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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESULT

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Discipleship2, 289:application. Two things, I told you, are the result of thought, and though these may be mentallyDiscipleship2, 289:of the man upon the physical plane. As a result of focused thinking "in the heart" the spiritualDiscipleship2, 292:also interior repercussions and was indeed the result of an invocative interplay between innerDiscipleship2, 292:brings the pineal gland into action. The major result, however, is to enable the disciple to becomeDiscipleship2, 295:trend, but much progress has been made as a result of the tension of war. Men are rapidlyDiscipleship2, 296:and the meditation work - untrained or as the result of training - done by people in their millionsDiscipleship2, 297:correct orientation and much that you do is the result of imposed sacrifice and at a cost; it isDiscipleship2, 297:cost; it is not natural to you; it is still the result of hopeful endeavor; you are stillDiscipleship2, 301:a closer rapport with Shamballa, have been the result of the work done by the working disciples ofDiscipleship2, 304:process through the forms which are the result of the correct use of these formulas in such a wayDiscipleship2, 306:they reveal what is on the way as the result of the divine thought and are not pictorialDiscipleship2, 312:foundation of the Hierarchy on Earth; it is the result of the pledged and united dedication toDiscipleship2, 320:by humanity itself and as a whole. This is the result of the experience of the war, 1914-1945.Discipleship2, 320:point in all revelation is life, and the result of all revelation is death or the disappearance ofDiscipleship2, 329:that a disciple has become what he is as a result of his personality aspiration, his struggles inDiscipleship2, 336:and over much more extended cycles of time. The result of this more frequent watchfulness on theDiscipleship2, 349:with which I am dealing take place as a result or a consequence of standing before the OneDiscipleship2, 356:brought about in the Hierarchy have been the result of the work of the disciples of the world."Discipleship2, 368:aspirational developments and are available as a result of ashramic training and of hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 372:he stands within the ashram and perceives - as a result of the initiatory process - the nature ofDiscipleship2, 375:energies, which have been generated [375] as the result of his life experiences down the ages orDiscipleship2, 379:is - in a steady crescendo of illumination - the result of initiation. All the five points ofDiscipleship2, 381:back from initiation? The answer is no. The result of the dominant shortcomings of the members ofDiscipleship2, 382:as the dominant factor in the daily life. As a result of this decentralization the aspirant growsDiscipleship2, 387:brought about in the Hierarchy have been the result of the work of the disciples of the world. HintDiscipleship2, 390:of which the concrete mind is capable. It is a result of the activity of the soul upon its ownDiscipleship2, 394:which is proven, factual, and the intelligent result of hard work; it is also the result ofDiscipleship2, 394:intelligent result of hard work; it is also the result of frequent distress (rightly handled) andDiscipleship2, 402:Law of Sacrifice. Now, for the first time (as a result of destruction), he can begin to grasp theDiscipleship2, 406:increase numerically on Earth, what will be the result? Three great happenings will take place withDiscipleship2, 407:not the Kingdom of God or of Souls. Today, as a result of a spiritual awakening which date fromDiscipleship2, 415:aspect. His developing intelligence is the result and the reward of experience; his understandingDiscipleship2, 418:however, something which will be revealed as a result of initiation; you can see, therefore, that aDiscipleship2, 426:fused activity and of blended cooperation. The result will be the creation of a direct channel forDiscipleship2, 428:the mental plane is now being continued, and the result is a definite precipitation of all theseDiscipleship2, 434:must be stabilized and polarized; and the result - the dynamic use of hitherto unknown energies.Discipleship2, 443:into activity, is rare, but is for you a natural result of your spiritual Polarization. This [444]Discipleship2, 446:you certain radical changes - some of them as a result of the war and your personality reaction toDiscipleship2, 446:a life condition upon the physical plane is the result of some inner cause. I hinted at this when IDiscipleship2, 448:functioning whole. Is your creative work the result of a desire to create, or is it impelled byDiscipleship2, 461:to feeling and to personal suffering as a result of that compassion which is the hallmark of theDiscipleship2, 472:his contact with the Ashram. [472] These are the result of his attempt to lift the burden ofDiscipleship2, 481:in a quality which, when adequately strong, will result in the expulsion of the deterring fault. AsDiscipleship2, 482:and inevitably come, but it will come as a result of the disciple's own effort and hisDiscipleship2, 486:they can charge the brain. This charging will result in a hastened development of soul quality asDiscipleship2, 487:in all directions, you would be surprised at the result. You could then make the last years of yourDiscipleship2, 521:review, and their relation to soul motive. The result of this entire process of thinking will beDiscipleship2, 530:sweetened and broadened your nature. As a result you are aware today, as never before, how lack ofDiscipleship2, 530:not deep enough. That which is academic and the result of reading, listening, and of