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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESPONSIBILITY

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Externalisation, 220:lies in his hands. This shouldering of right responsibility must be preceded, however, by anExternalisation, 231:come when again they will be reached, and this responsibility rests upon those Germans who remainExternalisation, 238:have their contribution to make, and a great responsibility both in thought and action will restExternalisation, 239:to your attention, asking you to recognize your responsibility to stand behind those who fight forExternalisation, 243:the situation and this recognition of blame and responsibility must preface every attempt to bringExternalisation, 245:an alibi by those who do not choose to shoulder responsibility, or to sacrifice anything for theExternalisation, 252:a consequent release from definite action and responsibility, by saying that what is todayExternalisation, 253:to be implicated, and thus succeed in evading responsibility as an integral part of the humanExternalisation, 253:One of these, the first, concerns man's responsibility to man; the other, rightly understood,Externalisation, 254:thought-forms and the withdrawing fear of responsibility are hindering the expression of free willExternalisation, 255:neutrals if the Law of Rebirth and of joint responsibility means anything at all. Karma is not allExternalisation, 260:impression, and had they not accepted the responsibility imposed upon them, the course of worldExternalisation, 271:willingly undertaken and motivated by a sense of responsibility which will act as a protectiveExternalisation, 281:choose the way that he shall go, and much of the responsibility for his choices rests upon theExternalisation, 316:a greater freedom be established, and a wider responsibility be shouldered by every [317] man. ThisExternalisation, 331:of hierarchical desire, I shall say no more. The responsibility is yours, and to you I leave theExternalisation, 357:the part or the point of life assumes its responsibility for the whole, and the whole exists forExternalisation, 373:and proper interrelation, and the shouldering of responsibility for the one, or for the weak, mustExternalisation, 377:of countless thousands and carries with it great responsibility. These realizations, whenExternalisation, 381:therefore, after the recognition of individual responsibility, is to replace emotion by practicalExternalisation, 382:the development of a sense of individual responsibility, the expression of real love in service andExternalisation, 392:upon to fulfil Their task and to shoulder Their responsibility to the full. With the work of theExternalisation, 433:Commander of the Armies of the Lord. His is the responsibility of awakening the souls of men toExternalisation, 443:by reiteration except the growing burden of a responsibility which you can shoulder to your eternalExternalisation, 443:(as symbol of unused opportunity and ignored responsibility) and then, as the Lord of Light put it,Externalisation, 445:I ask now for your cooperation in our mutual responsibility - the helping of humanity. May He WhomExternalisation, 446:summed up the demand being made on those whose responsibility it is to determine policies (nationalExternalisation, 460:has been made. This leads to a shifting of responsibility. Yet, because the war involved the peopleExternalisation, 460:the reconstruction of the world. They may assume responsibility, ventilate the abuses which must beExternalisation, 460:ability, right human relations. This attitude of responsibility and consequent activity may lead toExternalisation, 466:thinking person untouched, which will put the responsibility of establishing right human relationsExternalisation, 467:and world groups. On their shoulders lies the responsibility to take wise action, based on worldExternalisation, 469:aware of their own spiritual integrity and responsibility, who refuse to be gathered into organizedExternalisation, 480:are today awakening to the importance and [480] responsibility of government; it is thereforeExternalisation, 484:once these have been released, it becomes the responsibility of the new group of world servers toExternalisation, 546:and its use more general. This is primarily the responsibility of those who are affiliated with theExternalisation, 558:for His coming. I beg you to shoulder the responsibility of distributing the Invocation on as largeExternalisation, 561:therefore preoccupied with three main lines of responsibility, but only one of them is innateExternalisation, 579:and enlightened public, shouldering right responsibility, will elect only those men whose vision isExternalisation, 626:on the part of many of their financial responsibility (a responsibility based on the spiritualExternalisation, 626:of many of their financial responsibility (a responsibility based on the spiritual values) wouldExternalisation, 626:churchmen and educators, this sense of financial responsibility is to be found nowhere. The timeExternalisation, 635:to be saved, for it ignores their own immediate responsibility, which teaching definitelyExternalisation, 641:trained to do it; you know what to do and the responsibility is yours - as will be my unfailingExternalisation, 651:who can influence, and in whose hands lies the responsibility for what the masses below the mentalExternalisation, 655:therefore, to mankind will then be committed the responsibility for its distribution to theExternalisation, 658:which faces Him when He reappears and has the responsibility of releasing its potencies on earth.Externalisation, 695:whenever they occur, and as long as he transfers responsibility to others when he is himself toExternalisation, 701:which you must give at this time. And with this responsibility I leave you. Work, my brothers. Fire, VII:should shoulder as much as possible of karmic responsibility on that plane, and that the teachingFire, 288:So the interlocking proceeds and the division of responsibility. 