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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESULT

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Rays, 78:essential Reality, we call spirit or life. As a result of the interplay of these two, humanityRays, 78:appears in time and space. Humanity is the result of all subhuman forms of expression andRays, 85:force at this particular time, both as a result of karmic law and the planned decision of the GreatRays, 87:men whose destiny it was. This destiny was the result of their own deliberate choice, and ofRays, 88:death of a Hitler or of a murderer, are not the result of the same essential energies. When the dinRays, 105:One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation The result of these two is given in the two closingRays, 108:the plan in time and space. This is the result of the turning of the greater Wheel of life, causingRays, 113:"sees no difference." The goal, or rather the result of the mystic and occult way, is the mergingRays, 116:and in his recognition; he was rich as the result of agelong experience and evolutionaryRays, 121:consciousness, and the fact that they are the result of a new and direct relation between Those WhoRays, 168:when unity is established. The idea that - as a result of the two above achievements - the groupRays, 174:The disciple realizes that they are only the result of the activity of substance in its form-makingRays, 175:stand forth: the idea of invocation and of the result of that invocation, which is the sudden andRays, 179:of energies in man's etheric body is the result of his inner direction and the cause of his outerRays, 194:fourth great rent still remains to be made as a result of the energies released and the gained goodRays, 195:physical forces, and although they are the result of man's own effort and activity down the ages,Rays, 195:on to the etheric plane. It can be the fused result of personality integration and be a combinationRays, 211:of any injunction of the Master, and as a result of the united soul life of the group effectivelyRays, 214:controlled at its source, because speech is the result of certain inner sources of ideas, ofRays, 214:and the suppression of words, if they are the result of a realization that what is to be said isRays, 217:of the life or of the fire has to be the result of united action, taken by the group when fullRays, 220:becomes increasingly noticeable. Now comes the result of all these preliminary stages, and it comesRays, 220:then proceed to "empower it." The Word is the result of the point of tension; it emerges from theRays, 221:the [221] form of a Word. This Word, being the result of group activity, focus and tension, plusRays, 221:it once and for all in the Master's Ashram. The result of this transference is twofold: The outerRays, 221:Aspirants and disciples today are largely the result of the old order of teaching and are theRays, 243:human; all of this type of creative art is the result of aeons of conflict, pain and suffering. TheRays, 254:spiritually inclined people everywhere, with the result of a great broadening of the humanRays, 256:present. I refer to that which is the result of all of them, just as they in their turn are theRays, 256:all of them, just as they in their turn are the result of soul contact. I refer to effects wroughtRays, 260:ladder of evolution which would make Him - as a result - the informing Life of a sacred planet.Rays, 279:effect of soul contact, and as the inevitable result of evolution itself. All these threeRays, 280:of life-energy, consciously applied as the result of agelong processes, and matter-force, via theRays, 284:coming world religion. There then follows, as a result of this, what is called the trueRays, 284:comes along the line which he has projected as a result of transformation; it is made with [285]Rays, 306:type of destruction here dealt with is never the result of desire; it is an effort of the spiritualRays, 309:Hierarchy in order to produce a predetermined result in the three worlds in line with the purposeRays, 313:to this high vibration. Theoretically, and as a result of the teaching of the Ageless Wisdom, theRays, 315:the Purpose which lies behind the Plan, as a result of the developed sensitivity. Obedience to theRays, 330:years anent the Hierarchy. One was that as a result of the cleansing of the Earth through theRays, 336:a clear correlated thesis on the subject as a result of their researches in my books. Nevertheless,Rays, 348:point reached upon the Path of Evolution, as a result of experiment, experience and continuousRays, 363:to increasingly high impression, which is the result of each stage of the final initiatory process,Rays, 372:to bear in mind that these relationships are the result of the involutionary activity of the lifeRays, 391:on the Higher Way, He will find Himself, as a result of the new training and field of experience,Rays, 394:should be expressed in the three worlds as the result of Their decision. They watch also ThoseRays, 410:decisions humanity is in process of making (as a result of the frightful testing period of the war,Rays, 429:privations and anxiety may teach her; the result will be stability. In the hands of the UnitedRays, 442:which is committed to him as the effect or the result of each successive initiation. I prefer theRays, 442:I prefer the word "effect" to