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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESULT

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Meditation, 89:are being subjected to definite processes, which result in a greatly increased rate of vibration.Meditation, 90:is one of the functions of the occultist (the result of well-adjusted vehicles that respondMeditation, 91:to acquire powers that, wrongly used, may result in disaster to his environment as well as toMeditation, 97:emotions and the dense physical, two things will result. The lower vehicles will be neglected andMeditation, 104:strain upon the delicate brain tissue. This may result in permanent injury, and may even causeMeditation, 104:meditation when these conditions are sensed the result will be serious. At all times a studentMeditation, 108:at a definite consummation that shall be the result of that gathered material vibrating to aMeditation, 108:he came into the physical body to acquire, the result is not so much a gain as an unequalMeditation, 111:and consequently [111] lack of balance would result instead of that attainment of equilibrium andMeditation, 121:of the bodies of the student which may be the result sometimes of meditation. These conditions are:Meditation, 121:of Light. The first two conditions are all the result of meditation unwisely and ignorantlyMeditation, 123:of the race. The obsession is then not the result of a negative condition but of a positiveMeditation, 124:This is a physical plane cause, and is the result of the maladjustment of physical plane matter. ItMeditation, 124:of physical plane matter. It is the result of karma, and is prenatal, existing from the earliestMeditation, 125:This, as I said before, is rare and is the result of lop-sided development. It attacks women andMeditation, 125:emotional and mental bodies. This would normally result in the death of the physical body, but inMeditation, 131:of his physical body. Not all accidents are the result of karma, for the disciple has usuallyMeditation, 134:not that our vices are but our virtues misused) result in a lop-sided causal body, over-developedMeditation, 164:concealed. Their indiscriminate use would but result in disaster. A certain point in evolution hasMeditation, 169:The life within the form manifests - as a result of meditation - in three different ways. TheMeditation, 178:use of specific forms that lead to the desired result and obviate the need of speech. [179] TheseMeditation, 181:destructive one, and serious consequences might result in one or other of his bodies. Think thisMeditation, 187:can be used separately, and achieve their own result. There are seven great mantrams, one for eachMeditation, 193:of a funnel of communication. Those adjustments result first of all in the destruction ofMeditation, 195:sound will create the necessary funnel, and the result will be an immense temporary extension ofMeditation, 198:plane higher than the physical (which are the result of the geometrical movement of the concourseMeditation, 206:therefore it has to do with form. It is the result of sound uttered as the culmination ofMeditation, 215:goal has been reached. Blue and yellow blended result in green, and the synthetic blue or indigoMeditation, 221:is blue. The power system will be red. The result of merging red, blue, and green is - as you knowMeditation, 230:underlying radiance or brilliance, which is the result of the greater purity of the bodies and theMeditation, 242:kind, or in some affliction which is purely the result of heredity or of congenital trouble, theMeditation, 268:and touch the abstract levels are definitely the result of meditation, and the earlier letters youMeditation, 270:levels and from the buddhic levels which are the result of occult meditation. When these threeMeditation, 270:man is to be able to hold the force that is the result of the application of the Rod of Initiation,Meditation, 284:effort animated by love and wisdom. The result will be the true Yogi. I would point out here thatMeditation, 293:response from the Ego, but it will come as a result or culmination of the meditation, and the soundMeditation, 304:graded expansions of consciousness that are the result of the imparted training; these lead a manMeditation, 310:right action must be taken with no regard to result, and ever each body in all its aggregate ofMeditation, 327:A pupil passes out of the school, not as a result of an exoteric examination but simply on theMeditation, 340:The Refinement of the Mental Body This is the result of hard work and discrimination. ItMeditation, 340:and needs not my elucidation. It is the result of hard practice carried over many years. A definiteMeditation, 347:will cause accuracy in the background too, and result in a whole picture of rare beauty. LifeMeditation, 348:a continuance of the work, and cares not for the result of his action. He knows that wiser eyesMeditation, 349:prove content or silent; he cares not if the result is not that which he anticipated, provided thatMeditation, 349:to work in the dark and is conscious of little result from his labors, provided the inner lightMeditation, 356:Of the principle of form or limitation. The result of manifestation. Generally used in a relativePatanjali, 14:All activity in the lower nature is the result of kama-manas, or of mind tinged with feeling, ofPatanjali, 17:and the synthesis of all the five other senses. Result: Correct knowledge. Right use of thePatanjali, 17:evidence is transmitted with occult accuracy. Result: Correct reaction of the physical brain to thePatanjali, 23:danger; Samadhi, or the sleep of the