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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESULT

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Autobiography, 284:and has brought about within himself (as a result of the evolutionary process) a series ofAutobiography, 297:of these plans but we also realize that as a result of the 30 years' work of the Tibetan, inAutobiography, 300:forces available in the Arcane School, as a result of the past thirty years' work, that theBethlehemthat its effect may be wholly constructive and result in a deepening of our belief in Christ and aBethlehem, 17:disappears. This is already happening. The final result of the work of the Christ can be seenBethlehem, 17:Dispassion. Discrimination. The Christ - The Result Individualism. Initiation. Identification.Bethlehem, 28:and methods of living will be evolved as a result of this perception. There are signs that this isBethlehem, 81:birth is as much a natural event and as much a result of the evolutionary process as is the birthBethlehem, 88:personality, or an efficient lower self, is the result. To this the number thirty testifies. Ten isBethlehem, 90:lies behind all He did; it was the basis and the result of His achieved perfection; it was theBethlehem, 95:emphasized) and of the human to the divine. The result of this realization must surely be, underBethlehem, 100:which was indicated in His experience. As the result of life experience and inner consecration, HeBethlehem, 121:is that the affirmation that all disease is the result of wrong thought does not warrant too hastyBethlehem, 122:to be doing, unless that house is beautiful as a result, and unless its inhabitants have ideasBethlehem, 146:Matter, the Virgin Mary, reveals God. Form, the result of active material processes, must expressBethlehem, 147:point where this purification is not simply the result of life itself, but is something which isBethlehem, 148:spirit eventually produces that radiance (as a result of transformation and transmutation) whichBethlehem, 153:Remorse and sorrow, involving memory, are the result of mental activity. Thus, in Job's threeBethlehem, 161:as being the apex of His life work. It was the result of His life work, but not that for which HeBethlehem, 176:you and I might go to heaven. He died as the result of the very nature of the service which HeBethlehem, 195:are repudiated, and usually die as the result of their courageous pronouncements. To this ruleBethlehem, 196:capacity to have a sense of values, and (as the result of that) the ability to see the higher andBethlehem, 198:of this emphasis upon human sinfulness, and as a result of the age-old habit of offering sacrificeBethlehem, 199:idea that men must suffer in this world as the result of sin. In the East, where the doctrines ofBethlehem, 215:essence of life itself. That forgiveness is the result of life. This is a hard truth for theBethlehem, 215:in the distant past. Forgiveness is, however, a result of living processes which bring adjustment,Bethlehem, 254:The present world turmoil is simply [254] the result of this process of reorientation, and has itsBethlehem, 254:is thus being readjusted, and the immediate result is chaos. But the new direction is assured, andBethlehem, 262:accompanied by that condition of living, the result of which would deserve to be recognized as theBethlehem, 279:attain progress, and consecrate themselves, as a result of this determination, to the service ofDestinycivilization; all that has happened is the result of these energies, pouring cyclically throughDestiny, 5:energies which are today being invoked as the result of human need and human demand for succor.Destiny, 14:itself in a twofold manner, producing a twofold result, are as follows: 1. There is, at this time,Destiny, 30:creation of the new forms will definitely be the result of a working interaction between the rulersDestiny, 30:to death, to leisure and to the population. The result of the increasing flow of seventh ray energyDestiny, 41:of force may be nor what may eventuate as a result, though They can frequently determine theDestiny, 65:or neutrals, will suffer deeply as a result of their non-participation in the fate of the whole.Destiny, 93:emerging in world affairs will be seen as the result of the play of these forces and energies andDestiny, 94:or the nation is spiritually oriented, the result of the energy impact will be good and will leadDestiny, 98:world sharing and world peace. Peace will be the result of understanding and sharing, and not theDestiny, 108:thus producing the differing ideologies. The result of this dualism is the external chaos, theDestiny, 108:social, educational and philosophical. The result of all this conflict is, I would tell you,Destiny, 109:in the life of the human soul. The first result of all the turmoil has been to shift the focus ofDestiny, 112:outstanding quality of our day and period, as a result of transmuting human quality and characterDestiny, 119:reducing it to complete submission as a result of the higher integration, consummated between soulDestiny, 122:themselves for him upon the astral plane and the result is astral magic, deepened glamor andDestiny, 123:radiation. That word effectively describes the result of soul stimulation upon and within everyDestiny, 145:Ritual The Ritualist. In the Aquarian Age, as a result of the existing combination of rayDiscipleship1, 11:a group of active contemplative and the result will be facilitated if you will ponder upon andDiscipleship1, 15:work within the Ashram and the emergence (as a result of this) of a group and an ashramicDiscipleship1, 20:where possible, pooling resources. It should