16 In the Secret Doctrine we areFire, 353:on the question of karma, of free-will and of responsibility. Manas is, really WILL working itselfFire, 562:Where self-consciousness is not, there is no responsibility. Hence animals are not held to beFire, 619:through his centers upon his sheaths, and has a responsibility to the lesser lives which under theFire, 813:wisely and broadly and a man will be taught his responsibility to the lesser lives which heFire, 813:vehicles. Men will also be taught their definite responsibility under law to their own individualFire, 813:kinds, so prevalent now in many family circles. Responsibility to the community in which a man isFire, 813:the law of karma. They will be taught national responsibility, and the place of the communityFire, 813:of nations. Men will finally be taught their responsibility to the animal kingdom. This will beFire, 814:by H. P. B. (S. D., III, 580.) that the sense of responsibility is one of the first indications ofFire, 889:to that army, unless he apprehends the responsibility which is his to be a beneficent creator,Fire, 1209:when science recognizes the nature, place and responsibility of the etheric body in man, or of hisFire, 1211:with this objective in view. This triple responsibility above referred to exists for the atom orGlamour, 28:and glamor. Hence emerges individual group responsibility and individual usefulness. Each of youGlamour, 42:with His teaching of the nature of individual responsibility and of brotherhood. The next blow willGlamour, 53:pours in upon them, and the sense of their responsibility and their knowledge. Again theyGlamour, 64:intuit the great spiritual ideas, [64] and whose responsibility it is to embody them in some form,Glamour, 75:man seeks nothing for the separated self, the responsibility of material wealth can again be handedGlamour, 77:to a creed, to a person, to a duty, or to a responsibility. Ponder on this. This harmless desireGlamour, 84:warranted. Criticism, where there is no personal responsibility involved. By that I mean, where itGlamour, 101:myself whether I do not shoulder an unreasonable responsibility by giving you any moreGlamour, 115:that? How can I distinguish where my duty or my responsibility lies? How can I find my way out ofGlamour, 121:glamor of personal wisdom. The glamor of selfish responsibility. The glamor of too complete anGlamour, 164:the part or the point of life assumes its responsibility for the whole, and the whole exists forGlamour, 257:use - or, more probably, misuse. Their first responsibility is to become aware of the impulsesHealing, 19:arising in wrong internal conditions. The responsibility of a child for his living conditions isHealing, 127:Self or soul), aware of his relationships and responsibility to the Whole and not to the part. ThisHealing, 159:person. As the race of men learns the nature of responsibility we shall have [160] the firstHealing, 161:relationship with humanity. His growing sense of responsibility, due to heart activity, leads himHealing, 229:for there is no sin where there is no sense of responsibility and no consciousness of wrong doing.Healing, 230:of group activity, conveying the first lesson in responsibility. The family unit was not stable asHealing, 230:the family unit and the growth of the sense of responsibility has gone steadily forward until itHealing, 266:a cooperative love, a frank acknowledgement of responsibility and a skillful adjustment of unitedHealing, 290:is added to the previous categories of karmic responsibility. Later still, karma in the threeHealing, 290:already experienced, and he shares in the karmic responsibility of the Hierarchy itself. All theseHealing, 368:is not known to us. They must carry their own responsibility and fail or succeed in arriving at theHealing, 391:upon its own plane or - in reverse - to full responsibility within the body, are dealt with in thisHealing, 401:the unthinking people who escape from mental responsibility into a blind belief in theologicalHealing, 404:obligations; he incarnates also from a sense of responsibility and to meet requirements which anHealing, 500:form, though (in the earlier stages) very little responsibility is engendered by the soul. ThatHealing, 501:in the first instance as the sense of responsibility; it is this which gradually establishes aHealing, 527:or worsened, even to the point of death. The responsibility of the healer is therefore great. PowerHealing, 544:to non-action, but one which produces a sense of responsibility for right action. This right actionHealing, 545:life of mankind - the first being the sense of responsibility), then ill health will persistently,Healing, 637:spirit of the earth. Man, in so doing, assumes responsibility for that elemental form but - at theHealing, 652:and it is the soul then which has the major responsibility. In magnetic healing, the healer needsHealing, 685:instinct, of the obligations which any assumed responsibility brings, even when assumed with noHealing, 685:and take is superseded by a higher sphere of responsibility eventually. The sphere of duty. TheHealing, 685:that divine principle which we call the sense of responsibility, and which - when unfolded -Healing, 686:The [686] fulfilment of duty, the sense of responsibility, and the desire to serve are three
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