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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESPONSE

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Discipleship2, 244:this you are called, and upon your understanding response to the collective need will depend theDiscipleship2, 244:You have, therefore, to consider your individual response to the demands of your own soul and yourDiscipleship2, 244:the demands of your own soul and your collective response to the collective need. It is theDiscipleship2, 248:for it concerns united group sensitivity or response, outwards to the world of men, inwards to theDiscipleship2, 257:of revelation." This designates sensitive response to the ancient formulas which are given to thoseDiscipleship2, 261:every nation is an indication of an unconscious response to the Shamballa energy. Towards the endDiscipleship2, 262:which will be revolutionary and a material response to an intensive initiation process in which allDiscipleship2, 263:some one plane, for consciousness of sensitive response is the keynote of all the planes throughoutDiscipleship2, 265:spiritual will and to the growth of sensitive response, and in both his brain and his mindDiscipleship2, 287:it. This striving and reaching forth evoked his response and the going out of his divinity, asDiscipleship2, 287:of identification. His will must go out in response to the invocative demand of humanity, and hisDiscipleship2, 310:in conformity with the divine blueprints and in response to a sensitive reaction to spiritualDiscipleship2, 329:An illustration of this can be seen in the response of this group to the work which I have askedDiscipleship2, 334:and intention, and with the aspirant's habitual response to soul energy, when that energy isDiscipleship2, 335:attributed to the greater sensitivity of man's response to spiritual stimulation and to theDiscipleship2, 338:basis of the seen opportunity, and through his response to the seven phases of that cosmic vision,Discipleship2, 346:which is capable of evoking that "lighted response" which the initiate demonstrates when he himselfDiscipleship2, 427:lies in its completeness and in the fact that response to these blended energies is definitely moreDiscipleship2, 428:energies is such that they inevitably evoke response. They become polarized or focused upon theDiscipleship2, 444:might call a lack of stiffening and a too fluid response to spiritual impulses and ideals. There isDiscipleship2, 448:and, therefore, an automatic intelligent response to human appeal? Are you nurturing a small andDiscipleship2, 475:and forming a more permanent link, both in response and in karmic relationship. Both becomeDiscipleship2, 484:ability to contact, to influence and to evoke response from all and sundry with whom your lot mayDiscipleship2, 484:be cast. Rebuffs, misunderstandings and lack of response will be natural at first until yourDiscipleship2, 484:as it does the entire problem of sensitive response to inner contacts and outer relations. It isDiscipleship2, 491:levels before you register any definite response from an achieved contact, for that is what it thenDiscipleship2, 511:which you have preserved inviolate and evokes a response which only increases as time goes on. YouDiscipleship2, 511:is inadequate and which, therefore, find no response in the one whom the initiate or discipleDiscipleship2, 525:it is endowed with acute emotionalism and swift response to glamor. Where there is so much firstDiscipleship2, 528:from emotion, desire for recognition, and in response to human need. I would also urge upon you aDiscipleship2, 530:the result of reading, listening, and of your response to the work of the Arcane School is apt toDiscipleship2, 533:you penetrated deeper into the Ashram in response to a certain drawing power which I deliberatelyDiscipleship2, 533:soul test thus drastically imposed, and of your response to circumstances, your life is todayDiscipleship2, 550:to service and regards all that he does as his response to the life of the Ashram, as hisDiscipleship2, 551:of occult obedience - in itself a voluntary response to the power of the life of the Ashram, and toDiscipleship2, 560:felt in the disciple's environment and evoke response from others. Not only so, but theDiscipleship2, 575:from the soul in to the centers. Awakening - the response of the centers to this inflow. You willDiscipleship2, 581:history justifies the belief that the sensitive response of the public mind to esoteric truth isDiscipleship2, 599:I asked A.A.B. what she believed conditioned my response to your question. She replied: "You trustDiscipleship2, 602:before the brain registers the contact or the response of the Master. All in this group have beenDiscipleship2, 620:that leaves you alone. This in its turn evokes a response from your personality which is in theDiscipleship2, 620:the personality to a measured (but inadequate) response to the soul and also by stimulating theDiscipleship2, 621:in your friends and associates a good and happy response or the reverse? Do they show a dispositionDiscipleship2, 632:they are related to his perception of truth as response to the Master's radiation evokes in himDiscipleship2, 633:the life of outer service which must come as a response to need and not as a fulfilment of anDiscipleship2, 644:ever involved thereby and this intensifies the response of each individual body in the lower manDiscipleship2, 645:instructions in the Way of Initiation. Your response and your search lies, however, in the field ofDiscipleship2, 646:divine nature can pour into you and meet with response from the three aspects of your lowerDiscipleship2, 661:contact with me, your Master, and look for response. Discipleship2, 669:established