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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESULT

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Psychology1, 229:objective or solid matter - is the tangible result of the interplay of the energies and qualitiesPsychology1, 229:dominate and participate in the great work. The result of this interplay of psychic potencies willPsychology1, 242:in any other. The rays are responsible for this result, and their effect can be seen in thePsychology1, 242:be seen in the following analysis: Ray II - The result of this influence, pouring cyclicallyPsychology1, 242:in unison, has been to bring forth the fourth result, the perfume of the flowers, as found in thePsychology1, 248:this connection. Individualization was the first result of this secret process. Its finalPsychology1, 259:within the [259] organism itself, and are the result of growth, of a reaching out and of anPsychology1, 269:part), and the steady growth of disease as the result of the prevalent promiscuity and the manyPsychology1, 270:here. Out of the first of these evils, and as a result of over-production, we have brought about anPsychology1, 275:a secret and hidden sex life, ill-health as a result of the frustration of the natural instincts,Psychology1, 279:purely commercial objectives, then evil is the result. But it must be remembered that the samePsychology1, 280:being mentally expressed which will eventually result in man's thinking through to a solution ofPsychology1, 288:[288] relation are emphasized. But the impelling result of that relation is creation and thePsychology1, 293:destiny. This needed change will not be the result of legal measures, or of decisions by thePsychology1, 293:the hour; these changes will come slowly, as the result of the intelligent interest of the nextPsychology1, 295:as serving the group good; this will not be the result of laws regulating marriage, but a result ofPsychology1, 295:be the result of laws regulating marriage, but a result of education in group relations, servicePsychology1, 299:produce a third reality. That third reality or result bears witness to their relation, and anotherPsychology1, 299:desire and appetite. This relation leads to no result as intended, but to a momentary second ofPsychology1, 303:nor so lasting in their effects as would be the result of their removal and the consequentPsychology1, 306:his nature. But this condition is frequently the result of excess and license in a previous life,Psychology1, 309:he brings into contact with that evolutionary result a new factor, that of an individualPsychology1, 320:creative power in art, and synthesis. This result would not have been possible had it not been forPsychology1, 322:adapting of oneself to circumstances is the result of evolutionary development. The stages by whichPsychology1, 326:equipment. The improving of equipment as a result of the demand of consciousness is the secret ofPsychology1, 327:atoms of the three bodies. The discarding, as a result of this stimulation, of those atomicPsychology1, 332:a human being are those which play upon him as a result of the apparent progress of the sun throughPsychology1, 334:love and desire, and which constantly (as a result of this love) is itself attracted andPsychology1, 344:God. The fourth kingdom in nature which is the result of the evolutionary activity of the above,Psychology1, 347:Then through gained and applied knowledge, the result is beauty and the power to create. Then thePsychology1, 350:It is steadily increasing in potency, and the result of its influence will be to guide humanityPsychology1, 351:Hierarchy, and in the right understanding of the result of the responsiveness of humanity to thePsychology1, 353:through the evolution of the soul of man. The result of this fusion may be briefly summed up in thePsychology1, 353:finally to a recognition of, the soul as a result of this fusion and blending. The appreciation ofPsychology1, 354:The racial perfection which will be reached as a result of the activity of the third and fifth raysPsychology1, 364:ray period. Knowledge of the soul will be the result of the incoming ray activity, plus the aidPsychology1, 370:activity becomes increasingly active, and the result of their influence will be to facilitate thePsychology1, 371:Much of profound interest is on its way as a result of this seventh ray activity. For one thing,Psychology1, 371:Part of the reorganization which will go on as a result of the seventh ray activity will concernPsychology1, 371:as never before, and this has been the result of the incoming ray force with its power to applyPsychology1, 375:developed. The ritual of the solar system is the result of the meditation of God and the act ofPsychology1, 376:They govern form life, and are the result of the united working, or rather the simultaneousPsychology2, 30:remembered that the final identification is the result of the experience gained through the mediumPsychology2, 31:by the occidental reader) are, therefore, the result of the futility and inadequacy of language toPsychology2, 35:The distress of emptiness is the immediate result; it grips us and we feel that the price ofPsychology2, 50:that condition, - are, and must always be, the result of group vibration, of group impulse, groupPsychology2, 50:ego is an integral part; the other is the result of the activity of the groups of atoms which arePsychology2, 62:the method of physical incarnation. 