your responseDiscipleship2, 535:light of day - were brought to the surface? As a result, strange, rare, unknown and beautifulDiscipleship2, 537:disciple, decisions have oft a somewhat larger result. Where an accepted disciple is concerned,Discipleship2, 539:these five choices were made as a conscious result of soul or personality decision, and that youDiscipleship2, 547:endeavor to manifest that which exists as the result of your own effort. Light is within you. SeekDiscipleship2, 555:your divine comprehension was perfected and the result in your daily life will be "as if" allDiscipleship2, 582:the wisdom which comes from understanding as the result of action. Once this fact is grasped, youDiscipleship2, 582:methods under the inspiration of the Ashram. The result should be most effective service and theDiscipleship2, 583:forbidden by me) are in a position, as a result of years of teaching and of practice, to controlDiscipleship2, 603:is so rapid and direct. This is the result of a measure of alignment and of conscious aspiration.Discipleship2, 603:Oft have I told you this. May I now see the result of this oft recommended truth? As regards yourDiscipleship2, 623:understood as the mind develops. It is the result of a measure of discrimination which enables theDiscipleship2, 623:crisis. This emotion is, in its turn, the result of sensory perception. There can be much feelingDiscipleship2, 623:without emotion. There can be no emotion, as a result of feeling, without some measure of mentalDiscipleship2, 623:at all. But when thought enters in, then the result of the interplay between thought and feeling isDiscipleship2, 625:be active, our feelings stand revealed and the result of that revelation we call emotion. Thoughts,Discipleship2, 637:with the personality; or they can be the result of soul intent, registered by the personality andDiscipleship2, 704:the reverse, my brother, is not true, and the result is loneliness. Ponder on all this and acceptDiscipleship2, 706:Changes mean nothing unless they are the result of new vision, for if they emerge out of aDiscipleship2, 714:organize your life so that there is a definite result and something to show for any activityDiscipleship2, 715:process, and you do it so successfully that the result is that all the energies you contact becomeDiscipleship2, 717:each of you express. True effectiveness is the result of a merging of soul energy with personalityDiscipleship2, 718:I enjoined you some time ago. This again is the result of your over-rationalising mind which inDiscipleship2, 732:that you could have made this life, as a result of my corrective teaching and aid, has been largelyDiscipleship2, 733:attitude and nature upon the physical plane will result in a more dynamic life, instead of theDiscipleship2, 762:if one may use such inadequate terms!) that will result. Occultly speaking, you stand alone; youEducation, vii:of Oriental lands and peoples has had the end result of bringing the literature, the philosophy andEducation, 8:rapid response, and physical coordination as the result of intention, must be emphasized. The childEducation, 20:into being and our modern civilization is the result of this creative activity of the soul's desireEducation, 27:The consciousness thread (antahkarana) is the result of the union of life and substance or of theEducation, 27:place. It is the thread which is woven as a result of the appearance of life in form upon theEducation, 27:is woven, evolved, and created as the result of this primary creation, and works from belowEducation, 42:was or might have been of embryo thought. The result of all this, inherited by us when history asEducation, 53:the rapidity of this occurrence being the result of Christ's action. Can you understand theEducation, 55:- Purpose - Precipitation. Therefore, as a result of the evolutionary processes in humanity, thereEducation, 70:educator in connection with the individual, the result will be right individual and group training,Education, 78:truly characteristic of him, but which are the result of his environment and the failure of hisEducation, 81:Knowledge comes from two directions. It is the result of the intelligent use of the five senses andEducation, 88:that the religious differences are largely the result of man made quarrels over humanEducation, 94:III - The Aquarian Age The Aquarian Age As a result of the bridging work which will be done in theEducation, 97:pour into the brain consciousness, the normal result is the subordination of the lower to theEducation, 102:the powers with which he enters into life as a result of many previous life experiences. It leavesEducation, 104:the influence of three foundational ideas. The result of these ideas might be expressed under theEducation, 105:penalties of my natural predilections? [105] The result of all this is to breed in the race a deepEducation, 106:State and no economic drag upon it. The general result is, however, in line with the divine planEducation, 115:to that synthesis of understanding which will result in a realization of Brotherhood. Thus thoughtsEducation, 118:into error and trouble. In the long run, the result will be the awakening of the publicEducation, 127:subtler impressions and influences which are the result of united thought and inner mental pressureEducation, 131:with them I cannot here deal. Parenthood is the result, and the ordained result, of the relation ofEducation, 131:deal. Parenthood is the result, and the ordained result, of the relation of two animal [132]Education, 135:War has consequently been the inevitable result of this undue and unlimited propagation of theEducation, 135:unwanted children whose appearance is solely the result of accidental and uncontrolled sexual
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