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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESULTANT

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Astrology, 91:idea of the effect of the great illusion upon resultant conditions and, secondly, the result of theAstrology, 140:expression of life and purpose, and with the resultant effects. When these effects and activitiesAstrology, 189:a wider field of awareness, of expression and of resultant contact. There is little more that IAstrology, 212:between Mars and the blood, producing the resultant conflict between life and death (for Scorpio isAstrology, 363:is the result or the effect (should I say, resultant effect) of the ray influence, just as in theAstrology, 476:planes of divine expression. The seven states of resultant consciousness. The seven crises, leadingAstrology, 547:their impact. The type of conscious response and resultant activity is - as the occultist wellAutobiography, 82:had listened to me quite critically and with no resultant pleasure. We were discussing the meetingBethlehem, 283:beings still suffer imperfection, existence, and resultant death. Compassion unto these stillDestiny, 7:I deal with energies; they are concerned with resultant forces. I would remind you here that theseDestiny, 46:ray is the most active at this time and its resultant idealism and consequent New Age concepts areDestiny, 60:- after making their great experiment and its resultant contribution - proceed upon the way ofDestiny, 108:ideals into the many human experiments, and the resultant ranging of the entire human family underDestiny, 143:without unity, without embodied idealism and the resultant symmetrical unfoldment. This ray is notDestiny, 146:and in this cycle of transition, with all its resultant outer chaos and upheaval, is given the taskDiscipleship1, 87:goal and the problem of the disciple, plus the resultant effect of conscious, intelligent,Discipleship1, 169:upon a first ray pinnacle of vision and resultant comprehension. I have three points to take upDiscipleship1, 382:When the radiation is the radiation of love, the resultant words and actions can be stern withoutDiscipleship2, 27:to preserve the waking brain attentiveness. The resultant effects, reactions, and the registeringDiscipleship2, 184:When these have been correctly aligned and the resultant integrity has been stabilized and fullyDiscipleship2, 304:given a direction that naught can offset; the resultant conditions are inevitable: [305] Formula IDiscipleship2, 368:of the Angels. Let us keep our thinking and its resultant aspiration in the realm of humanDiscipleship2, 446:of soul impulse. These changes and their resultant readjustments have been so many and have beenDiscipleship2, 484:It is through contacts and the development of a resultant mechanism, plus a habit of magneticExternalisation, 33:In this way the spiritual culture and the resultant civilization comes into being and to it theExternalisation, 88:and all is preparatory for the sowing and its resultant effects. These effects will constitute theExternalisation, 149:and dangerous. The invocation, evocation and resultant activity of the Hierarchy and of thoseExternalisation, 152:the mind as well as in the emotional body with resultant physical reactions. This produces anExternalisation, 154:set up a direct relationship with Shamballa. The resultant triangle of force-relationship willExternalisation, 161:ourselves responsive to and sensitive to the resultant effects. Ponder on the above. Externalisation, 161:human relations, of synthetic rapport with its resultant cooperation, of correct interplay betweenExternalisation, 288:point of selflessness, disciplined purity and resultant receptivity. There are certain fundamentalExternalisation, 378:the material difficulties of life, and by resultant processes of thought, men know changedExternalisation, 419:of the spirit of invocation and the resultant inflow of responsive influences. The truth lyingExternalisation, 453:effort to attain right human relations, with its resultant effect - peace; secondly, the forces ofExternalisation, 519:the unfolding cyclic cultures and their resultant civilizations. These can then provide adequateExternalisation, 520:and consequent forces from Shamballa, with resultant effects within the Hierarchy itself, and alsoExternalisation, 594:the divine will-to-good into human goodwill and resultant peace on Earth. [595] A new chapter inExternalisation, 657:must be most carefully directed and their resultant impact be most scientifically considered ifExternalisation, 659:responsible for this work; a great deal of the resultant effectiveness is due to the fact thatExternalisation, 660:work of the Hierarchy, the repercussions and the resultant effects will take place on earth, withExternalisation, 685:years. Because of this, and because of the resultant clarity of impression and of the potentFire, 209:through the etheric web. This produces a resultant continuity of consciousness which enables theFire, 591:so results the future. He fixes for himself the resultant karma. The word "Fixation" is chosen forFire, 672:this union and its fruit is consummated, and the resultant creation of the divine Hermaphrodite isFire, 686:the egoic groups [686] on mental levels, and the resultant individualization. Method and time mayFire, 907:involve the activity of deva essence, plus the resultant awareness of the thinker. This will beFire, 990:wives" of the Rishis, and that the dual forces (resultant from that relationship) converge and playFire, 1189:a reflex product with an energy which is the resultant of the higher vibrations yet which has