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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESPONSE

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Astrology, 493:In the last analysis, the problem of response to and interpretation of the environing contacts isAstrology, 493:particularly upon the non-sacred planets. This response must be evoked, not only in the fourthAstrology, 494:expressive of the consciousness aspect. Love is response to contact and this - in the human being -Astrology, 495:what is called the supermind which is the response of the illumined mind to the Mind of God.Astrology, 495:Triangles of energy which affect the mental response apparatus of humanity and to the aboveAstrology, 495:and the unfoldment not only of man's response apparatus, the [496] form nature, but also of hisAstrology, 497:offered by the nature of the vehicle of response. These two ideas are obviously revolutionary andAstrology, 504:Logos and is likewise registering a sensitive response to the quality of the Life which informs theAstrology, 506:task of synthesizing into one unit of conscious response and activity, the higher divine aspect,Astrology, 509:or Neptune whilst Pluto at present only evokes response from groups or from those disciples who areAstrology, 519:and of consciousness - is the point of greatest response. The mineral [520] kingdom, through theAstrology, 533:overcome the inertia of the material nature in response to human need, individually and by theAstrology, 540:and potencies, and enabling them to make a response of which they would not otherwise be capable.Astrology, 547:reacts to their impact. The type of conscious response and resultant activity is - as the occultistAstrology, 547:of their appropriate results, and the expected response. [548] Astrology, 553:human being. This takes place at first in response to circumstance and later to soul inclination.Astrology, 555:The energies of this Cross continue to evoke response until the time of the third initiation. TheAstrology, 558:as it organizes substance and evokes sensitive response from substance itself. The Fixed Cross isAstrology, 559:in cooperation with the Holy Spirit and this in response to the fiat of the Father. These threeAstrology, 568:each of the Crosses and produces a result and a response from some source. It is this new factAstrology, 570:was immediately successful and met with a full response from those good and well-meaning peopleAstrology, 572:a function to carry out in evoking hierarchical response in [573] reply to the aspiration of theAstrology, 574:into hierarchical activity in an effort to evoke response from Shamballa. [575] Astrology, 575:aspiration you must add the task of evoking the response to world need in the thinkers andAstrology, 614:of intellect and of sensory perception. Response to the center called Humanity. The mind takesAstrology, 614:of the love nature. Achievement of illumination. Response to the center called the Hierarchy.Astrology, 614:of the will. Achievement of synthesis. Response to the center called Shamballa. Dynamic Purpose inAstrology, 622:humanity, you will find indication of a growing response between the two centers, Shamballa andAstrology, 632:the will of the mass, which conditions mass response and mass psychology. This has not yet been theAstrology, 693:prana. Earth (3rd) - The School of Magnetic Response. Another name given to its pupils is 'TheAtom, 20:It involves the conception of vibration, and of response to vibration, and though we may in timeAtom, 20:center," the concept still holds good, and the response of the center to stimulation is even moreAtom, 21:increasing realization, of the developing response of the subjective life to its environment, andAtom, 102:in greatly increased degree to the similar response in the vegetable kingdom, but it also showsAtom, 110:commencing, in a small way, to make a conscious response to that greater call, and to find possibleAtom, 125:most important developments will be conscious response to every vibration and contact - that is,Atom, 125:what I have been saying this evening and get no response whatever. Yet I could go down and giveAutobiographyRay personality rose to the final effort in response to the demand of her soul. It was in 1946 thatAutobiography, 22:- perhaps both) and the development of the heart response and the power to feel (and to feelAutobiography, 127:depths of my despair when I got absolutely no response. I was so sure that if I was [128] desperateAutobiography, 128:I was [128] desperate enough that I would get a response; that I would again have some kind of aAutobiography, 162:of a strong subjective telepathic rapport and a response to impression coming from certain highAutobiography, 164:discover it does make sense and evokes intuitive response. This work of the Tibetan has greatlyAutobiography, 263:to the evolutionary process and ever appear in response to man's demand and when his mentalAutobiography, 264:will evoke both the respect and the intuitive response of the disciple. The teacher of the futureAutobiography, 271:the measure of his soul contact, his sensitive response to the Master's suggestions and theAutobiography, 273:from the older groups but it will also evoke response [274] from many in those groups who haveAutobiography, 274:to take shape by means of this rejection and in response to the teaching, proclaimed by the moreAutobiography, 281:offered by the Arcane School will change in response to the demanding needs of aspirants, to theBethlehem, 7:the divine message as it went forth from God in response to the need of man, down the