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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESULTS

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Discipleship1, 727:made along these lines is indicated, not the results; it is effort which counts. The results willDiscipleship1, 727:not the results; it is effort which counts. The results will be inevitable and commensurate withDiscipleship1, 739:and spiritual reconstruction activity. What results can I recognize as the fruit of my work? Do IDiscipleship1, 755:aura. When this initial response is made it results eventually in the disciple becoming the chelaDiscipleship1, 757:implications and its more esoteric group results. More I may not say, nor can I enlarge upon theDiscipleship1, 759:a "projector of force" and can then produce results upon the physical plane. His brain becomesDiscipleship2, 13:from the Angel of the Presence and thus produce results. Each of you has passed through a cycle ofDiscipleship2, 14:forgotten. Disciples are fortunate if the major results work out in the physical body. TheDiscipleship2, 17:of the Wesak moon. I would like to add that the results of this work will not become apparent toDiscipleship2, 18:meditation faithfully and correctly and the results will follow spontaneously. II. Unfold to youDiscipleship2, 27:and note with exactitude all reactions, results and phenomena. Success will depend upon yourDiscipleship2, 34:used. I have not been too satisfied with the results of my past requests to you. The pressure ofDiscipleship2, 35:horrified by the appalling psychological results of world war, by the psychological impacts andDiscipleship2, 44:but hitherto with only partial or temporary results and as yet (for some of you, though not forDiscipleship2, 50:of force on our part is warranted by the results achieved. The group members have been primarilyDiscipleship2, 51:with the registering of the more phenomenal results and with what they, as individuals, sensed, andDiscipleship2, 52:before the true objectives can be grasped. Results must be expected and an inner sensitivityDiscipleship2, 54:refraining from [54] any interest in phenomenal results or an analysis (at this stage) of anyDiscipleship2, 61:have future potent, and at present unsuspected, results. The formation of the Triangles of LightDiscipleship2, 62:are but the rhythm of his breathing and the results of the systolic and the diastolic action of hisDiscipleship2, 65:training; with the proposed changes and with the results of the outer ashramic work they must fallDiscipleship2, 72:may not in your various lifetimes see the world results. That I frankly tell you. You canDiscipleship2, 72:realize and reap the benefit of the group results, for your fusion into one close bond ofDiscipleship2, 89:School can be considered [89] as one of the results of the activity of the New Group of WorldDiscipleship2, 89:human relations and a newer happiness. The results of your activities along this line shouldDiscipleship2, 95:you feel the need to guard your brother from the results of your personality reactions;Discipleship2, 99:the full moon had upon you? Have there been any results of that attempted contact and, if so, whatDiscipleship2, 106:factors which produce group unity; they have, as results, telepathic rapport and intuitiveDiscipleship2, 118:the [118] most carefully focused attention, the results may be most potent and effective - far moreDiscipleship2, 119:wherein work will be possible. Look not for results. Yours is to do the outlined work and this,Discipleship2, 126:May, when - if you work with tension and achieve results - can give you another meditation whichDiscipleship2, 126:and regularly done and produced effective results - from my point of view. I shall not be able toDiscipleship2, 129:this will produce the greatest and most rapid results. It is good for you to have in mind that theDiscipleship2, 129:meditation, involving another center, but the results of the work done do not warrant this. PerhapsDiscipleship2, 130:in your life. Thus you will externalize the results of the preceding cycle of spiritual and mentalDiscipleship2, 132:is intended to bring about three most definite results: The interrelation of the seven centers, andDiscipleship2, 143:unexpectedly) produce great and transforming results. The Masters waste not their time or yours inDiscipleship2, 143:within his environment. It is not upon the results, however, that you are asked to focus, butDiscipleship2, 153:in the etheric body [153] of the disciple. This results in the ability of these centers to registerDiscipleship2, 161:but more and more it will be consciously voiced. Results, therefore, can be expected more rapidlyDiscipleship2, 163:things on Earth - these are the immediate results of the pressure of the over-shadowing spiritualDiscipleship2, 168:can prevent the appearance of the expected results, for the eternal law holds good. TheDiscipleship2, 172:and it will essentially register another of the results of the successful use of the new InvocationDiscipleship2, 179:of which were intended to bring about creative results in your lives. I would like to repeat atDiscipleship2, 184:than when individually [184] used. All these results - individual and general - are brought aboutDiscipleship2, 202:not futile, is nevertheless negative in creative results. Members of the New Group of World ServersDiscipleship2, 208:all of them are productive of the required results. All that at present exists in the three worldsDiscipleship2, 212:they will some day know; they are the first results which produce success in the three worlds, andDiscipleship2, 222:group and individual meditation is creative in results, and it is this aspect of it with which I amDiscipleship2, 224:(producing evocation) and leading to responsive results, are