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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESULTS

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Externalisation, 425:of the souls of men is permitted, because it results in the stimulation of the expression of loveExternalisation, 427:comfortable world disappearing; they dislike the results of the war as it affects them; or theyExternalisation, 440:upon humanity, producing seven great results, according to the seven subrays of this first Ray ofExternalisation, 441:I have expressed in these few simple terms the results of the planned determination of the twoExternalisation, 447:responsive to the stimulating and energizing results of that impact, and this will evoke resultsExternalisation, 447:results of that impact, and this will evoke results suited to the type of mind affected. ResponseExternalisation, 456:going on, and endeavor to gauge what will be the results if these energies and potencies areExternalisation, 467:men legislating for the world, can bring great results and can release the Forces of EnlightenmentExternalisation, 529:which there are already quite a few. One of the results of this hierarchical alignment andExternalisation, 530:intended to be revelatory in its techniques and results. You can see therefore that Chohans,Externalisation, 537:love principle, as the Hierarchy waited for the results and effects of this direct impact upon theExternalisation, 547:It has proved only a partial success and the results of my experiment have been given in the book,Externalisation, 589:not be a slower process, but the reverse. The results of the old and foolish way of introducing theExternalisation, 601:has already been done, and with most effective results. Of the factual nature of this process theExternalisation, 614:the difficulty, and all who are engulfed in the results of Germany's attack upon the world - isExternalisation, 627:and gathering into her banks the financial results of her widespread financial dealings, preservingExternalisation, 633:the time I had in which to bring about the results desired by the Hierarchy; all has beenExternalisation, 635:laid upon the needed work of preparation. The results of this pronouncement have not yet had timeExternalisation, 648:about what may at first appear to be undesirable results, because the remaining opposition of theExternalisation, 649:mentioned above only three of the most important results for which the Hierarchy hopes. Humanity isExternalisation, 655:which it makes its impact. This impact and its results are today entirely automatic in applicationExternalisation, 656:as to achieve the best and the most constructive results. It is with this sevenfold energy that theExternalisation, 659:use by the Hierarchy - is very fruitful in results. It is well here to bear in mind that (to quoteExternalisation, 661:not its Supreme Head, attempts to bring about results which are doomed to failure; presented thus,Externalisation, 665:done is related to its mass effect and to the results achieved in every land by labor and itsFire, viii:foundation and authority, and more by the results of its effect upon the life lived and itsFire, 42/43:or physicist. Second, as active heat. This results in the activity and the driving forward ofFire, 50:central cosmic center. They will return plus the results of evolutionary growth, and throughFire, 51:producing perfected consciousness. This blaze results in the final [52] purification of matter andFire, 103:earth. Each destruction of a portion of the web results in a greater facility of exit, and is inFire, 104:of paramount interest, lead to totally different results, and react in a different manner bothFire, 123:perfectly with the fire latent in matter; this results (as will be brought out later) in certainFire, 125:of the fire of mind) produce corresponding results on the same levels on the astral and mentalFire, 125:manner. The three first initiations see these results perfected, [126] and lead to the fourth,Fire, 126:fourth, where the intensity of the united fires results in the complete burning away of allFire, 126:to bring about his own liberation. These results are self-induced by the man himself, as he isFire, 136:of the fires of matter and the fires of mind results in the energizing of the sumtotal of the atomsFire, 136:the great thinkers and workers of the race. It results also in a tremendous stimulation of theFire, 143:focal point in an ever ascending spiral) two results are brought about: He gathers the atoms intoFire, 156:here concerning the rotation of matter, and the results [157] produced in diverse spheres by thatFire, 158:rotary movement. Eventually this rotation results in radiation. The radiation of matter, the resultFire, 161:and radiatory fire; the expression of these two results in fourth dimensional action or the wheelFire, 197:so as to make the problem somewhat clearer. What results in meditation? By dint of strenuous effortFire, 207:at the time of the initiation ceremony, certain results are achieved in connection with the centersFire, 209:[209] vibratory capacity and of power, and this results, in the exoteric life, as: First. AFire, 215:the gradual approximation of the two poles. It results in cohesion, in the production of congeriesFire, 216:of the Sons of Mind, and the Law of Synthesis results in the sevenfold perfection of the sameFire, 219:governs that relationship between atoms, which results in their non-attachment and in theirFire, 263:475. Cosmic