result also in a united push forward of all spiritualDiscipleship1, 22:and unless something definitely new emerges as a result of this experiment, the time and effort areDiscipleship1, 25:working in the many Ashrams of the Masters? The result of this success will not be the recognitionDiscipleship1, 28:of the various forms of therapy have been the result of impulses to respond to these hoveringDiscipleship1, 32:of which mystical Christianity speaks and the result of this fusion will be the manifestation ofDiscipleship1, 32:- the appearance of the fifth kingdom, as a result of the planned activity of the New Group ofDiscipleship1, 40:and the divine Plan may clearly appear as a result of this synthesis which they bring about. Discipleship1, 51:try to do this? If you are impersonal is it the result of training or is it natural to you? Is itDiscipleship1, 65:three functions: That of soul contact; this will result in illumination and a working knowledge ofDiscipleship1, 66:The sensitivity of the human race (as the result of economic insufficiency, of war, anxiety andDiscipleship1, 75:between [75] the group members which will result in the needed interplay and telepathicDiscipleship1, 75:of unconscious friendship is to be found as the result of many lives of close in theDiscipleship1, 98:There is only one condition [98] which can result in severance and that is deliberate and consciousDiscipleship1, 106:success or the non-success of its units. That result and success must, also, demonstrateDiscipleship1, 109:activity. This you are now acquiring and as a result of the past two years' work (for you onlyDiscipleship1, 114:ajna center has yet resisted effort. The main result has been an intensification of the heartDiscipleship1, 116:(highly so) for you have much knowledge as the result of ancient experience and deep thought andDiscipleship1, 119:be produced? You entered this group work as the result of serious and earnest seeking, ancientDiscipleship1, 135:would have you remember that right doing is the result of being. If your awareness of being is of aDiscipleship1, 162:on a prearranged Plan of my own which was the result of several years' close observation of theDiscipleship1, 179:influence within your environment as the result of your inner conflict, silently waged in theDiscipleship1, 181:with greater frequency and more facility. The result of this would be that the significance of twoDiscipleship1, 181:I would remind you here that happiness is the result of achieved personality desire; joy is theDiscipleship1, 183:Then their united relation enables them (as a result of their group unity) to be en rapport withDiscipleship1, 184:alone, would never have made but which are the result of the drawing power of the group soul. ItDiscipleship1, 184:automatically without intention and is the result of a particular state of consciousness. ThisDiscipleship1, 184:guarding of the group interests. It may be the result of shyness and of an inarticulate natureDiscipleship1, 184:bring it into functioning process. It may be the result of a critical nature, for it is theDiscipleship1, 188:at this time lies in a glamor which is the result of loneliness. There are certain glamors whichDiscipleship1, 188:There are certain glamors which work out as the result of a too close and restricted inner,Discipleship1, 188:brother, no matter how lofty in nature, and can result in a pronounced glamor and a glamorousDiscipleship1, 206:Let all changes take place in your life as the result of right decision which must, in its turn, beDiscipleship1, 206:dedication. Decisions must not be made as the result of any outer influence. You might ask me atDiscipleship1, 211:With you, however, this isolation is not the result of any separate tendency of the lower mind, forDiscipleship1, 211:love of the Masters and of humanity. It is the result of the essential loneliness which has besetDiscipleship1, 236:of being focused upon the inspiring soul. The result of this tendency is an excessive intensity ofDiscipleship1, 240:You have much ground to regain physically as a result of the past few months... Again I say: Be notDiscipleship1, 242:circumstances [242] good may emerge. If no other result eventuates, this past experience will serveDiscipleship1, 266:Given a little more personal training, the result may be out of all proportion to the effort on myDiscipleship1, 271:need for it which - in its turn - is the result of these wrong attitudes. These wrong attitudesDiscipleship1, 281:can be conferred, and definite usefulness be the result. You might ask here, and rightly so, howDiscipleship1, 284:your thoughts. Later see what has been the net result. Should you so desire, put it into properDiscipleship1, 294:mind more firmly in the head. I have watched the result with attention. The past six months haveDiscipleship1, 295:and conscious of each step that he takes and its result, of each motive that impels and its effect,Discipleship1, 298:the soul. This you have largely achieved and the result is that of the calling in of the powerDiscipleship1, 299:qualities predominantly present (either as the result of this life's direction, or as carried overDiscipleship1, 312:an established habit and will persist; it is the result of many years of reflection and of thoughtDiscipleship1, 356:activity of the lungs. You are not getting the result which you should... Your work lies largelyDiscipleship1, 378:for the sharpening of the mind which is the result of the effect of the usual fourth or fifth rayDiscipleship1, 395:swinging more potently on to mental levels, as a result of her concentrated work with me. This has
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