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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESULTS

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Glamour, 142:to be distressed or to be disturbed, no bad results will be felt. [143] In connection with yourGlamour, 150:physical body from certain evil and disastrous results yet, in the long run and in the lastGlamour, 167:revelation is that some potent and far-reaching results will be achieved by the merging of lightGlamour, 181:and long practice, will produce two results: There will suddenly dawn upon the disciple's waitingGlamour, 195:these. They, in their turn, produce the many results in psychic sensitivity, of which hierarchicalGlamour, 197:This illusion will produce vastly different results to those which follow when men live and work inGlamour, 213:not - alone and unaided - achieve the desired results. They can hasten the process by theirGlamour, 224:be an ability to work "without attachment" to results and to use the formula for a given length ofGlamour, 224:week for two years or more) without looking for results; they need to realize that they can neverGlamour, 254:teacher. Where there is persistence in effort, results will be achieved and these will usually beGlamour, 254:which, carried on the breath, produces psychic results which indicate to the gullible their deepGlamour, 255:upon himself which will produce definite results. That is why that particular civilization is soGlamour, 255:an alliance between breathing and thinking will results be possible. Behind this lies a third andGlamour, 256:this form of life direction and reach effective results. This is fundamentally true. However, aGlamour, 257:breathing and so expectant of some phenomenal results, that the living purpose of the breath isGlamour, 257:of idealistic thought is lacking, then the results of the breath will be practically nil or - whereGlamour, 258:be practically nil or - where [258] there are results of any kind under these circumstances - theyGlamour, 258:and thereby enhancing and deepening glamor. The results can also be physiological, producing theGlamour, 258:the physical nature; this often leads to serious results, for the breath is carried to centersGlamour, 258:breathing and the expectancy of phenomenal results bar out all thought, except lower reactions of aGlamour, 258:very frequently also the physiological results are potent and [259] noticeable, such as a greatGlamour, 264:the three worlds, the directing energy produces results as outlined in this book and brings about:Healing, 15:causes and their effects, with the phenomenal results of those subjective effects which emanateHealing, 17:situations which are responsible for the outer results. He is trained to be positive and active,Healing, 18:the carelessness of other people, and the results of fighting, as in labor strikes or war. They canHealing, 19:roots in some subtle body or other, or in the results of group disease, etc. The ills growing outHealing, 21:and purposes are right and good and hopeful of results; its conclusions and modes of work are atHealing, 72:of the physical form, producing good and bad results, negative or positive results, as the case mayHealing, 72:good and bad results, negative or positive results, as the case may be. This is a fact which weHealing, 73:arising from over-stimulation and its consequent results of over-activity of the nervous system,Healing, 78:of the free flow of the life force, with the results of a rapid succumbing to diseases. Hence,Healing, 86:the etheric body and its lack of vitality. The results of this inertness of the vital body can beHealing, 94:fellowmen. Such force-matter is colored with the results of ancient wrong rhythms, misused forcesHealing, 101:not really essential. It facilitates more rapid results in many cases. In others, the patient'sHealing, 105:this slowly and deliberately, believing in the results. See that no thought-power or will-powerHealing, 115:and subsidiary effects, can and do produce results where the disciple is concerned; he is notHealing, 122:activity always and inevitably produce effects, results, awakenings, disruptions and reorientationsHealing, 122:this unconsciously, and hence frequently the results on those they contact is not desirable, nor isHealing, 135:of the seven centers, as well as considering the results of the forces and energies (I use theseHealing, 141:producing both physiological and psychological results according to their potency, the response ofHealing, 157:energy is made available and brings about two results: The regeneration of humanity through love.Healing, 181:of activity which produce constantly changing results and varying aspects of the centers; these, inHealing, 195:radiatory activity (producing conditioning results upon the dense physical body) are dependent uponHealing, 224:they are now happening on a large scale. For the results of this due preparation must be made. AsHealing, 227:and that the many sexual diseases and their results are predominantly the diseases of civilization.Healing, 229:perceived. The penalty was obvious and the results immediate; the Teachers of the race saw to itHealing, 242:as now taught, with often such dangerous results, but a breathing rhythm imposed by the mindHealing, 245:the disfiguring of the surface of the earth. The results of dissolution are beneficent in effect.Healing, 247:this process and interaction, the form shows the results of being either the receiver of the tideHealing, 249:effects continue; the