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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESPONSE

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Magic, 213:so the spiritual eye equally comes into being in response to the light of the spiritual sun. As theMagic, 220:resulting in concentration. Rule 2 - Response, resulting in an interaction between higher andMagic, 223:the condition of his centers [223] will be his response. Through this illusory panorama, theMagic, 236:implications. These three divisions are: The response of the astral elementals and the consequentMagic, 249:between land and water, or between the emotional response to life and truth or life on the physicalMagic, 251:illumination of the mind-stuff so will be the response to the impression. If the mind is a trueMagic, 282:It is an aspect of animal magnetism and is the response of the cells to the call of other cells,Magic, 282:Those forces or emanations, which are the response of the cells to harmonious rhythms and thereforeMagic, 290:side. The second basic idea is that the response of the etheric vehicle of all forms and itsMagic, 294:the information which his body of sensitive response could, but fortunately does not yet, convey toMagic, 294:defining the limits of his emotional response to life experience, [295] embodying in its qualityMagic, 314:by the masses but instantly calling forth response from the mystics of the race who are assertingMagic, 315:to the stage of development so will come response. It is in this fact that the roots of massMagic, 315:four factors. It is with this type of sentient response that the leaders of men seek to work,Magic, 316:ways: Emotional. The astral body is swept into response of some kind to the emanations of theMagic, 316:by the sensitive astral body, even if emotional response lacks, and disciples have to learn toMagic, 317:The question has to be asked: Is this reaction a response to personality life or is it a responseMagic, 317:a response to personality life or is it a response to the soul consciousness? Does this impulseMagic, 318:lost sight of in the desire to aid and to help. Response to wrong vibration will not be basicallyMagic, 324:and the center fails to register vibration and response. When again the stimulation is adequate andMagic, 324:then again the currents may be encountered, response follows and a fresh cycle of receptivityMagic, 335:in the vegetable kingdom, will disappear and the response of the human mechanism to this world ofMagic, 400:or by any Master, but by the power of their response to the spiritual opportunity, tide and note.Magic, 403:that telepathic sensitivity, that instinctive response to hierarchical vibration, and that freedomMagic, 427:personal growth. They will be well aware that response to world need in service and the life ofMagic, 462:to bear in mind that the first effect of the response of the more advanced of the sons of men toMagic, 497:symbols. Moving indicates the integration and response of the existing, aware, living entity intoMagic, 514:no mental reaction to circumstances but simply a response to the call of physical needs, and theMagic, 534:the latent germ of sentiency or of sensitive response to environment may be fostered in the livingMagic, 555:again through past , are capable of response to His new thought for the present and can,Magic, 565:plan. This is due to two causes: The automatic response of dense physical matter to substance,Magic, 571:its rhythm upon the lunar forces. An intelligent response to and affiliation with the group ofMagic, 581:works with these energies they will call forth a response and a reaction from those who feel theMagic, 582:of the word, who is not a pioneer. A registered response to spiritual truth, a realized pleasure inMagic, 591:sensitivity and awareness. It is the cause of response to contact and confers the ability toMagic, 605:the illumined mind and the power of intuitional response are developed in the human family, it isMagic, 618:in the vale of illusion. From this automatic response to knowledge by the knowers of the race, theMagic, 622:This call to service usually meets with a response, but that response is colored by the personalityMagic, 622:service usually meets with a response, but that response is colored by the personality of theMagic, 623:have trained themselves somewhat in sensitive response and to work through them, carries with itMagic, 630:and praise. They gauge success by numbers and by response. They dislike to have their motivesMagic, 632:with much greater facility and find a more rapid response from those around them. Their work isMagic, 634:and deficiency. It is the result oft times of a response to the lowered spiritual and physicalMeditationof the letters is of value it will call forth a response from the readers and serve to help someMeditation, 44:of the inner Guide and Teacher, and the egoic response to good action dispassionately performed.Meditation, 64:for the first or third), there is an interesting response between the fifth plane of mind and theMeditation, 117:of a man, his capacity for service, and his response to any surrounding need. His associated bandMeditation, 122:emotional plane is so densely populated and the response of the physical to the emotional is nowMeditation, 122:your cheering - the reverse holds good also, and response to the divine and rapid reaction to theMeditation, 176:latter? Because these forces at all times find a response in one of the three lower bodies of men,Meditation, 235:in the building-in of Godlike