of the astral reflection of the Hierarchy; they respond therefore to an illusory, distorted,Psychology2, 485:spiritual fact. They could, if they so chose, respond to the reality. [486] Apart from the ordinaryPsychology2, 524:of physical and astral forces, but occasionally respond to mental impacts. A period wherein thePsychology2, 610:and registration of it. Second ray types will respond to this phenomenon more easily and morePsychology2, 633:condition. They are developed just enough to respond to the mental control and suggestion ofPsychology2, 661:leadership, the New Group of World Servers will respond increasingly to the presented new ideas andPsychology2, 666:belong to the New Group of World Servers or who respond to their message of good will, sacrificePsychology2, 673:in every country must be discovered, and all who respond to these ideals must be gathered togetherPsychology2, 679:of good will throughout the world. Those who respond to these ideas and who show no antagonisticPsychology2, 684:the effort of all disciples and aspirants to respond and bring through into manifestation thatPsychology2, 685:they increase the capacity of the human being to respond and to understand. In order to effect thisPsychology2, 697:with the Master of his group and intelligently respond to the Plan, so does this group of alignedPsychology2, 702:also took place so that they could be enabled to respond more easily and truly to the impact ofPsychology2, 721:sensed ideals may be in error, but the power to respond to the new forces is there, and the effectPsychology2, 729:the methods which will be needed. Those who respond to this appeal will know the methods theyPsychology2, 740:on a large scale through discovering those who respond to this message and idea; secondly, toRays, 4:They work blindly and have no ability to respond [5] consciously to the plan. They are the sumtotalRays, 10:by it because there is nothing in him to respond to it. He sees through the illusion to the realityRays, 35:higher, and higher factors are then evoked and respond according to the measure of understandingRays, 68:and in his own essential identity cannot so respond. The individual must be protected by the groupRays, 94:peaceful silent Will. "Then will the sons of men respond. Then will a newer light shine forth intoRays, 101:by the Moon) have been dispersed. They no longer respond to the ancient call of the reincarnatingRays, 151:perfection. They enable the individual to respond to material forces, to soul energy and spiritualRays, 181:of maya, to drown in the sea of glamor, and to respond to the pull of illusion." In this teaching,Rays, 200:the consciousness of the initiate which can respond to them. The Voice of the Silence dies out alsoRays, 207:great Council, or which would enable them to respond to the O, sounded out at intervals of oneRays, 231:have all disciples begin to train themselves to respond to the Aquarian energy now pouring into theRays, 232:of [232] the New Group of World Servers will not respond in any way; they cannot. Others willRays, 232:not respond in any way; they cannot. Others will respond as fully as their spiritual statusRays, 233:but the goal for the entire group. All who respond to the life-giving force of Aquarius and to theRays, 243:I mean just exactly that. This same ability to respond through pain is not to be found (in theRays, 312:of Shamballa and with his ability to react or respond to the will of the Monad. As you know, thisRays, 313:is taking the first initiation; his brain cannot respond to this high vibration. Theoretically, andRays, 349:magician is not responsive. He can and does respond to the knowledge - most ancient and hardly wonRays, 349:in the "love petals" of the soul, but he cannot respond to and use the energy of divine love,Rays, 350:trite Christian phrase) the black brother cannot respond; his aims are different. You have here theRays, 367:to Shamballa, The spiritual nature of Those Who respond in reverent obedience to the slightest wishRays, 526:They have been chosen for Their aptitude to respond to invocation, to manifest certain divineRays, 564:of the planetary Logos. Nevertheless, he does respond to a mental understanding of the lowestRays, 660:the "little wills of men" [660] are beginning to respond on a measurably large scale to the greaterRays, 660:nevertheless, prior to that, humanity must respond to the light and the love which are theRays, 755:Love and Light to which humanity can most easily respond and for which they are already evidencingRays, 763:the pure in heart can hear, only the gentle can respond. The stormy sounds of all earth struggle,Reappearance, 13:silent Will. "Then will the sons of men respond. Then will a newer light shine forth into theReappearance, 114:divine potentialities which will enable men to respond to the message of the Christ and, therefore,Reappearance, 135:statement of fact; it is the hearts of men which respond to the call of Christ and it is thoseReappearance, 157:of God, the Hierarchy; the Hierarchy will respond, and God's plans will then be worked out onReappearance, 184:begin subjectively and often unconsciously to respond to the preparations for the coming of theSoul, 34:way into information. To that information we respond: a reverse activity is instituted and we areSoul, 107:which raises the capacity of the human mind to respond to higher vibrations, and to perceive,Telepathy, 3:Within the human family are also found those who respond to that inner group of Thinkers Who,Telepathy, 6:of the mind. He then seeks to find those who respond to the same type of ideas and who react to theTelepathy, 21:of work. When a man can begin, as a soul, to respond to other souls and their impacts andTelepathy, 23:not possible for groups upon the outer plane to respond to this type of contact until the bulk ofTelepathy, 54:HIMSELF. The human mechanism and its ability to respond to its environment (as science well knows)Telepathy, 54:physical plane and rightly interpret them; can respond to the emotional contacts of the astralTelepathy, 58:is a planned reason and direction intended. We respond similarly and as automatically to emotionalTelepathy, 63:and evolution is the process whereby forms respond to contact, react to impact, and pass on toTelepathy, 70:as the mass of men do not know, recognize or respond to the Hierarchy, so - within the HierarchyTelepathy, 70:disciples who do not know, recognize or as yet respond to the influence or the potency ofTelepathy, 70:members in the various Ashrams. All do not respond in the same way, for in its higher aspects it isTelepathy, 78:and creative whole; life, quality and appearance respond unitedly to the imposed intention of theTelepathy, 79:to that of the human being who is beginning to respond to the kingdom of souls, the fifth kingdom.Telepathy, 136:not so, such human beings would be unable to respond to first ray, second ray and third ray energy,Telepathy, 144:only the seven major [144] centers which respond to the inflowing energies of the seven rays. AllTelepathy, 187:such time as the Hierarchy and Humanity can respond constructively. It is present, needless to say,
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