scars and the results of the second phase of that world war will persist forHealing, 251:impregnated with the germs and [251] the results of disease and this in a far subtler form than isHealing, 273:even in that field little is known about the results of an operation as it may affect the ethericHealing, 273:instance the removal of some organ. Definite results must necessarily be present and a period ofHealing, 275:behind every single disease (irrespective of the results of accident or war) lie these three mainHealing, 283:that the work done is purely mental and that the results expected are purely physical. OtherwiseHealing, 284:healer or healing group, that the soundest results will be produced. Students who attempt to healHealing, 285:involved and dealt with, the more potent the results, and therefore the greater care required. Healing, 286:therefore be supplementary to the orthodox care; results will have to be carefully watched andHealing, 287:lines to give certain simple rules. Out of the results achieved experience will come, and theHealing, 288:group for treatment, except with ameliorative results in mind. No neophyte knows enough of karma toHealing, 289:Those among you who enter it may not see the results of what you are attempting to do. YourHealing, 289:and preserve all correspondence. Then the results will be sure. Healing, 299:abstracting process which we call death. Other results are the many crystallizing processes goingHealing, 300:for the outer exoteric physical form. Other results are, for instance, the appearance of tumors, ofHealing, 300:in the human tendency to disease. Glamor results from the excessive use of this third ray energyHealing, 302:Vol. II, A Treatise on the Seven Rays). Other results are certain forms of insanities, brainHealing, 303:and some wrong - which lead to satisfaction. The results cover a wide field, all the way fromHealing, 318:processes governing physical inheritance, karmic results, and also what is called retributiveHealing, 320:indicate that intangible point of energy which results later in some kind of manifested form. ItHealing, 326:of years, will inevitably produce the desired results as far as the glandular equipment isHealing, 340:old and is an occult effect with far reaching results. I mention these three things because theyHealing, 432:of the human mind, with unpredictable results. The basis of all wars is fundamentally the sense ofHealing, 434:aspect. It brings about the imbalance which results in the act of disintegration, thus overcomingHealing, 434:is concerned. After the third initiation, this results in the complete liberation of the man fromHealing, 435:soul-conscious (and this will be one of the results of the agony of the present war), death will beHealing, 505:the thought-form of the personality. Second: The results of this: Within the Ashram of the Master,Healing, 518:This is basically a monadic experience and results - as you know - in the disappearance orHealing, 519:You can thus see the factual nature of the results to which I earlier referred in this instruction.Healing, 526:pure living. Purity inevitably and automatically results in radiance. Power to control the activityHealing, 530:of developing humanity. One of the outstanding results of the recent world war will be found to beHealing, 530:receptivity is at present abnormal and the results are sad. The reason for this is that the nervousHealing, 534:be withheld. Law VIII Disease and death are the results of two active forces. One is the will ofHealing, 537:not posited on affirmed origins and on claiming results which will only be possible when the raceHealing, 555:allied, and thus the dual stream of energy results in cure." One of the major difficulties withHealing, 573:therefore, can he apply this law and produce the results for which he is striving? TheseHealing, 582:placing, vitalizing, directing, you have the results indicated as to what obedience to this ruleHealing, 608:of both the microcosm and the macrocosm. The results are wholeness, right relation and correctHealing, 617:will remain totally at sea as to cause and true results. The glands are direct precipitations ofHealing, 620:is - perhaps astonishingly to you - putting the results of meditation on the basis of physical, orHealing, 620:you as indicating the very lowest phase of such results. This is due to the [621] fact that you layHealing, 621:impinge upon your mind. But the true results (as divine and as esoterically desirable) are correctHealing, 624:of the person to circumstance and events. The results of all previous lives and of all activitiesHealing, 626:Certain things have been found out; certain results of the activity or the inactivity of the glandsHealing, 627:clearly before he can bring about the desired results, but the energy poured into the patient'sHealing, 658:be discovered, subjected to experiment and the results noted before the true spiritual healing canHealing, 661:suspense and poverty. Nevertheless, two major results of a spiritual nature, working under the LawHealing, 664:aeons are taken to arrive at relatively small results, or the short, still harder but much moreHealing, 667:or reacted to this contact, so were the results; they were very good or exceedingly bad. Great andHealing, 669:and to impose the vast evil of war, with all its results and far-reaching effects, upon humanity.Healing, 710:the initiate in order to bring about spiritual results, so must it be when the healer is at work.
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