attribute, comes response to those forces and a facilitating of theirMeditation, 235:significance; he broods on his own lack of response, he realizes the deficiencies in his vehicle asMeditation, 291:has to communicate. As time progresses and the response of the pupil grows, the Master on His sideMeditation, 293:man on a certain key may call forth a musical response from the Ego, but it will come as a resultMeditation, 294:in again and yet again getting a similar response, then he can begin to find out the method andMeditation, 295:point out that always the calling forth of the response must be the work of the pupil, and that theMeditation, 295:the work of the pupil, and that the hour of that response depends upon the earnestness of his work,Meditation, 295:his karmic liabilities. When he merits certain response it will be demonstrated in his stars, andMeditation, 295:time in doleful ponderings upon the lack of response. His the part to obey the rules, to conform toMeditation, 298:are likewise under observation, and should the response [299] be as hoped they will form a nucleusPatanjali, 52:back to their source. It involves the response of the individual soul to cosmic soul force. ThePatanjali, 60:mental, emotional and etheric which vibrate in response to the vibration or breath and arePatanjali, 135:gamut or range of sensuous experience from the response of the savage to warmth and a good meal toPatanjali, 144:impulses which have led to the development of response to sense contacts on the three planes. ThesePatanjali, 174:refinement of the human vehicle, the greater the response of the nervous system to the pairs ofPatanjali, 174:with increasing activity in his search. His response to outer contacts is ever more rapid and hisPatanjali, 175:and of the savage races, which is based upon the response of the physical body to physical planePatanjali, 177:worlds no longer attract me; they call forth no response from me." Fear therefore is eliminated forPatanjali, 209:is felt as the cleansing breeze also and is the response of the soul to the aspiration of thePatanjali, 210:proceeds as desired. When this is the case, the response of the soul will be effective and thePatanjali, 216:evolution which he has reached, so will be the response to the higher or the lower call. The astralPatanjali, 219:also be remembered that the key to the just response of the lower to the higher, lies in rhythm,Patanjali, 221:process of illumination and the production of response in the physical man via the brain to thePatanjali, 226:personal man into a condition, first of rhythmic response to the inner motivating factor (in thisPatanjali, 227:God. When the lower man is brought into proper response through attention to the four means of yogaPatanjali, 248:which is the not-self. Similarity of quality and response to analogous vibration are his, however.Patanjali, 253:it. The thoughts engendered in the automatic response of the chitta (or mind stuff) to thePatanjali, 261:controlled and the [261] object seen excites no response, the true identity is able to perceivePatanjali, 262:interrupted as time elapses, until a rhythmic response is set up between the soul and the physicalPatanjali, 266:consciousness, or the streaming forth of that response to contact which is potential or differingPatanjali, 309:plane organs which are the result of the response of dense substance to their vibration. The ThreePatanjali, 319:of spirit to respond to contact and to evolve response. The third concerns the life of the matterPatanjali, 323:(Form) 5. Spiritual discernment 3rd (Formless) Response to group vibration 2nd (Formless) SpiritualPatanjali, 327:purpose or some desire. The mind vibrates in response to this idea and simultaneously produces aPatanjali, 334:Hearing The Ear. Plane III. Ether Vibratory-response Touch The Skin. Plane IV. Air Vision Sight ThePatanjali, 336:the voices of desire (astral voices or vibratory response to the second aspect of the reflection,Patanjali, 355:worlds. 1. Hearing Lemurian Physical plane Ear Response to sound. 2. Touch Atlantean Astral planePatanjali, 355:to sound. 2. Touch Atlantean Astral plane Skin Response to touch or vibration. 3. Sight AryanPatanjali, 355:or vibration. 3. Sight Aryan Mental plane Eye Response to vision. This third sense primarilyPatanjali, 365:of a solar Logos. The state of the conscious response of all forms to their environment, esotericPatanjali, 396:him at all times and draws forth from him that response which bears witness to the existence ofProblems, 18:and women can think for themselves, and not in response to the propaganda of a group or a militaryProblems, 47:sensitivity to a child's normally affectionate response, and upon the conviction that love alwaysProblems, 48:him. But this explanation will inevitably evoke response, for a child thinks more than is realizedProblems, 150:unthinking at that stage), it evoked a response from Deity; God drew near to man and man becameProblems, 156:of this universality, they evoke recognition and response from all men everywhere. The only factorProblems, 159:work, when rightly carried forward, will evoke response from the waiting Hierarchy [160] and fromProblems, 160:and from its Head, the Christ. Through this response, the belief of the masses will gradually beProblems, 160:prove amazing and miraculous in its results. A response beyond man's deepest hopes will be evokedProblems, 161:to that and producing in many cases the desired response in some form or another. Meditation is
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