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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESPONSIBILITY

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Discipleship1, 405:others are not your responsibility. It is your responsibility to give them strength and detachment.Discipleship1, 434:which you must learn to wield. Will you shoulder responsibility in connection with a certain pieceDiscipleship1, 446:the life of an aspirant carry with them a high responsibility and, for the remainder of your life,Discipleship1, 476:knowledge on your part and, therefore, greater responsibility to express the love of the soul. YouDiscipleship1, 478:in the light. They do not. Hence yours is the responsibility to understand, not theirs. Work,Discipleship1, 489:lies your opportunity, your guarantee, and your responsibility. The service to which you have beenDiscipleship1, 497:and the assigning to you of greatly increased responsibility in the service of the Hierarchy isDiscipleship1, 498:There is no one to control you through your responsibility for them or to interfere with you, andDiscipleship1, 518:whom they feel - rightly or wrongly - a sense of responsibility shifts from stage to stage withDiscipleship1, 518:cannot persist into adult years. There may be a responsibility which one chooses to shoulder (againDiscipleship1, 518:but it must not offset or undermine any responsibility which it should be theirs to shoulder. One'sDiscipleship1, 518:there is a spirit of criticism. One's spiritual responsibility is, curiously enough, usually theDiscipleship1, 524:combination of forces, but you assumed the responsibility of handling these forces in order toDiscipleship1, 524:and now you do. Then you had, in reality, no responsibility for you did not know the nature of theDiscipleship1, 524:you do know now what the problem is and your responsibility to do something definite is,Discipleship1, 524:You have to realize now that you have no such responsibility. Forgive me for my plain speaking, myDiscipleship1, 524:people free. Let me repeat again: You have no responsibility for your children and never have hadDiscipleship1, 525:problem of family relationships and financial responsibility? As yet, you have solved nothing butDiscipleship1, 534:of definite growth in a younger, constitutes a responsibility to that younger disciple. I point outDiscipleship1, 545:This testing and its results constitute a responsibility, and open up avenues of approach to theDiscipleship1, 570:soul's obligation and the shouldering of the responsibility of our service is for you subjectivelyDiscipleship1, 652:the world today has never been so great, nor the responsibility resting upon those who are treadingDiscipleship1, 654:as I have already pointed out, in a position of responsibility. The place where you find yourselfDiscipleship1, 658:of self-illusion and a way of escape from the responsibility of bringing about right interiorDiscipleship1, 689:need they feel to shoulder the service and the responsibility of their Master and his group. TheseDiscipleship1, 692:they are affiliated in service. Herein lies responsibility. The clue to supply is personalityDiscipleship1, 696:put in touch with the Ashram becomes a definite responsibility. The work of integration and ofDiscipleship1, 704:The achievement of this involves great responsibility, and it is the shouldering of thisDiscipleship1, 704:and it is the shouldering of this responsibility which brings about the first indications of what IDiscipleship1, 706:are in high position, guiding humanity and whose responsibility it is to lead humanity out ofDiscipleship1, 707:and souls. Limitation will, therefore, exist; responsibility will require conscious recognition andDiscipleship1, 726:planetary karma, though as yet he undertakes no responsibility in this connection. Only after theDiscipleship1, 726:and as an individual cooperate with the karmic responsibility of the planetary Logos. I would hereDiscipleship1, 738:disciples. When he did that, he assumed also the responsibility of preparing them for initiation.Discipleship1, 754:to this stage of discipleship that is his responsibility, and such a privilege is never accorded toDiscipleship1, 770:because they are unconscious of status, of any responsibility in an Ashram and of their individualDiscipleship1, 772:from the unhappy and the unpleasant and to shift responsibility on to the shoulders of others, plusDiscipleship1, 773:to an end this series of instructions and my responsibility in this connection is ended. Yours nowDiscipleship1, 783:at all. All are, however, animated by a sense of responsibility for human welfare and haveDiscipleship1, 785:the scenes. The books and pamphlets have been my responsibility and carry the authority of truth -Discipleship2, 35:to shoulder his share of national and group responsibility; there is also a suffering emotionalDiscipleship2, 35:to shoulder an individual share of hierarchical responsibility and comprehension. The only thingDiscipleship2, 72:and will be used in the reconstruction. [72] The responsibility of this group is purpose. It isDiscipleship2, 72:no time in idle speculation, but to carry your responsibility as it should be carried, rememberingDiscipleship2, 86:School, is moving steadily forward and is the responsibility of all three. If rightly handled, itsDiscipleship2, 86:if all talk of executive heads, of assumed responsibility, and of the need for the New Seed GroupDiscipleship2, 88:for the sake of clarity: None of you has any responsibility for the Arcane School or for theDiscipleship2, 88:A.A.B. or of those into whose hands she has put responsibility... It is in these relationships thatDiscipleship2, 89:ranks of the New Group of World Servers and your responsibility, as a group, is to aid a phase ofDiscipleship2, 89:not a project of my Ashram