aGlamour, 78:because of the beautiful coloring which the resultant fog takes on. A man gets lost in a rapturousGlamour, 130:sensitivity to seven groups of ideas and their resultant ideals and - if it were no more than thatHealing, 3:response upon the self at the center, and the resultant effect - in that body - is experienced asHealing, 80:of stimulation, of galvanic effort, with a resultant activity in the nervous system which - if notHealing, 87:The effectiveness of the transmission and the resultant physical activity depend always upon theHealing, 95:in the psychological life and the consequent resultant activities: Disease is a form of activity.Healing, 195:of transmutation process, the strength of the resultant aggregation of forces, and the subsequentHealing, 353:its way to the newer modes of living, with their resultant effects of better health and a moreHealing, 542:evoking greater soul contact and producing a resultant inflow of soul energy into the head centerHealing, 573:as divine qualities. Where friction and resultant disease are present, and the patient is fortunateHealing, 592:producing serious solar plexus difficulty with resultant gastric, intestinal and liverHerculestrend of human aspiration, and dark the deeds resultant. Slowly men learn and, in learning, passInitiation, 140:and its correct geometrical progression, and a resultant continuity of consciousness that enablesInitiation, 219:It is the power that controls all things, the resultant of moral action, or the moral effect of anIntellect, 261:to the direct stimulation of that center and the resultant demonstration of the particularMagic, 143:and his surroundings. Thought, speech and the resultant activity on the physical plane complete theMeditation, 41:in the apotheosis of law and order and their resultant forms and limitations lies, towards theMeditation, 42:an increase of white magic, and the consequent resultant, on the physical plane, of law and order.Meditation, 78:comes the final vivification, and the resultant liberation. The connection between the centers, theMeditation, 342: Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter XI - The Resultant Life of Service THE RESULTANT LIFE OFMeditation, 342:- Letter XI - The Resultant Life of Service THE RESULTANT LIFE OF SERVICE September 16th, 1920Meditation, 344: Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter XI - The Resultant Life of Service 1. The Motives forMeditation, 344: Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter XI - The Resultant Life of Service 2. The Methods of ServiceMeditation, 348: Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter XI - The Resultant Life of Service 3. The Attitude followingMeditation, 349:and discrimination in work and time. The resultant attitude will be: Complete dispassion, and aMeditation, 354:It is the power that controls all things, the resultant of moral action, or the moral effect of anPatanjali, 25:their objective "shadows" or results, and these resultant emanations are the external physicalPatanjali, 105:factors are hinted at. The idea, The word, The resultant form. They also inevitably bring with themProblems, 25:the lessons of life through experimentation and resultant experience. This is a lesson that allProblems, 92:others and have the opportunity to demonstrate a resultant purification, if they so choose. OthersProblems, 114:armies go there is inevitable promiscuity and a resultant new population; the world today isProblems, 159:this time and their united effort guarantees a resultant evocation. This new invocative work willPsychology1, xxiv:a coordination of the thinking faculty, and resultant illumination. The nature of our septenaryPsychology2, 56:response, but that the conditioning of the resultant activity is determined by the quality of thePsychology2, 379:here refers to the bringing into one field of resultant magnetic activity of five differing typesPsychology2, 410:every case, [410] however, comprehension of the resultant phenomena is required, and most carefulPsychology2, 433:and quality and condition it, thus producing the resultant behavior and conduct, psychologists willPsychology2, 727:dimly or clearly - in terms of sacrifice and the resultant activity. These last few words indicateRaysimpossible. What is needed is self-exertion, the resultant developments of which might be touchedRays, 87:and which cherishes and fosters the life and its resultant spiritual values. There is an inherentRays, 149:of the multiplication table and its resultant arithmetic into the simplicity of the symbolicRays, 172:concepts to interpret the consequent and resultant state of being. "Identification with" is theRays, 306:steps are taken to implement divine purpose, the resultant effect may be the destroying of forms inRays, 413:of the Forces of Evil to gain control, and their resultant failure. Rays, 485:six Words to express this process and its resultant condition. It might prove useful to study themRays, 489:are the stages of his work, what will be the resultant effects of his planned activity, and whatRays, 501:and the soul. By this focusing and its resultant tension, by thus evoking the Spiritual Triad andRays, 590:on the level of concrete knowledge, with a resultant kaleidoscopic presentation of thought-forms.Rays, 704:with their causes, their effects and their resultant intentions are only a sequence of processes,Reappearance, 40:the divine will-to-good into human goodwill, and resultant peace on Earth. A new chapter in theReappearance, 152:this time and their united effort guarantees a resultant evocation. This new invocative work will
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