3. The result of this twofold hold upon the mechanism duringPsychology2, 68:two groups of major energies dominating, as a result of a long experience of incarnation in form,Psychology2, 77:or forms. Immersion in darkness. This was the result of desire. The darkness of ignorance wasPsychology2, 91:entities. All this has been brought about as the result of the determined, conditioned activity ofPsychology2, 92:bring about harmony and at-one-ment. The result of this harmonizing activity is beauty, but it is aPsychology2, 95:lift; they integrate; they illumine; and the net result of their work, from the angle of ultimatePsychology2, 99:our planetary Logos. Pain and sorrow are the result of rebellion, and of divine discontent. ThePsychology2, 118:careful attention. First, is the fact that the result of all contact achieved in meditation and thePsychology2, 133:or group. Service itself is definitely the result of a tremendous inner happening, and when thatPsychology2, 133:of a tremendous inner happening, and when that result is brought about, it will be found to havePsychology2, 137:more to be done by the average disciple. The result, when it reaches that point, is inevitable andPsychology2, 164:Lower Four "The soul is in deep meditation" 8. Result Contemplation Complete spiritual detachementPsychology2, 164:had come to himself or to his senses, as a result of [166] satisfied desire, through riotousPsychology2, 173:of at-one-ing, through becoming and dying as a result of becoming. In Law Two, the sacrificing unitPsychology2, 193:inner counterpart is a complete whole. The outer result is only partial. These inner groups,Psychology2, 194:upheaval of the past few decades, are all the result of energies that are so potent - owing toPsychology2, 199:understand them. The enlightenment which is the result of initiation is necessary before one canPsychology2, 200:These qualities are not achieved as the result of disciplining the emotional nature, butPsychology2, 212:of this difficult subject. It is the result of development, but such development need not lead toPsychology2, 213:kingdom to emerge. A creative act is ever the result of inspiration being seized upon, recognizedPsychology2, 219:that purpose and that destiny which will result from the consummation and fruition of the Plan onPsychology2, 220:and energies which are kept in abeyance as the result of the interposition, consciously effected,Psychology2, 221:racial, planetary and systemic. It is the result of an act of the will, and is caused by thePsychology2, 221:it and giving it magnetic power. It is the high result of desire, which is itself intrinsicallyPsychology2, 222:planetary and systemic. This instinct is the result of the development of manas, or mind, and thePsychology2, 223:This is beginning to happen today. It is the result of the ability - sometimes adequate andPsychology2, 223:of gods. This phrase should be noted. It is the result of the active work of the sons of God, thePsychology2, 224:trend to organize comes into being. It is the result - curiously enough - of the work of a peculiarPsychology2, 225:forms, human and humanly constructed. It is the. result of at-one-ments wrought out on the physicalPsychology2, 261:proletarian revolutions now going on, are the result of the "impulsive" hastenings into incarnationPsychology2, 273:the success of its achievement since 1925, as a result of the initial impulse instituted in 1875.Psychology2, 274:to the Approach of Appropriation comes as a result of the reorientation and the readjustment whichPsychology2, 275:form, so the probationary aspirant, also as a result of a planned activity, takes the first step inPsychology2, 275:on to the path of discipleship. This is the result of an activity which is a reflection in hisPsychology2, 277:Himself the blazing enlightenment which is the result of a rare occurrence - a Cosmic Touch. HePsychology2, 285:sequentially in time and space and, as a result of the great experiment of evolution, bring himPsychology2, 290:upon the Path of Discipleship, and are the result of the direct and intelligent action of the Soul,Psychology2, 310:out of our limitations and opportunities. The result of this test was the passing on to the Path ofPsychology2, 318:unknown, have come into manifestation as the result of the "wish" or the desire of the soul. It isPsychology2, 318:manner. Much is being written today which is the result of the development of the science ofPsychology2, 319:right appropriation of form by the soul is the result of an initial wish or desire. It is thePsychology2, 319:result of an initial wish or desire. It is the result of a fundamental outgoing impulse on the partPsychology2, 342:expression are developed, little by little as a result of: Successive incarnations. The impulse andPsychology2, 344:perfection which is finally achieved as a result of the struggle. One period lies far behind us,Psychology2, 347:with a brief indication of the process and the result. The final stage of the process wherein thePsychology2, 352:A higher achievement then takes place as a result of the service of the Plan, until the timePsychology2, 358:It is at this moment of "integration as the result of revelation" that there comes the fusion ofPsychology2, 360:of earlier years. Therefore futility is the result. To offset this, he must stand quiet at thePsychology2, 362:part. It is interesting to note that the first result of the use of these three formulas can eachPsychology2, 369:into the lower nature, the natural man, it might result in the shattering of the form and thePsychology2, 382:they reach this stage, almost automatically. The result is that the integration of the threePsychology2, 385:the two head centers is completed. This is the result of the use of the Technique of Duality by thePsychology2, 389:in order to express quality and meaning. As a result of the disciple's use of this technique, there
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