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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESPONSIBLE

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Discipleship1, 606:1st month - Duty. 2nd month - Dharma, or responsible obligation. 3rd month - Discrimination. 4thDiscipleship1, 616:life, by caring for those for whom you are responsible, and by retaining your relationship toDiscipleship1, 683:that aspect of the Plan for which the Master is responsible and for those who can be taught toDiscipleship1, 684:power (his group for which be has made himself responsible) into the immediate activity of theDiscipleship1, 691:it; for this each disciple is independently responsible. The Master does not train a group of menDiscipleship1, 724:the aspirants for whom they have made themselves responsible and also to establish a zone or pathDiscipleship1, 730:will emerge. This triangle of energy is held responsible by the great Leaders in Shamballa for theDiscipleship1, 731:with the world disciples (who are definitely responsible to the Master of the Ashram for someDiscipleship1, 732:Ashram and the senior initiates in his group are responsible for the relation between Shamballa andDiscipleship1, 732:Accepted disciples and the lesser initiates are responsible for the relation between the HierarchyDiscipleship1, 751:duties and tasks for which he is individually responsible to the initiate-chela in charge of him.Discipleship1, 758:but always there are the three who are responsible to the Master for all ashramic activity, who areDiscipleship1, 778:be working under their direction. They were made responsible for the mistakes of the leaders of theDiscipleship1, 780:which they rule. I am, therefore, entirely responsible for all that appears in this and all myDiscipleship1, 780:the watching public. I am, therefore, entirely responsible for the Fourteen Rules and theirDiscipleship1, 785:in its curriculum; for them A. A. B. is responsible. My books and pamphlets have been madeDiscipleship1, 785:the goodwill work (for which Foster Bailey is responsible) by suggestion and by indicating what isDiscipleship2, 11:Vol. I, page 723.) Several lives ago I was thus responsible for A.A.B. and hence the close linkDiscipleship2, 14:individual crises; there is no one else who is responsible. Each of you together initiates theDiscipleship2, 14:initiates the activity for which the group is responsible and for which you have been broughtDiscipleship2, 17:group condition - for which you are one and all responsible. Discipleship2, 27:you and all for whom he is, as a teacher, responsible. Then picture yourself as advancing slowly upDiscipleship2, 60:by the Christ and by the seven Masters who are responsible for the seven groups of Ashrams. He isDiscipleship2, 72:magnetic field for which you, as a group, are responsible. The fusion exists in a small degree now,Discipleship2, 76:of you warrant no criticism from me and are not responsible for what has happened. Let meDiscipleship2, 83:anent the work for which A.A.B. has been responsible and for which F.B. will be responsible whenDiscipleship2, 83:has been responsible and for which F.B. will be responsible when she passes over. During the yearsDiscipleship2, 83:of the spread of the teaching for which I am responsible - to the change which has been wrought inDiscipleship2, 85:yourselves behind those who have made themselves responsible - under F.B. - for the Triangles andDiscipleship2, 92:any criticism be involved - then A.A.B. was responsible. This was never once the case. In fact,Discipleship2, 103:This will perhaps be a new thought to you and is responsible for the reason why A.A.B. has neverDiscipleship2, 146:creative imagination and seeing yourself as a responsible transmitter, doing the work of theDiscipleship2, 167:the concept of an inner world of causes being responsible for the outer world of effects, will denyDiscipleship2, 186:misleading, interpretation. This has been responsible for much misery in the world. The scientificDiscipleship2, 197:also be stated that it is meditation which is responsible for transforming the desire of theDiscipleship2, 208:are necessarily present, the manifesting Entity (responsible for these expressions of divinity) mayDiscipleship2, 212:Group of World Servers to Humanity and which are responsible for much of the constructive work nowDiscipleship2, 213:of intensive, creative thinkers, all of them responsible for and also dedicated to theDiscipleship2, 216:effectively creative and these four stages are responsible for all that is seen, possessed,Discipleship2, 224:out of the hands of the deva evolution (hitherto responsible) and placed under the supervision ofDiscipleship2, 235:upon the major creative meditation which is responsible for the evolutionary process and theDiscipleship2, 278:plan of Shamballa (for which the Ashrams are responsible) in connection with the comingDiscipleship2, 321:There are paralleling inner causes which are responsible for the outer stages of Penetration,Discipleship2, 324:single point the situation. Three factors are responsible for this change in the hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 330:he acts as the Master of the Ashram and is responsible for the preparation of disciples forDiscipleship2, 331:the needed steps to arrest the evil which he was responsible in starting. Discipleship2, 331:to appear white and prove that good intention is responsible for evil-distributed energy; or theDiscipleship2, 362:is necessarily far more exoteric, but is most responsible, because it is when the Plan has reachedDiscipleship2, 378:the astral phenomena for which he is creatively responsible, and that (having done this) he mustDiscipleship2, 379:substance for which he is not individually responsible but which is