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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESULTED

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Astrology, 179:from the planet Venus - a fusion took which resulted in the emergence of individual self-consciousAstrology, 218:"desire for incarnation" was aroused which resulted in the fall of the angels in primordial times.Astrology, 355:third kingdom and produce that reaction which resulted in the individualizing or the humanising ofAstrology, 441:in Atlantean days came via Shamballa and resulted in the partial destruction of entire continentsAstrology, 686:do with the impartation of the stimulation which resulted in great events on Earth via the VenusAstrology, 690:of vibration in the human family which resulted in individualization." (C. F. 368-369) Autobiography, 200:doors raised inquiries among young people and resulted in dirtiness in their thinking and isAutobiography, 251:Arcane School had sought to serve and which had resulted in the forming of nineteen centers forBethlehem, 142:so distressingly the expression, met in Him, and resulted in a synthesis of such perfection that,Discipleship1, 418:stimulation during the Conference and it resulted in an inner reorganization of your subtle bodies,Discipleship1, 479:You have made a real effort, and progress has resulted during the past few months. Today, you walkDiscipleship1, 784:Arcane School had sought to serve and which had resulted in the forming of nineteen centers forDiscipleship2, 163:of evil and the Forces of Light; this cleavage resulted in the world war (1914-1945) and initiatedDiscipleship2, 212:[212] a powerful invocative plea, and resulted in the evocation of energies from the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 646:and a third ray physical expression might have resulted in a hard, concrete materialistic person.Education, vi:overcoming of the double consciousness that has resulted from the cultural fission which made theEducation, 67:activity of a worldwide group of students which resulted in the giving out of the teaching anentExternalisation, 21:impact on the human consciousness. This has resulted in a recognition which has in it (at thisExternalisation, 100:immediate responsive cohesion among them which resulted in the appearance of the New Group of WorldExternalisation, 106:emotionalism and selfish intent. This inflow resulted in the immediate and rapid growth of allExternalisation, 111:which overtook the animal kingdom and which resulted in the formation of a new kingdom in nature -Externalisation, 325:all of you in the past, and the effort which resulted, though not a complete failure, was notExternalisation, 451:whole of humanity. Physical plane methods having resulted only in the complete devastation ofExternalisation, 633:form of human relationship. This new relation resulted in mutual understanding and a mentalFire, 316:vibration, and on the second its activity resulted in the archetypal form of all manifestation fromFire, 368:the corresponding globe in our chain, and this resulted in a specific vitalization in the denseFire, 369:of vibration in the human family which resulted in individualization. We might here enumerate theFire, 377:do with the impartation of the stimulation which resulted in great events on Earth via the VenusFire, 392:the evolutionary process of our Heavenly Man; it resulted in a temporary slowing down of HisFire, 459:of man to develop along the manasic line, and resulted in a period of repulsion of the animalFire, 563:period spoken of in the Secret Doctrine, which resulted in abortions and distortions of all kinds.Fire, 645:drugs to man for medicinal purposes. It has resulted in a combination of deva substances which wasFire, 645:lain in the providing of food for man; this has resulted in a needed transmutation of the lifeFire, 712:the work of the Agnishvattas on the mental plane resulted in a downflow of force or energy from theFire, 716:which caused the tremendous activity which resulted in war, and which is causing the present worldFire, 728:avatar (at the formation of the triangle which resulted in the individualization period in LemurianFire, 766:It is the failure to realize this which has resulted in the confusion existing in the minds of manyFire, 893:activity which we call evolutionary energy; it resulted in a gradual unrolling, or revelation, ofFire, 1042:and mind were probably synonymous terms. It resulted in the Primordial Ray of active intelligentHealing, 323:these methods and techniques of the West have resulted in the production of a healthier race thanHealing, 661:nature, working under the Law of Perfection, resulted: Souls were released from a backward andHercules, 202:nine years, a relatively brief time; it resulted in the decision arrived at by the Christ toIntellect, 159:between souls, divinely attuned, and which has resulted in [160] the past in the transmission ofMagic, 82:West upon the material side of things. This has resulted in a threefold condition of affairs.Magic, 626:physical plane, against aloneness; and it has resulted in the carrying forward of the race andMeditation, 33:two became ever more clear and adequate. This resulted eventually a shifting of polarization fromMeditation, 56:absolute conformity to the law of approach. It resulted in the dense aspect of manifestation, thePatanjali, 122:departments it might be stated that: Karma Yoga resulted in the awakening of the four centers belowPatanjali, 122:four centers below the diaphragm, Bhakti Yoga resulted in their transmutation and transference intoPatanjali, 122:cycle) they were all hatha and laya yogins. This resulted in the development and control of thePsychology1, 270:relations, which are resulting (and have always resulted) in over-population and an over-productionRays, 603:out historically upon the physical plane; it resulted in the destruction of the world by water, asReappearance, 69:nine years (a relatively brief time); it resulted in the decision arrived at by the Christ toReappearance, 90:and of thought; life was withdrawn and death resulted. The problem of Christ and His disciples wasSoul, 149:measurements by careful comparison. It resulted in the universal verdict, that not only is the soulTelepathy, 132:thus set up; another expansion took place which resulted, as you know well, in the creation of a
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