yogi, the result of the conscious scientific withdrawal of thePatanjali, 24:joyous heaven. That memory activity which is the result of mental training, the accumulation ofPatanjali, 26:of soul impression. The yogi or Master is the result of patient endurance; his achievement is thePatanjali, 33:from the gunas, released from form taking as the result of attachment, and enters into a new statePatanjali, 38:physical brain. The cloud is perceived as the result of intense concentration and the stilling ofPatanjali, 48:is undertaken with a full knowledge of the result to be attained. Thus nothing he does producesPatanjali, 68:and those dreams and visions which are the result of mental activity, and not of astral sight.Patanjali, 78:of sane wholesome living and its consequent result - a sound physical body. Later on, whenPatanjali, 78:poise has been achieved (the third Means) as a result of keeping the Commandments and the RulesPatanjali, 79:gives the following suggestions: Method Sense Result 1. Concentration upon the tip of the nosePatanjali, 92:other. A superficial form-recognition is the result. But another stage is possible wherein a manPatanjali, 98:its quality to the occultist and is the result of the subtler elements producing its manifestation.Patanjali, 102:by the soul with the monad or spirit is the result, and knowledge of this contact is transmitted toPatanjali, 105:three, Evolution, the process of production. One result of this is the demonstration of the law andPatanjali, 112:slight in the doing, middling or great. These result always in excessive pain and ignorance. ForPatanjali, 112:organs, and ability to see the Self. 42. As a result of contentment bliss is achieved. 43. ThroughPatanjali, 112:which has hitherto been their object. 55. As a result of these means there follows the completePatanjali, 124:occult preliminary thereto. Every form is the result of thought and of sound. Every form veils orPatanjali, 129:or hides a fraction of spiritual energy. The result to the point of spiritual existence isPatanjali, 136:the unity underlying all forms. Hate is the result of concentration upon form and of aPatanjali, 136:to the law of evolution. Hate is really the result of the sense of personality and of ignorancePatanjali, 140:currents. The hindrances themselves are the result of wrong habits of thought and the misuse of thePatanjali, 142:control. Much that we do is automatic and the result of long continued emotional and mental habits.Patanjali, 144:wherein forces are actively set in motion which result in phenomenal effects. He has to study andPatanjali, 149:of these form activities, for pain is the result of the inherent difference between the pairs ofPatanjali, 164:cause of their manifestation and they are the result of his own thought power. But around him andPatanjali, 164:is but an atom. The whole world of forms is the result of the thought activity of some life; thePatanjali, 165:him; and the myriad thought forms which are the result of these currents in the mental, astral andPatanjali, 171:duality of nature, and regarding nature as a result of the union of the two polarities of thePatanjali, 173:causes all experience. Desire for freedom. The result of experience and of the investigations whichPatanjali, 193:slight in the doing, middling or great. These result always in excessive pain and ignorance. ForPatanjali, 194:says "I am the form;" Ignorance or avidya, the result of this wrong identification and at the samePatanjali, 195:enmity towards him and others. The natural result is that he is at peace and others are at peacePatanjali, 205:body, 4. Ability to see the self The synthetic result of the triple condition of the above sheaths.Patanjali, 205:has reference specially to the senses and is the result of magnetic purity or the refinement of thePatanjali, 206:man. In connection with the astral body, the result of purification is a quiet spirit, or thePatanjali, 207:Patanjali - Book 2 - The Steps to Union 42. As a result of contentment bliss is achieved. There isPatanjali, 227:the light is gradually removed. The first result is the gradual wearing away, or attenuation of thePatanjali, 228:fact in nature and not just a symbol. It is the result of the work of Raja Yoga and is the physicalPatanjali, 229:control of the psychic nature, and gives us the result achieved when the thinker, through thePatanjali, 231:of any given thing at any moment." The result, therefore, of correct abstraction or withdrawal isPatanjali, 232:Patanjali - Book 2 - The Steps to Union 55. As a result of these means there follows the completePatanjali, 234:act, then is sanyama achieved. 5. As a result of sanyama comes the shining forth of the light. 6.Patanjali, 234:the spiritual nature (the purusha). 36. As the result of this experience and meditation, the higherPatanjali, 234:pervasiveness and useful purpose. 48. As a result of this perfection, there comes rapidity ofPatanjali, 252:Book 3 - Union achieved and its Results 5. As a result of sanyama comes the shining forth of thePatanjali, 255:nothing is accomplished at once but only as the result of long and steady effort. One thing thatPatanjali, 258:that these experiences are therefore only the result of the activity of the solar plexus producingPatanjali, 265:first considered and dismissed. This form is the result of the past, and the limitations due to thePatanjali, 270:it is interesting to note how this first great result of meditation takes one right back to thePatanjali, 270:recognized and that which is, is seen to be the result of that which has been. Similarly that which
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