the major processes of creation uponDiscipleship2, 227:reflect and speculate upon the possible results of his appearance. Then say the second stanza ofDiscipleship2, 228:be. Between Thursdays endeavor to carry out the results of the reflection expressed in thisDiscipleship2, 233:in relation to the final and inevitable divine results at the end of the immense world period. TheDiscipleship2, 262:horror and agony and will be one of the first results of respite from war. The war itself isDiscipleship2, 264:nature. He does the required work and the results naturally and simply happen. Here is a hint as toDiscipleship2, 264:of causes, are preoccupied with the possible results and the phenomenal differences (if I mightDiscipleship2, 264:of the work, and into your belief that no results are demonstrating in your particular case.Discipleship2, 264:Gita expresses it - and refrain from looking for results, knowing that they will be there, e'enDiscipleship2, 277:great Ashram of the Hierarchy. I said that the results of this would be that a closer relationshipDiscipleship2, 283:in their effects and distorting in their results; they are also evocative of spiritual selfishnessDiscipleship2, 283:is concerned, but it will produce more creative results and lead the neophyte along a safer road,Discipleship2, 312:which occurs in a flash of time; it results in an instantaneous intuitive perception, and this isDiscipleship2, 332:better transmitter of power. The sharing in the. results of special spiritual events, such as:Discipleship2, 333:the ashramic Lotus." Every great act of sharing results automatically in the production of twoDiscipleship2, 333:involved. The point of tension in these cases results in a "crisis of projection and direction"Discipleship2, 334:can do so, and I do so in those cases where the results of some activity have repercussions upon myDiscipleship2, 334:They are the affair of your own soul; the results affect your family, friend, or communal group,Discipleship2, 337:by a so-called loving nature. Yet the results of their application to science or their accumulationDiscipleship2, 349:who can tell what that revelation will bring of results and enlightenment? When the true nature ofDiscipleship2, 358:the human consciousness which are the immediate results of world affairs; from their reaction, fromDiscipleship2, 359:the Master indicate the pattern and then await results. This may take time. Results come notDiscipleship2, 359:and then await results. This may take time. Results come not through the action of but one; theyDiscipleship2, 368:sense of sight, with its consequent effects and results of vision, recognition and perception - allDiscipleship2, 378:to the initiate certain new and significant results which register as truths to theDiscipleship2, 379:short resumé which I have given you about the results of the second point of revelation, how widelyDiscipleship2, 409:for each new civilization and to express the results of the passing civilization. Men have had,Discipleship2, 431:and dynamic influence he becomes polarized, with results which are conditioned by the particularDiscipleship2, 446:"eye to eye" with the soul, his activities are results of deliberate spiritual intention. This is,Discipleship2, 455:touch with me every Full Moon period, and expect results. My love and blessing rest upon you, andDiscipleship2, 458:movement which (when it reaches momentum) results in unity for all. A super-organization whichDiscipleship2, 461:It is more in the nature of an exercise and its results are based upon your ability to focusDiscipleship2, 462:relatively easy and possible to get the desired results. Focus yourself in the head. Sound the OMDiscipleship2, 462:exercise three times a day. Do not look for results. A year's steady work with a detached attitudeDiscipleship2, 462:steady work with a detached attitude as to these results will be needed before you yourself willDiscipleship2, 463:exercise. If done properly, it will hasten the results of the group meditation for it will clearDiscipleship2, 480:contact me, your Master and your friend. Expect results, though not at the time you anticipate.Discipleship2, 484:elapses, and from which you can expect definite results if there is any truth in the aphorism thatDiscipleship2, 485:usefulness; impression - when analyzed and the results of analysis are employed - presents a mostDiscipleship2, 494:your evolution. Your real problem is to free the results of this contact from distortion and glamorDiscipleship2, 504:a much harder life of service from now on; the results will be the carrying out of your plans forDiscipleship2, 507:you realize and in some life you will see the results of the apparently unrewarding toil of theDiscipleship2, 515:It will require careful watching of process, results in the centers and consequent activity. Let meDiscipleship2, 525:an easy contact with you. What do hinder are the results in your consciousness, at this particularDiscipleship2, 537:trend; they lead, when made, to more eventful results. With a disciple at your stage ofDiscipleship2, 537:point of view of the disciple who considers the results of his radiation and of his magnetism uponDiscipleship2, 539:to action, measure the nature of the consequent results as they worked out in your life, and gaugeDiscipleship2, 539:as they worked out in your life, and gauge these results in such a manner that you come to aDiscipleship2, 542:and I believe would testify to the good results attained. That occult obedience which signifiesDiscipleship2, 542:world of natural law, has garnered for you sound results. You have moved forward from the peripheryDiscipleship2, 547:of your problems. Look not, my brother, for results. Remember ever that as you continue faithfully
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