Ideation, focused in a principle results as the consciousness of the individual. - S.Fire, 311:primary aspect of that force which eventually results in objectivity. Cosmically considered, it isFire, 312:of that curious downward pull into matter that results in evolution itself. The primary sevenFire, 313:Third, that ACTIVITY on the physical plane which results in due performance of the will and desireFire, 317:man, and definiteness of thought and of concept results when the one likeness between these isFire, 322:pole, and are consequently again lost. This results in: Synthesis. Homogeneity. The rarity insteadFire, 348:"Rods of Initiation" are used to effect certain results. These rods are of four kinds: Cosmic, usedFire, 349:of all the three types of Entities. All these results were seen when the Heavenly Man of our schemeFire, 362:this center, our scheme, and the subsequent results are in process of working out. Within theFire, 362:electrical vitality. This super-stimulation results in what looks to us like cataclysms, and aFire, 363:bring about a simultaneous alignment which results in the clearing of a channel direct from theFire, 390:in relation to each other that the following results will eventuate: A systemic triangle will beFire, 392:application, to bring about certain group results. It will result in the triumph (the ultimateFire, 405:in the cosmic universe which we call a sun, and results in light or objectivity. Within theFire, 417:account for much of the moon mystery. Certain results, such as the finding of its polar opposite,Fire, 424:2. Development of the Human Mind When the future results brought about by the four types of forceFire, 428:from certain great Entities, and the future results that may be expected from their effect uponFire, 428:We are concerned primarily with the results to be brought about in the units in Their bodies. TheFire, 434:schemes, chains, and globes, and produced results in the cells and groups of cells in the body ofFire, 442:The human kingdom. The deva kingdom. Third. The results to be looked for during the comingFire, 450:by the seventh Logos, produce the following results: First. The anchoring of the permanent atomsFire, 450:can both utilize deva activity to effect certain results in connection with the form side ofFire, 450:chanting and intonation. They cannot bring about results outside the periphery of the group whoseFire, 452:is of far more profit to the Ego than the quick results brought about by the use of sound. TheFire, 453:the coming developments and to tabulate the results to be expected. Suggestions only are possible.Fire, 456:fifth root-race of mental growth, and will cause results of stupendous import. During the sixthFire, 467:lines and produces definitely constructive results. Constructive results transpire in the negativeFire, 467:definitely constructive results. Constructive results transpire in the negative etheric matter ofFire, 468:[468] will be affected in several ways, and the results upon the other evolutions will beFire, 472:what you speak, what you do, as well as whatever results your thoughts, words, and acts produce onFire, 472:will not have for the human hierarchy results entirely beneficent, and before the true method ofFire, 473:astral and physical planes) disaster only results from contact. I have dwelt on this point, for theFire, 473:the fourth cosmic ether, the buddhic plane. The results of this pranic transmission will be moreFire, 485:that control the lesser devas, and which produce results in the merging of the second and thirdFire, 488:animal, vegetable or mineral) and produces results through the self-induced activities of theFire, 488:human or superhuman. The black Magician attains results through the agency of force external to theFire, 491:works with the soul within the form and produces results that are intelligent, self-induced andFire, 492:at the Judgment separation, but it will produce results in the other kingdoms of nature also. AFire, 493:use of the remaining percentage, and producing results such as are hinted at by the prophet ofFire, 496:will come the possibility to produce marvelous results within that kingdom, and to stimulate theFire, 497:countries where the race locates. These [497] results are brought about by the interaction betweenFire, 499:kingdom of nature, and will produce unifying results within those kingdoms of a kind inexplicableFire, 501:the Ego as it functions in the causal body. This results in dissociation from manifestation in theFire, 503:the third major. [503] The transmutation which results in planetary obscuration in connection withFire, 508:potentialities, and produces certain definite results by the utilization of the three permanentFire, 509:planetary etheric body is consumed by fire; this results in a definite gain for that great Entity,Fire, 517:with the permanent atoms of men, and produce results through the agency of form until they haveFire, 544:of them as force centers, capable of producing results - constructive, if rightly directed;Fire, 547:have a place, and as the interaction proceeds results are sometimes produced of a temporarilyFire, 548:be scientifically utilized to produce specific results in group evolution, and thus some of theFire, 577:that ingathers, that tends to coherence, that results in adhesion, and leads to absorption. AllFire, 582:subplane comes the final disintegration, which results in a merging with the monadic consciousness.
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