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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESULT

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Patanjali, 272:every form into manifestation, and which is the result of the breath, the essence or spirit. "InPatanjali, 276:the plan of the Logos. Imaginative forms, the result of the desire-thought activity of the myriadsPatanjali, 277:past incarnations can be true. They are the result of a vivid imagination and the assumption thatPatanjali, 278:thus and so in the three worlds, is the direct result of past experience, and knows too thatPatanjali, 279:apparent. It should be remembered that the result of the eight means of yoga is to produce a yogiPatanjali, 280:physical plane. Everything that appears is the result of a subjective happening. All that is existsPatanjali, 284:This entire process is only possible as the result of concentrated and one pointed meditation, andPatanjali, 288:of lower mind, tenderness is the emotional result of dispassionate compassion and involves thePatanjali, 288:the three world conditions. This union is the result of the egoic oneness [289] brought down intoPatanjali, 299:feeling the misery incurred as the result of their own karma, are born." Comment here is needless.Patanjali, 305:"subtle, obscure, hidden or remote" and is a result of the unfolding of the head and heart. ThePatanjali, 308:that he is (physically and etherically) is the result of desire, of kama, and that it is hisPatanjali, 309:centers have physical plane organs which are the result of the response of dense substance to theirPatanjali, 311:of soul development. He knows them to be the result of the correct following of the eight means ofPatanjali, 314:jyotis - the light in the head. And, as every result is to be brought about by the use ofPatanjali, 316:light having been contacted, is used, and the result is that the pairs of opposites becomePatanjali, 322:3 - Union achieved and its Results 36. As the result of this experience and meditation, the higherPatanjali, 333:purest atoms will be built into the body and the result will be a shining forth of light throughPatanjali, 340:fluctuation is the great Discarnate; as a result of this the dwindling of the covering to thePatanjali, 342:The study and understanding of this sutra would result in the complete equipping of the whitePatanjali, 345:is perfected." (Book I, Sutra 40.) "As a result of these means there follows the completePatanjali, 352:Book 3 - Union achieved and its Results 48. As a result of this perfection, there comes rapidity ofPatanjali, 353:plane, is the dominating factor now, and the result of this domination is triple, each effectPatanjali, 365:that which emerges from the subjective as a result of spiritual urge. The position in space is thatPatanjali, 368:to be described in the following aphorism as its result." Patanjali, 369:can synchronize with that of the soul, and the result is that - for the first time - spirit canPatanjali, 369:consciousness assumes, only that which is the result of meditation is free from latent karma. 7.Patanjali, 369:the basic cause, personality, the effective result, mental vitality or the will to live, and thePatanjali, 369:in the time concept of the present is the result of developed characteristics and holds latentPatanjali, 378:or the higher siddhis. The lower powers are the result of the consciousness of the animal soul inPatanjali, 378:kingdoms of nature. The higher powers are the result of the development of group consciousness, ofPatanjali, 382:unit, three words cover the process and the result. These words are, transfer, transmutation, andPatanjali, 384:from the body aspect. That great change is the result of certain causes, [385] extraneous to thePatanjali, 388:consciousness assumes, only that which is the result of meditation is free from latent karma. FormsPatanjali, 388:is free from latent karma. Forms are the result of desire. Meditation of the right kind is a purelyPatanjali, 388:and into it desire enters not. Forms are the result of an outward-going urge or tendency.Patanjali, 388:urge or tendency. Meditation is the result of an inward-turning tendency, of the capacity toPatanjali, 390:or of deliberate choice. Where it is the result of ignorance, the development of knowledge willPatanjali, 390:again is obviated. Where, however, it is the result of deliberate choice, or of preference forPatanjali, 391:between that which is kindly, harmless, and the result of love, and that which is harsh, harmful,Patanjali, 391:love, and that which is harsh, harmful, and the result of hate. Vyasa says: "The black-white isPatanjali, 396:images arising in the Universal Mind, as the result of the activity of that cosmic Thinker whoPatanjali, 396:general. For the human unit the mind images, the result of desire and of thought action arePatanjali, 396:the basic cause, personality, the effective result, mental vitality or the will to live, and thePatanjali, 397:or the forms which come into being as the result of the desire nature. 1. The basic cause desire.Patanjali, 397:1. The basic cause desire. 2. The effect or result personality. 