a persistent endurance and a trained response to events which is a guarantee to theDiscipleship2, 683:and conditioning the future? Is not such a response on my part an expression of true love? Love isDiscipleship2, 693:of the life principle from the physical body in response to soul command; it can refer to the deathDiscipleship2, 709:else, you must develop a much more sensitive response to all you contact in your life of service.Discipleship2, 722:you and from which you will not move, except in response to the normal procedures of life. BecauseDiscipleship2, 724:been for your always ready and still persistent response to the unreal, the [725] unnecessary, andDiscipleship2, 725:and unity. One of them was supposed to be in response to my request for a paper, but another paperDiscipleship2, 727:for months. There has always been a glamorous response to personalities who have misled andDiscipleship2, 757:when your own conclusions and your intuitive response justify your agreeing. Here are myDiscipleship2, 758:the freedom which gives mental help, emotional response and physical time as and when the discipleDiscipleship2, 758:contribution of the soul to a current need. Your response is not always to need, is it, my brother?Education, 8:to it by the brain. [8] Create thought-forms in response to impulses emanating from the physicalEducation, 8:the five senses to the brain. Observation, rapid response, and physical coordination as the resultEducation, 10:of the arts, a reaction to color and form, or a response to music and rhythm? Is the intellectualEducation, 10:other physiological defects. The nature of the response apparatus will be carefully studied andEducation, 11:lack noted. Coordination between: Brain and the response apparatus in the outer world of phenomena,Education, 11:upon the process of unfoldment in a human being: Response to impact, the infant's sense awakened.Education, 11:sense awakened. He begins to hear and see. Response to possession and to acquisitiveness. The childEducation, 12:and grasps for the personal self. [12] Response to the instinct governing the animal and desireEducation, 12:and desire nature, and to human tendencies. Response to the group. The child becomes aware of hisEducation, 12:and that he is an integral part of a whole. Response to knowledge. This begins with the impartationEducation, 12:and application to the exigencies of the life. Response to the innate need to search. This leads toEducation, 12:the mind into some condition of activity. Response to economic and sex pressure or to the law ofEducation, 12:work and by the perpetuation of the species. Response to pure intellectual awareness. This leads toEducation, 12:bring a new factor into the field of experience. Response to the Thinker or the soul. With theEducation, 12:or the soul. With the registration of this response, the man enters into his kingdom. The above andEducation, 13:frequently the reaction of their very sensitive response apparatus to group ideas and the dominantEducation, 14:years and during adolescence their mental response to truth should be drawn out and counted upon toEducation, 14:his physical equipment, the nature of his response apparatus with its varied reactions, and hisEducation, 26:The other thread (the antahkarana) embodies the response of the consciousness within the form to aEducation, 27:thread of energy, colored by conscious sentient response, is later [28] colored by theEducation, 61:physical energy, which is automatic in its response to other and inner energies, and those whichEducation, 62:with care in an effort to evoke your esoteric response. Beyond this point of humanity's destinedEducation, 76:sensitivity to the child's normally affectionate response, and upon a knowledge that love alwaysEducation, 76:he is sure of always meeting with a quick response to inquiry and a careful reply to all questions,Education, 92:in the center of the head. It controls that response mechanism which we call the brain, and throughEducation, 95:coming into incarnation with such rapidity as a response to the world's need for help. But laterEducation, 127:the tangible apparatus, the animal body, and the response mechanism whereby objective and outerEducation, 138:methods, which are based upon an uncontrolled response to the sex urge and desire, and theEducation, 138:of the world today is the result of an animal response to those urges and of the generalExternalisation, 8:however, tied up with the human mechanism or response apparatus, and serve to put the man in touchExternalisation, 8:aspects of the phenomenal world for which the response mechanism, which we call the personality,Externalisation, 15:of the astral plane, lacking the physical response apparatus. The great need, therefore, is notExternalisation, 25:at this time and particularly during 1936. The response of this Festival will submit a gauge ofExternalisation, 29:deity. This impact of force has evoked a response from those who function upon one or other ofExternalisation, 34:now exists and is magnetic enough to draw forth response from the mass of world aspirants andExternalisation, 35:is laid upon service because that embodies response to the mass and its need, and upon soul contactExternalisation, 35:and upon soul contact because that embodies response to the world of souls, as typified for us inExternalisation, 41:of Kurukshetra. Where there is no conscious response to a condition and no registered awareness,Externalisation, 47:in the New Age) will evoke more interested response from a larger group of readers than perhapsExternalisation, 55:of the "deeper Being" evokes an immediate response and reaction. There is consequently much need
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