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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESULT

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Rays, 632:civilization will emerge which will be the [632] result of right human relations and which canRays, 632:model system; this, however, will not come as a result of dictatorship, nor can it be presentedRays, 637:whole. The disciple knows, however, that - as a result of conflict - the complete harmonizing ofRays, 639:plus the many smaller renunciations, is the result of inner conflict and ever precedes liberationRays, 646:many civilizations - past and present - are the result of this. I would ask you to consider theRays, 649:new and beautiful future will take place as a result of the new incoming first ray activity. NoRays, 650:What the initiate will receive as a result of first ray energy will be an inflow of the secondRays, 650:himself a condition of complete harmony as a result of conflict - a conflict which has been ragingRays, 665:the birth experience and initiation, and as a result of this, that which can reveal what the mindRays, 671:the head center becomes active as a result of the aspirant's mental perception, meditation andRays, 672:The energy concentrated in the head center as a result of soul activity. The energy of the seventhRays, 675:Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations The result, however, of the modern initiatory processRays, 683:initiation. Forget not that nationalism is the result of dedication to a particular national set-upRays, 683:his service for humanity. And what will be the result of the combination in one's life of theseRays, 683:of conflict, of pain and of distress. As a result of both of these, a great transforming agency isRays, 684:the needed control which will lead to and result in freedom. Ponder on these things. Freedom is theRays, 685:further on the Way. These freedoms are the result of Detachment, Dispassion, and Discrimination. AtRays, 691:service. His keynote is right direction as the result of right reaction to hierarchical intentionRays, 701:and this attained freedom are [701] not the result of a symbolic ceremony, but are the result ofRays, 701:the result of a symbolic ceremony, but are the result of lives of suffering, of minor renunciationsRays, 704:that which each brings to the experience as the result of past effort, his point in consciousnessRays, 716:in all human relations than ever before, and one result of this energy has been the forming of theRays, 719:not a free undertaking; the moving onward is the result of a somewhat inchoate and uncontrolledRays, 719:The revelation which is to come will be the result of hierarchical activity, focused through theRays, 719:not presented by His coming; it will come as a result of His work and hierarchical activity. AllRays, 720:depend fully upon what He is and has, and - as a result of initiation - He is free from theRays, 731:new ones until mastery is attained. Then - as a result of the incarnating process and itsRays, 738:of the lower kingdoms man has emerged, and (as a result of human struggle) the kingdom of God willRays, 748:effect of these clashing ideologies and the result of the war among the world religions haveRays, 749:of the ideologies, but is the true and beautiful result of the universal educational system which -Rays, 749:of Goodwill and the Revelation of Cleavages The result of the world war, of disease, famine andRays, 756:will become illuminatingly apparent and the result will be a closer linking of earth and theReappearance, 7:favorably when a sacrifice is offered. With the result that the root word can be said to meanReappearance, 23:coming. The unhappy state of the world as the result of centuries of selfishness and of the worldReappearance, 23:which men everywhere were showing (as a result of the evolutionary process) the unique spread ofReappearance, 40:activities in the Father's House. These will result in the glory of God, in the transformation ofReappearance, 42:consciousness and such is the case today as a result of the World War (1914-1945); thirdly, aReappearance, 47:life of humanity. All this will not come as the result of some proclamation or some stupendousReappearance, 49:that this passing to the Father's House would result in such an inflow of spiritual strength,Reappearance, 72:new trends in human thinking, and will be the result of a subjective human reaction to the decisionReappearance, 75:the energy of love will demonstrate later as the result of the activity of the Spirit of Peace,Reappearance, 76:present period of hierarchical tension and as a result of His decision to reappear, Christ becameReappearance, 76:- seeking to cooperate with the Christ. As a result of Christ's decision and His "spiritual fusion"Reappearance, 78:energy in relation to humanity, for all are the result of the decision made by Christ after HisReappearance, 86:into deeper phases of spiritual awareness. The result of His work in the Triangle with the massesReappearance, 104:of a great objective, only to