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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESULT

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Fire, 1075:pointed out with propriety that radiation is the result of transmutation; transmutation marks theFire, 1080:also be part of the simulative process, and will result in the rendering radioactive of some of theFire, 1094:of certain aspects of energy, and the triple result thereby produced; the activities resulting fromFire, 1096:out and so held back by influences which are the result of His earlier activities in System 1. TheFire, 1098:that mental control and alignment which will result in stabilization, and a responsiveness toFire, 1106:the motion of the mental sheath as a whole. The result of this activity is rotary-spiralFire, 1112:the inner circle of petals, and which is the result of an inflow of monadic force, or atma. d.Fire, 1124:(when functioning with due adjustment) result in the transmission of energy in the first case fromFire, 1151:between systems is produced not only as the result of vibratory response to the enunciated Word,Fire, 1161:alive within the [1161] head itself as the result of these dual streams of triple energy. ThisFire, 1193:these Three will be but One, will be [1193] the result of a great spiritual vibration and willFire, 1211:purpose, is the working out of ways which will result in true group unity. All that is to be seenFire, 1212:our planetary Logos. These (if successful) will result in a great expansion of the knowledge of theFire, 1231:and direction, and that which is [1231] the result of the sound. This is evolution and the effectFire, 1236:seeks expression. That soul in its turn is the result of a spiritual impulse, but who shall sayFire, 1255:and more the attention of thinkers. This is the result of certain waves of energy impinging uponFire, 1274:* The twelve-pointed play Their part and are the result of the communion of the One above the SunGlamour, 21:aspects of a universal condition that is the result of the activity - in time and space - of theGlamour, 21:in the fact that it is a soul activity, and the result of the mind aspect of all the souls inGlamour, 22:are necessarily only generalizations, and the result also of the activity of the analytical mind,Glamour, 24:things: Define in your own words and as the result of meditation, your understanding of the fourGlamour, 26:of the conditions induced within him as a result of his interior illusion, his astral glamor andGlamour, 29:idée fixe, but in its least dangerous and normal result produces the fanatic. The fanatic isGlamour, 33:these factors we will later deal. Maya is the result of both glamor and illusion. It connotes, whenGlamour, 36:(which is, as I have stated, pre-eminently the result of the misinterpretation of ideas) reachedGlamour, 50:the warrant of a man's own soul and are the result of the experience of millions of travelers uponGlamour, 52:does all three more or less successfully. The result of all this is that he becomes more engrossedGlamour, 61:body, and a good glandular equipment, as the result of the above requirements. Ponder upon thisGlamour, 61:to him through mental telepathy, and as a result of his sensitivity to the "psychic gift waves," asGlamour, 69:and who is also wrestling with the problems that result from mental polarization and awareness, andGlamour, 71:in an environing world of glamor which is the result of: His own past, with its wrong thinking,Glamour, 73:aware of it or to understand it; it is the result of the agelong activity of human desire. It is aGlamour, 74:what we call the economic problem is simply the result of this particular glamor. Down the ages,Glamour, 86:and mental discipline, or later as the result of soul conditioning, to use the psychologicalGlamour, 88:of our limitations and our opportunities. The result of this test was the passing on to the Path ofGlamour, 97:and the spirit of a group. This is all the result of the battle going on between this pair ofGlamour, 108:of these factors in consciousness and was the result of man's reactions to the complexities of hisGlamour, 119:negativity to physical plane living which is the result of a lack of integration between theGlamour, 127:you have expressed in a few concise words the result of the first three initiations and the twoGlamour, 134:This is the immediate goal of humanity. This result will be inevitably brought about by means ofGlamour, 134:passing and the dimly sensed idea will - as a result of dire necessity - impose its rhythm upon theGlamour, 138:no barriers are felt and true knowledge as a result of revealed wisdom is the gift which suchGlamour, 162:of the PRESENCE, or of God Immanent and is the result of the needed revolt against the belief inGlamour, 167:and of divine ideas will stand revealed. The result will be the disappearing of illusion. TheGlamour, 170:event is something that can happen. The first result will be the illumination of the astral planeGlamour, 170:process which will dissipate glamor; the second result will be the irradiation of the mental planeGlamour, 188:one man or woman, are more specifically the result of group endeavor and of trained group activityGlamour, 189:the revelations of science are largely the result of group tension, eventually focused in oneGlamour, 191:is the light of wisdom which is the interpreted result of long experience, and this streams forth,Glamour, 192:is most confusing to