nevertheless related to theDiscipleship2, 404:which must, under the Law of Assembly, be responsible for the bringing in of extra-planetaryDiscipleship2, 432:and one for which the advancing initiate is responsible. The moment, therefore, that a discipleDiscipleship2, 522:the "distortions" for which physical sickness is responsible, and thus learn more wisely toDiscipleship2, 529:is pouring in a stimulating, energy which is responsible for a very definite crisis in your life.Discipleship2, 564:The Ashrams for which Masters of my degree are responsible are not, therefore, so potent. It willDiscipleship2, 589:the revitalized organizations for which you are responsible; a potent note of love andDiscipleship2, 596:have also at times referred to the Master who is responsible for the reorganization of Labor; thisDiscipleship2, 597:of the world and those Masters who are directly responsible to the Christ for the needed work ofDiscipleship2, 603:fitted to give, making yourself increasingly responsible for certain aspects of the work which willDiscipleship2, 608:in the work for which A.A.B. tells me you are responsible. Use this increasingly - with firmnessDiscipleship2, 635:protects the Master from undue disturbance, is responsible for the care of his physical vehicleDiscipleship2, 650:the burden of humanity as a whole and do their responsible share in lightening it. We come againDiscipleship2, 677:It must mobilize world goodwill. It is responsible for the distribution of the message TheDiscipleship2, 679:to help may not see eye to eye with the Master responsible for a certain aspect of the Plan, butDiscipleship2, 679:work under the direction of the Master who is responsible. Here lies a great deal of yourDiscipleship2, 703:handle in relation to the work for which you are responsible, in relation to your personal andDiscipleship2, 707:blame for any failure, even when not personally responsible; you have to accept without retaliationDiscipleship2, 723:It is this constant urge to meditation which is responsible for much of your difficulty, becauseDiscipleship2, 723:behind the work for which A.A.B. and F.B. are responsible. We shall always be grateful for thatDiscipleship2, 733:and the circumstances for which you are responsible. You need have no fear that I shall withdrawDiscipleship2, 746:for a rightful field of service, is largely responsible for your exceeding sensitivity; you move inDiscipleship2, 757:understanding holding of those for whom you are responsible. I said "holding," brother of mine.Education, 75:and pliable years is often irremediable and is responsible for much of the pain and suffering inEducation, 90:in spite of all separate enmities. It is largely responsible for the present chaos and for theEducation, 109:This idealism and this prevalent enquiry are responsible for the present world chaos; they haveEducation, 109:land. This idealism is a good sign. It is also responsible for the seething unrest and the urgentEducation, 124:idealism. From the standpoint of Those Who are responsible for man's evolutionary development, aEducation, 128:or the church, the community or the state, is responsible for him for many years - the time elementEducation, 130:past upon families is a factor which is largely responsible for the revolt of modern youth againstEducation, 130:outworn standards and philosophies - are equally responsible. However, under the coming worldEducation, 135:exoteric manifestation. This fact is largely responsible for much of the present economic distressExternalisation, 34:are the seed groups for which I have made myself responsible. The three reasons for theirExternalisation, 49:initiate, and this is the impulse which is today responsible for modern Humanism with its apparentExternalisation, 87:of the leading world rulers, whose activity is responsible for the rapid creation of the new worldExternalisation, 87:to consider. The fourth type of force, which is responsible for the state of world affairs at thisExternalisation, 94:Wisdom. The groups for which I have made myself responsible are second ray groups essentially andExternalisation, 100:embryonic activities, which will eventually be responsible for producing the manifestation of theExternalisation, 105:of humanity's own mistakes. Men either feel responsible for what is occurring or they are shiftingExternalisation, 113:automatons would be developed and not a race of responsible, self-directed, aspiring men. This mustExternalisation, 148:the consequent evocation of active agents and responsible energies of some kind or another upon theExternalisation, 179:nothing concrete to right the wrongs which are responsible for the war, and permit their defence -Externalisation, 188:the softer qualities of human nature, and as responsible for the decadence of all nations, exceptExternalisation, 197:and weak can be exploited. [197] No one group is responsible as certain fanatical ideologists mightExternalisation, 213:in the world conflict) which is largely responsible for the slowness of the final crisis and theExternalisation, 265:of love to the group of evil men who are responsible for world disaster, believing thereby toExternalisation, 268:release, and the Lords of Liberation Who are responsible for implanting this innate desire inExternalisation, 298:from the realm of cosmic evil, and responsible for the focus of materialism upon the planet todayExternalisation, 329:business lines, making a small group of you responsible for its functioning and success. 3.Externalisation, 414:has been drawing nearer to mankind, and this is responsible for the great concepts of freedom whichExternalisation, 425:the crimes for which the Axis Powers have been responsible. The physical activities of the Forces
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