ages. TheBethlehem, 49:the growth of the Plan and of the racial response can be traced quite clearly in the development ofBethlehem, 52:opened on the demand of the initiate and at the response by the Initiator, standing on the otherBethlehem, 71:a world message, a message which still awaits response. When the consciousness which is Christ'sBethlehem, 78:they complain of meeting with no sympathetic response as they attempt to lead the spiritual life,Bethlehem, 88:awakens. In their totality they constitute his "response apparatus," as the psychologists call it.Bethlehem, 94:its sensitivity or sentiency, and its developing response apparatus which is sensitive to sunlight,Bethlehem, 106:have sounded down the ages, and have evoked response from all aspirants to the kingdom. The spiritBethlehem, 117:determines our attitude in temptation and our response to the problem presented by the devil. IfBethlehem, 155:that it evoked from God Himself an immediate response. When feeling and thought meet in a moment ofBethlehem, 240:a right relationship with God. The first response of Isaiah to the divine call was that flash ofBethlehem, 251:theory of annihilation, which does not find much response from the healthy-minded. The value of allBethlehem, 263:unrest of the masses, and the general sensitive response to the new ideals may be due to the impactBethlehem, 269:and the Father spoke to Him. It is the intuitive response of an intelligent mind to impressionsBethlehem, 282:to surge forth and up to God, calling forth His response, His recognition, which we have seen HimDestiny, 4:a point today where there is a most sensitive response to that which is higher and better. ThisDestiny, 6:energies as they play upon our planet, evoke response - good and bad - and produce the turmoil [7]Destiny, 15:The true first ray personality who works in response to this Shamballa influence will have theDestiny, 20:Hierarchy are seeking to evoke an intelligent response from men and an indication that they areDestiny, 20:are conscious of what is happening. Most of the response to the Shamballa activity is characterizedDestiny, 21:Humanity. The evocation of a loving intelligent response to the Shamballa impulse, stepped down byDestiny, 22:ideologies which we have been discussing are the response - distorted and yet a definite andDestiny, 22:states is an erroneous but clear-cut response to the Shamballa influence of will; that the ideologyDestiny, 22:the democratic ideal constitutes a similar response to the universality which the love of theDestiny, 25:to produce that synthetic living creative response from nature (of which humanity is a part) whichDestiny, 25:counts with the Hierarchy, and that unfolds in response to the presented conditions in any countryDestiny, 60:for what it makes possible. Hence also the rapid response of the American continent to every formDestiny, 68:in the above table. The focus of the immediate response of the peoples of the nations is frequentlyDestiny, 106:overcome the inertia of the material nature in response to human need, individually and by theDestiny, 112:idealistic nature of man, or of his instinctual response to the higher intuitional values. In theDestiny, 113:of a superhuman state, empire or nation, or some response to a major world need, or some potentDestiny, 145:Evolution The Magician. Ray IV Vibration Response Expression The Artist. Ray V Mentation KnowledgeDestiny, 146:demand for further light which necessitates response from those of us who work within the limits ofDiscipleship1, 24:radio mechanisms and of television are but the response in physical matter of the perfectedDiscipleship1, 24:aspiration towards soul contact - is but their response to the "television" of those who seek toDiscipleship1, 24:of the Master but not to soul action. Your response to such stimulation as I can give you and anDiscipleship1, 29:an activity for the power of suggestion and the response of the creative imagination is a fruitfulDiscipleship1, 40:itself through the creative work and in response to the thought world - and the first aspect, Life.Discipleship1, 49:Let us briefly enumerate them: Intuitional response to ideas. Sensitiveness to the impression whichDiscipleship1, 49:you to utilize the Full Moon contact. Quick response to real need. You had not regarded this as oneDiscipleship1, 68:is good, there can be an almost immediate response to my thought; where it is not good, it may takeDiscipleship1, 69:This level is [69] susceptible to reaction or response to that type of energy which we call theDiscipleship1, 76:will thus undergo a joint illumination, a shared response and a united effort. You will comprehendDiscipleship1, 83:Note that phrase. Cultivate insight and a fluid response to the immediate need and not a sensitiveDiscipleship1, 101:love, the loyal attitude, the unquestioning response to human need which will enable them to carryDiscipleship1, 109:more general sensitivity. Note, therefore, your response to that inner consciousness [110] and,Discipleship1, 110:Work at the development of a greater psychic response to life itself and to that inner awarenessDiscipleship1, 111:the world of the emotions and of sensitive response to subtle psychic phenomena as necessarilyDiscipleship1, 111:the same time, it can indicate a newly awakening response and sensitive awareness to other aspectsDiscipleship1, 115:fact that there appears to be little phenomenal response to your constant effort. You seek to keepDiscipleship1, 119:call forth from you or evince in you a powerful response. We are beginning to deal with the more
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