and is, therefore, no responsibility of yours. It has been the means ofDiscipleship2, 89:pledged) calls for your cooperation; it is this responsibility which I lay upon your shoulders.Discipleship2, 96:of relationship with you, a feeling of shared responsibility, a recognition of group assets andDiscipleship2, 102:part of this group which had the task and the responsibility of being one of the first groups (notDiscipleship2, 140:and the ashramic projects for which you accept responsibility. In this instance it can be theDiscipleship2, 143:spiritual sense, the motivation will be loving responsibility; in the personality sense, it will beDiscipleship2, 146:truth and the reception of ideas lays on you the responsibility to be a transmitter to others.Discipleship2, 154:or impressibility) of Sanat Kumara. I have the responsibility at this time to give you thoseDiscipleship2, 163:and keener recognition; the knowledge and the responsibility of mankind everywhere cannot now beDiscipleship2, 165:as a prayer for the strengthening of human responsibility, in order that the recognized evils ofDiscipleship2, 168:intelligence, love and will, and mankind's deep responsibility to implement the spread of love andDiscipleship2, 186:to the attention of humanity. The place and the responsibility of the intelligentsia is not yetDiscipleship2, 202:men of financial stature who regard money as a responsibility to be dispensed wisely in the serviceDiscipleship2, 229:of it in material terms? What is my personal responsibility in regard to money which passes throughDiscipleship2, 230:" Close with a careful consideration of your own responsibility to the Plan, and each week planDiscipleship2, 235:himself where he stands, where his meditative responsibility lies and in what field destinyDiscipleship2, 243:by more information and thus piling up increased responsibility, there is a vital need for theDiscipleship2, 245:usefulness. It serves only to increase grave responsibility with its attendant liabilities;Discipleship2, 264:as to the need for occult obedience. I have the responsibility of indicating to you the work I wantDiscipleship2, 269:Sacrifice; under this law, the unit recognizes responsibility, identifies itself with [270] theDiscipleship2, 278:intended to suggest that it was the duty and the responsibility of the disciple, working under theDiscipleship2, 278:measures and truth, and also negates evasion of responsibility; it involves also a comprehension ofDiscipleship2, 316:be simultaneously trusted? Revelation brings responsibility, and oftentimes danger. Men, asDiscipleship2, 316:advanced humanity can now share the work, the responsibility and the trained reticence of theDiscipleship2, 358:Evolutionary Change, Reorganization, Group Responsibility. The concept of service rendered by theDiscipleship2, 358:ignorantly at first, but with a growing sense of responsibility, of relation and of direction. AsDiscipleship2, 379:note, in this process, of a certain level of responsibility. Thus he can finally destroy (with theDiscipleship2, 390:this hint to the first one given. The concept of responsibility underlies the significance of thisDiscipleship2, 390:the angle of the esoteric science - the sense of responsibility is the first and the outstandingDiscipleship2, 392:effects, are the primary agents. They accept the responsibility for the needed compromise, for itDiscipleship2, 392:for the needed compromise, for it is their responsibility and not the responsibility of theDiscipleship2, 392:for it is their responsibility and not the responsibility of the Masters. The various aspects ofDiscipleship2, 416:must ascertain and recognize as involving responsibility. Others again will deal with the buildingDiscipleship2, 475:of his life with theirs," thereby assuming responsibility and forming a more permanent link, bothDiscipleship2, 478:of heart radiation, attractive power, and the responsibility of preparation emerge clearly in theDiscipleship2, 480:confronts you? Disciples seldom realize the responsibility that a Master shoulders as he seeks toDiscipleship2, 480:when, technically and theoretically, he admits responsibility? Let me tell you one or two of theseDiscipleship2, 488:of relation with (as on earth) the assumption of responsibility. One of the students in this groupDiscipleship2, 491:assume - as a disciple on the physical plane - responsibility for those relationships (to theDiscipleship2, 491:aid. Couple ever with this thought the idea of responsibility. Then sound the OM. Next say theDiscipleship2, 493:teaching. They matter not. Nevertheless, the responsibility of the teacher rests upon you. TheDiscipleship2, 495:Then say audibly, if possible: "I accept the responsibility of discipleship which my soul hasDiscipleship2, 495:and with a sense of comradeship, my share in the responsibility of making the spiritual work in theDiscipleship2, 503:whole. Disciples in my Ashram have a dual responsibility to stand steady in a preservation ofDiscipleship2, 510:becomes available for a higher rating and more responsibility can be placed upon him - if not inDiscipleship2, 534:of the right kind engenders a sense of personal responsibility. These are phases of responsibilityDiscipleship2, 534:of personal responsibility. These are phases of responsibility which are based on love and not onDiscipleship2, 535:in an unrecognized fear of [535] failure should responsibility (through love for others) beDiscipleship2, 535:greatly enrich your life. It will also evoke responsibility. This responsibility will definitelyDiscipleship2, 535:life. It will also evoke responsibility. This responsibility will definitely extend your field ofDiscipleship2, 537:well-meaning and endowed with a normal sense of responsibility, decisions are made upon the basis
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