the word "result," for the initiate increasingly works consciouslyRays, 442:planes other than the physical. We use the word "result" to express the consequences of that greatRays, 449:The consciousness thread (antahkarana) is the result of the union of life and substance or of theRays, 457:emanation of the personality, and this is the result of the growing magnetic potency of both theseRays, 469:is too little use of the spiritual will, as the result of right orientation, in the life ofRays, 474:and those new creative approaches which will result not alone in the building of the individualRays, 475:the Father. This is the final and far-reaching result of the building of the bridge which is, inRays, 477:in Lemuria. Sensitivity, awareness and - as a result - desire and reaction were the keynotes.Rays, 480:the mental plane (or the causal body) is not the result of energy emanating from the permanentRays, 480:atoms as a nucleus of force, but is the result of different forces, and primarily of group force.Rays, 480:true of man's lowest manifestations. It is the result of reflex action, and is based on the forceRays, 494:will and a sounded Word or Phrase of Power. The result is that his developed potency and its radiusRays, 505:its own identity. This latter realization is the result of aeonian work, carried forward by theRays, 528:a series of ascensions. These ascensions are the result of a process, a technique, a method (chooseRays, 529:being which the initiate has now reached, as a result of the six stages of conscious building ofRays, 534:The initiatory process is in reality the result of the activity of three energies: The energyRays, 535:and move and have our being. All this is the result of a process and the effect of the inherentRays, 541:of every form. The achieved point of fusion (the result of active and positive work and effort) isRays, 541:of the personality is then present and is the result of a positive activity. The quality and theRays, 544:to His disciple has been erroneous and the result of wishful thinking. The disciple is onlyRays, 551:by energies coming from Aquarius. These result in major changes in the life of the planetary LogosRays, 552:new incoming energies upon Humanity [552] will result from a planned redirection. This will bringRays, 553:This process received its initial impulse as a result of a group decision within the HierarchyRays, 554:fury of the Black Lodge. That this would be the result the Masters knew when making Their decision;Rays, 554:thinking, human welfare and human planning; as a result, and almost immediately, the men ofRays, 565:and of the energy of will which is in itself the result of all the fusions he has at any givenRays, 571:The unfoldment of the Christ life - as a result of the presence and activities of the second divineRays, 571:of the second divine aspect of love - will result in the ending of economic fear, and the "house ofRays, 571:this, reorientation and unfoldment will be the result of the activity of the seventh ray and of theRays, 581:of God. The work of sixth ray energy, the result of the long cycle of Piscean energy, and theRays, 584:Thousands of aspirants in every country (as a result of conscious effort to understand) will standRays, 590:by three qualities: The quality which is the result of relationship with the Spiritual Triad. WeRays, 590:arising from the three worlds; these creatively result in the myriads of thought-forms which areRays, 592:the descent of the Kingdom of God to Earth as a result of the ascent of so many upon the ladder ofRays, 597:as essential to their well-being is also the result of the creative activity of the fifth rayRays, 598:energy. It might therefore be said that, as a result of the Transfiguration Initiation - theRays, 599:directing energy of the higher mind is - as a result of the Transfiguration Initiation and via theRays, 604:a clash of ideologies and has been far more the result of man's thinking than of man's emotionalRays, 604:Initiation" is an expression of the result of the activity of this Principle. The factor of theRays, 604:of nations and of fundamental organizations. The result of this fourth ray activity upon theRays, 607:emergence" is reached by right decision and as a result of a right use of the Principle ofRays, 610:and correct prevision; it is also the result of the liberation of free will, and in no wayRays, 610:initiation, progressively revealed to him as the result of right choice, right perception and rightRays, 615:The issues which have emerged as the result of the conflict upon the physical plane, and of itsRays, 616:hearts of men. This outpouring will come as the result of three activities: The work and theRays, 620:in the present and as they are the inevitable result of the Law of Cause and Effect, and attemptingRays, 621:has grown increasingly in power, yet as a result of this conflict a definite trend towards harmonyRays, 627:mind of the population; this will largely be the result of the increasing power of women in theRays, 629:and a growing humanitarian ideology which will result in world service and non-separateness. TheRays, 630:(if I may use such a term) will come as the result of each of the three Nations arriving at a realRays, 630:at a real measure of internal harmony as a result of its own particular conflict, and then moving
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