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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESPONSIBILITIES

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Statement:student, and has therefore incurred greater responsibilities. I am one who has wrestled and foughtAstrology, 523:seek to keep the United States from assuming her responsibilities and her rightful place in worldAtom, 88:when he becomes aware that he has group responsibilities, and that he has functions to work outAtom, 88:the man begins to realize that he has not only responsibilities to the group, but that there isAutobiography, 187:Teaching boys and girls right relationship and responsibilities to each other, and giving them muchAutobiography, 193:headache and anxieties it would entail and the responsibilities any esoteric school has to shoulderAutobiography, 267:is given no true idea of discipleship or its responsibilities. The new schools, now forming, conveyAutobiography, 299:work but he, of course, had other activities and responsibilities that we know little about. AlsoBethlehem, 79:of those around us, and fulfiling perfectly our responsibilities and obligations. Self-pity and tooBethlehem, 89:and we shall thus awaken to our environing responsibilities when we study anew the message of loveBethlehem, 188:instead, courageously faces the facts and the responsibilities which are inherent in its spiritualDestiny, 97:who seek to keep the United States from assuming responsibilities and her rightful place in worldDiscipleship1, 95:with a balanced point of view as to himself, his responsibilities and his life work. This, whenDiscipleship1, 167:deal with this problem, as we shoulder not the responsibilities of the World Servers. I present itDiscipleship1, 289:some other group for service. You can drop the responsibilities which you shouldered when youDiscipleship1, 289:but you cannot escape the shouldering of other responsibilities. You can pass out of this group ofDiscipleship1, 297:obligation and individual duties and one's group responsibilities and relationships. Between theDiscipleship1, 306:inner habits of thought and not of any external responsibilities and contacts. [307] Discipleship1, 307:their purpose and, as you well know, all right responsibilities must always be met by disciples. IDiscipleship1, 319:but the primary reason for his leaving all his responsibilities and deserting his group brothersDiscipleship1, 329:environment, one's characteristics and one's responsibilities. It is an arduous undertaking to dealDiscipleship1, 338:out of their creative activity, or by the lesser responsibilities and obligations which may appear.Discipleship1, 360:You have inherited (for the fulfilment of karmic responsibilities) a not particularly high gradeDiscipleship1, 391:not from release from environing conditions and responsibilities. What is required is an innerDiscipleship1, 405:and detachment. Shoulder not, therefore, responsibilities which are not yours. This is one of theDiscipleship1, 410:of daily living, nor that your home or your responsibilities should be handled with less care andDiscipleship1, 483:mine pay special attention or you will undertake responsibilities or take action which will beDiscipleship1, 503:position of trust and - if you so choose - your responsibilities can increase and you go forward inDiscipleship1, 513:live their own lives and to shoulder their own responsibilities, knowing that they are souls andDiscipleship1, 519:power to those we love, whereas the other responsibilities - being those of personalityDiscipleship1, 519:your life lay the emphasis upon your spiritual responsibilities and your spiritual effect upon allDiscipleship1, 524:them. This, you know well when the glamor of the responsibilities of motherhood is not upon you.Discipleship1, 541:life; they will permit no slackening in your responsibilities to those whom you are pledgedDiscipleship1, 617:This carries with it, its encouragement, its responsibilities and its risks. As you are now on theDiscipleship1, 690:knows its significance, its implications and its responsibilities. I seek to develop in you thatDiscipleship1, 725:and people before their duty and spiritual responsibilities; this necessarily gives their fellowDiscipleship2, 36:as they carry on their duties, obligations and responsibilities in the outer world; it is aidedDiscipleship2, 45:of proportion, a new range of values and new responsibilities. This world he believes [46] exists,Discipleship2, 89:work, leaving others to shoulder their assigned responsibilities and waste no time in interferingDiscipleship2, 141:to the world of realities and awaken to their responsibilities. In the training of all disciples,Discipleship2, 225:obligations and the covering of your karmic responsibilities, plus the constant recognition of theDiscipleship2, 254:the Hierarchy. New hierarchical contacts and new responsibilities which face the initiate. He,Discipleship2, 385:initiatory processes) is hidden in the karmic responsibilities of Sanat Kumara; stage by stage,Discipleship2, 410:as perfectly as may be their family and social responsibilities and their business obligations.Discipleship2, 535:to flower in your life, bringing its own responsibilities, engendering its own magnetic field,Discipleship2, 544:relationship of the Ashram to world affairs. The responsibilities shouldered by members of theDiscipleship2, 556:to realize the extent of [556] the Master's responsibilities and arrives at a juster value of hisDiscipleship2, 571:and find in the daily task and [571] karmic responsibilities as well as in a type of satisfactionDiscipleship2, 578:life task of meeting