be reached as the result of struggle and difficulty. He pointed to aReappearance, 118:of the will aspect of the soul and is not the result of any form decision; it is the soul in allReappearance, 121:given out, during the past two years, as the result of the cleansing of the Earth through theReappearance, 128:the pictorial presentation - but is simply the result of experiencing "livingness" on all threeReappearance, 130:and of relationships will be the major result. Reappearance, 131:and only in the Aquarian Age, and as a result of the reappearance of the Christ, will its trueReappearance, 141:of the spiritual life. That evil is the result of the misapprehension and the wrong orientation ofReappearance, 153:human consciousness which will take place as a result of the coming Great Approach will enableReappearance, 179:that [179] the demand and its answer must be the result of spiritual purpose, and that that whichReappearance, 184:for the coming of the Christ. Steadily and as a result of the work of the New Group of WorldSoul, 20:speculations of the visionary mystic. The result of its efforts has been to isolate a body of factsSoul, 33:detail. There is, finally, conduct, or the result of the interrelation between the environment andSoul, 36:to realize that the absence of one chemical can result in a failure of development of the mind andSoul, 54:believes that the physical nature itself is the result of spiritual activity. He asserts that allSoul, 63:words, giving rise to movements which would not result from the action of those laws uninterferedSoul, 67:of complete and universal consciousness, a result which can only be secured by the permeation ofSoul, 68:life; the weight and solidity of matter are the result and expression of intra-atomic energy, andSoul, 96:Everything that has form, everything that is the result of the compounds, is evolved out of thisSoul, 107:Kundalini, pp. 13, 14. René Guénon sums up the result of this union in the following terms:Soul, 123:on it, often rashly undertaken, is apt to result in a peculiarly intractable form of nervousSoul, 129:body. Three theories apparently emerge as the result of our investigation, and form a tripleSoul, 143:were aware of any phenomena of interest as the result of their work. The letter was not sent toSoul, 149:of Einstein's newest theory of relativity. As a result of his investigations Professor H. H.Soul, 150:the other. Dr. Sheldon now believes that as a result of this discovery such things as keepingTelepathy, 7:activity by His directed will; energy is the result of His thought-form, playing in and through HisTelepathy, 10:into rapport with a mental type. From this will result only confusion. The two parties concernedTelepathy, 22:the brain of the disciple. In time, and as the result of technical training, the disciple can inTelepathy, 23:the good and the bad; and group activity, as a result of heart awakening, can include the badTelepathy, 39:him negative, and with a weakened will. The result of all true telepathic work and rightly directedTelepathy, 44:effects. The second type of impression is the result of invocation and evocation and is dependentTelepathy, 54:evolutionary process, is simply the demonstrated result of the Science of Contact. It is likewiseTelepathy, 56:a compelling and conditioning nature, it is the result of invocation by the [57] one seeking theTelepathy, 58:contacts emanating from a high source, and the result is usually also over-mixed with personalityTelepathy, 62:science of consciousness itself, for the result of contact and impact leads to the awakening andTelepathy, 65:period to a simultaneous functioning; the first result of their relation is the appearance of thatTelepathy, 65:(which come, if you could but realize it, as the result, the reward, of contact and of the impactTelepathy, 67:Within the human family two things occur as the result of this received and recognized activity ofTelepathy, 68:the impression there received is not the result of invocation which in due course evokesTelepathy, 75:developed normally and naturally and are not the result of premature unfoldment. When theTelepathy, 76:new or of major importance; they are, again, the result of past ages of soul development (as far asTelepathy, 76:entered into the personality consciousness as a result of soul contact. This accounts for eightTelepathy, 79:It will only come when the animal kingdom (as a result of human understanding) becomes invocative.Telepathy, 95:or pool of thought-substance which is the result of his own mental activity, of his innateTelepathy, 131:the planetary Logos expresses Himself; it is the result of the activity of the divine Mind, as thatTelepathy, 133:then receives the needed impression which will result in the developing civilizations and culturesTelepathy, 154:level and the buddhic. This will happen as a result of conscious growth and initiation. It mustTelepathy, 163:relationships. In this present system, the result of evolution, as far as the etheric body is
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