beginners. Just as the result of innate reaction to environment produces theGlamour, 193:to create in this manner, and this we call the result of the intuition - idea or truth, itsGlamour, 195:the higher levels of divine expression; it is a result of the life of the Monad - an energy whichGlamour, 200:are of very ancient origin and which are the result of human activity, human thinking and of humanGlamour, 207:he would seek to avoid. Later comes the stage (a result of this alternating process) when the pullGlamour, 224:nature of the intuition and this will be the result of their illusory glamorous fight in the worldGlamour, 248:This, my brother, will take time and will be the result of prolonged observation and a closeGlamour, 255:or of his mechanism and equipment which, as the result of a civilization and a mode of living,Glamour, 257:breathing exercises and the second phase or the result of sound rhythmic breathing will appear.Glamour, 257:by directed thought and when they are not the result of the aspirant attaining and adhering to aGlamour, 260:sing together. This, my brother, will be the result of right breathing, of controlled and organizedGlamour, 262:possible, but they will be self-initiated as a result of rhythmic living and a constant right useGlamour, 269:producing the needed point of tension, is the result of the "invocative decision" of theGlamour, 271:successive stages is the immediate and normal result. It was to this that John the Baptist referredHealing, 5:to be as follows: Law I All disease is the result of inhibited soul life, and that is true of allHealing, 12:form and life, or rather, that which is the result of this intended union, we call the soul, theHealing, 13:alleviation are peculiar to humanity and are the result of man's mental activity. They indicate hisHealing, 13:words with care. Disease is not, therefore, the result of wrong human thought. It existed among theHealing, 18:coming to a man from outside and not as the result of his own peculiar blood condition. SuchHealing, 31:entirely of group origin, is inherited, is the result of infection, or the result ofHealing, 31:is inherited, is the result of infection, or the result of undernourishment. The last named causeHealing, 31:is primarily an evil of civilization; it is the result of economic maladjustment or the corruptionHealing, 31:latter causes of disease are not primarily the result of inner subtle forces, but are the pouringHealing, 32:disease simply energizes it. Disease is not the result of wrong human thought. Disease is a processHealing, 52:listing of the types of disease which can be the result of the inflow of energy. It is onlyHealing, 54:the basis of your reflection: Disease is the result of the blocking of the free flow of the life ofHealing, 54:the life of the Soul. It is the product, or the result, of three influences: Ancient error,Healing, 55:From his own past; i.e., effects which are the result of causes initiated in earlier incarnations.Healing, 55:predisposed to trouble if he has succeeded (as a result of a long evolutionary history) inHealing, 57:view of esotericism, all physical disease is the result of: Wrong stimulation, or over-stimulation,Healing, 58:in the astral body. Cancer is partially the result of a reaction to the diseases connected with theHealing, 63:is of three kinds: That which is the result of ancient evil habits. This is the major cause todayHealing, 65:beings are today and what they suffer is the result of their long past, and the past presupposesHealing, 65:habits. Such habits are inevitably the result of one of two factors: Desire, dominating andHealing, 67:standpoint of occultism: Diseases which are the result of auto-intoxication. These are the mostHealing, 67:are the most general. Diseases which are the result of irritation. These are very common amongstHealing, 81:and, in the case of [81] over-stimulation, the result sometimes of soul contacts. The etheric bodyHealing, 89:disease and physical liabilities are not the result of wrong thought. They are far more likely toHealing, 89:thought. They are far more likely to be the result of no thought at all, or are caused by theHealing, 91:still in the world of reality. When they do, the result is inevitably a better average of health,Healing, 91:because there is better integration, and as a result a freer play of the life forces throughout theHealing, 91:of mental origin at all, but primarily are the result of emotionalism entering in. Those incidentHealing, 91:to be frustrated but to make the plan work. The result is frequently the breaking down of theHealing, 93:in the form of two questions: Is disease the result of thought? Can the power of thought produceHealing, 93:be held responsible for this, nor is it the result of human wrong thinking. It provides no answerHealing, 93:to your careful attention: "All disease is the result of inhibited soul life. This is true of allHealing, 94:can be controlled. Disease is therefore the result in the physical body of the failure to bring inHealing, 95:Consequently, I repeat that disease is not the result of thought. Healing, 95:rooted in the fact that activity (which is the result of thinking specifically) has been coloredHealing, 95:nervous system and of the brain, which are the result of over-stimulation and of the impact ofHealing, 100:love and science. All that I tell you is the result of experiment. Such healing falls into two
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