your home and your healing responsibilities. This, as I hinted in your sixDiscipleship2, 631:outer world, based on his right obligations and responsibilities and upon his citizenship. HaveDiscipleship2, 639:own soul and consider what are the duties and responsibilities and relations of that soul in allDiscipleship2, 643:the glamor that it is your task to shoulder all responsibilities and make all final decisions.Education, 85:trained and motivated and taught then his responsibilities to the whole and the value of theEducation, 131:will prepare the youth of the world for the responsibilities and duties of parenthood. The entireExternalisation, 236:a possibility if men will shoulder their just responsibilities and together make it a fact in humanExternalisation, 250:the world measured up to their opportunity and responsibilities. The Great Invocation was renderedExternalisation, 377:and these in their turn, are recognizing their responsibilities to the weak and small. PeopleExternalisation, 436:upon earth, are some of His present hierarchical responsibilities. These involve a tremendousExternalisation, 468:realize their opportunity and shoulder their responsibilities. I would point out that when I useExternalisation, 507:in this hour of crisis, from Their teaching responsibilities. Many of the healing angels, such asExternalisation, 532:because humanity will be shouldering its responsibilities as the Macrocosm of the lesser microcosm.Externalisation, 625:that if the spiritual values and the spiritual responsibilities attached to money (in large [626]Fire, 547:to a more sympathetic understanding of group responsibilities, and to a more adequate solution ofFire, 949:family, in this fourth round), assume stupendous responsibilities, make possible the secondaryFire, 952:when it is realized that one of his main responsibilities is the direction of energy currents fromGlamour, 49:LIGHT. But its recognition reveals new laws, new responsibilities, new duties and obligations, andGlamour, 76:are turning their desire to their duty, their responsibilities, their effects upon others, and toHealing, 290:any thought as to the implications and the responsibilities entailed. Later, as the process ofHealing, 403:to the pull of obligations, interests and responsibilities already established, upon the physicalHealing, 405:requirements, soul necessities, experiences and responsibilities have all been met, he entersHercules, 191:people that they are human beings with certain responsibilities, yes, but we can begin to get aIntellect, 169:to it; he senses his group relations and responsibilities and feels as if he must do his uttermostIntellect, 209:that we can [209] renounce our families and responsibilities and disappear from the world of men toMagic, 70:then [70] your just obligation will be met, your responsibilities shouldered, your group workMagic, 70:call world work; out of the carrying of family responsibilities will come that strengthening of ourMagic, 70:which will reveal the moment when wider group responsibilities can be justly shouldered and carriedMagic, 462:disciples of the world will shoulder their group responsibilities, submerge their personalities,Magic, 621:can be keyed up and prepared to handle its new responsibilities, and deal with its new knowledgesMeditation, 272:shoulders, and relieve Him of some of His responsibilities, thereby setting Him free for moreProblems, 58:trained and motivated and [58] then taught his responsibilities to the whole and the value of theProblems, 95:spiritually, and can gain some insight into the responsibilities involved, much of usefulness mayProblems, 105:by love, the Jews will shoulder their own responsibilities, will cease crying aloud to the GentilesProblems, 172:which handicaps Great Britain and a clinging to responsibilities and territories which she isPsychology1, 297:relationship to each other upon their group responsibilities, upon their union with each other onPsychology1, 323:to his surroundings, to his group relations and responsibilities in such a way that some measure ofPsychology2, 106:pursues its own course, must shoulder its own responsibilities, work out its own dharma, and fulfilPsychology2, 130:of the spiritual consciousness with its responsibilities, and the welding of the individual into anPsychology2, 588:by physical plane interests and his due responsibilities with every power he has, permittingPsychology2, 602:interests, the fulfiling of its obligations and responsibilities and the usual physical functioningPsychology2, 604:and with his surroundings and environing responsibilities, so that he lives entirely in a world ofRays, 10:they might more rapidly assume their just responsibilities; if they realized that by the constantRays, 154:and that this incontrovertible fact involves responsibilities and duties. He discovers that hisRays, 668:the phenomenal plane with its contacts, duties, responsibilities and obligations. The newReappearance, 82:and consciously took over His duties and responsibilities as the Teacher and Leader during theReappearance, 86:Himself in June, 1945, and entered upon His responsibilities as the Forerunner and the Teacher ofReappearance, 120:to recognize this fundamental Law, with its responsibilities and obligations; we shall thenReappearance, 174:that if the spiritual values and the spiritual responsibilities attached to money (in largeSoul, 124:aware of his soul relationships, his group responsibilities and the inclusiveness of the life-soul.Telepathy, 194:as they carry on their duties, obligations and responsibilities in the outer world; it is aided
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