3. The will to live mentalPatanjali, 398:in the time concept of the present is the result of developed characteristics, and holds latentPatanjali, 399:conditions). These are, as we have seen, the result or the effects of his entire past experiencePatanjali, 401:taking is so dominant and so one-pointedly the result of the egoic thought that it makes objectivePatanjali, 406:apparent. Every form in manifestation is the result of God's thought; every objective vehiclePatanjali, 408:outstanding types of forms are found, as the result of mind; The form of the atom, the truePatanjali, 415:But with it all, much confusion remains as the result of our modern tendency to deify the mind andPatanjali, 420:state of isolated unity must be regarded as the result of the attainment of a particular state ofPatanjali, 427:is accomplished. Those hindrances which are the result of ignorance, blindness, environment andProblems, 10:to the scientific achievements of mankind (as a result of the unfolding human intellect), it is nowProblems, 27:world will be guided and conditioned [27] by the result of this battle in the British CommonwealthProblems, 52:Knowledge comes from two directions. It is the result of the intelligent use of the five senses andProblems, 61:that the religious differences are largely the result of man-made quarrels over humanProblems, 79:- the quality of desire. Of this, money is the result and the symbol. From the simple process ofProblems, 86:its friends. Racial faults may be entirely the result of the point reached in evolution, of unfairProblems, 92:a sufficiency of material supplies must be the result of a compromise between that which has beenProblems, 94:public opinion and that this must be the result of sound educational methods and just and exactProblems, 134:toll of every nation and millions have died as a result of the inhuman processes of war. BroadlyProblems, 165:minds of men would have been illumined as the result of their united invocation, the unity of theirProblems, 168:cataclysmic disaster. These conditions were the result of religious faiths which have not movedProblems, 169:establishing of a true peace on earth, as the result of these two expressions of divinity. [170] Problems, 172:What we need above all to see - as a result of spiritual maturity - is the abolition of those twoProblems, 178:true prosperity be established which will be the result of unity, peace and plenty? Psychology1, xvii:those I reach through these books that the main result I look for is one of group cooperation andPsychology1, 4:a survey still remains to be made. B. A second result of the study of the rays will be to clarifyPsychology1, 19:universe and in man incarnate, and the result of this synthesis is sevenfold, producing seven typesPsychology1, 21:transcendent at the same time. This vortex, as a result of this initial activity, demonstratesPsychology1, 22:factors - life-quality-appearance - and their result or synthesis which we call Consciousness.Psychology1, 48:found in substance, causes activity. The result of the interplay of these three major rays can bePsychology1, 54:in nature. The subtle coherent soul which is the result of the bringing together of spirit andPsychology1, 90:All these in their turn are understood to be the result of a long evolutionary and selectivePsychology1, 90:is called the soul is regarded frequently as the result of this selective process and asPsychology1, 93:or angered by the behavior of a human being. The result of a man's effect upon this deity providedPsychology1, 93:or suffer hell at the will of God and as the result of actions done whilst in the human form. AsPsychology1, 94:to and separable from the body, or is it the result of the body type and life, and so eitherPsychology1, 99:the soul will come, and this event will be the result of the study and analysis, by thePsychology1, 101:yet much to be desired, but it will come as the result of mind control and illumination. Men willPsychology1, 102:of electricity, which discovery was a direct result of this intensification. The electrification ofPsychology1, 102:itself will be more closely blended, and the result upon humanity and upon the three other kingdomsPsychology1, 117:to the inner group of workers, who later, as a result of his self-initiated effort, teach him to bePsychology1, 126:[126] tissue by sounding a note that will result in the elimination of the corrupt tissue, when byPsychology1, 129:nations and groups of nations are all the result of ray activity and magnetism. Hence anPsychology1, 129:of their nationals) are likewise the result of ray activity, and thus the importance of the subjectPsychology1, 136:investigation and classification. This will result in the giving of new values to life, to anPsychology1, 136:of our understanding, and will produce, as a result, the growth and substitution of the intuitionPsychology1, 167:Christianity and probably Buddhism were the result of sixth ray influence. Mohammedanism, whichPsychology1, 178:fields of human thought and activity, the net result is one directed effort towards the productionPsychology1, 181:to that synthesis of understanding which will result in a realization of Brotherhood. Thus thoughtsPsychology1, 183:before long in the realm of science, as the result of scientific investigation. Certain scientistsPsychology1, 184:be set up and a radiance revealed which will result in a tremendous stimulation of mankind andPsychology1, 193:unfolding mechanism of contact (itself the result of active quality, determining the life of thePsychology1, 201:a destructive and disintegrating force would result. When however the three characteristics arePsychology1, 216:give the major effect of the seven rays and the result of their influence upon the seven kingdomsPsychology1, 218:lives (the first and seventh kingdoms) are the result of the activity of the first and the seventhPsychology1, 221:suffice to say that the mineral kingdom is a result of the "ritual of rhythm," as are all the basic
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