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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESULTS

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Healing, 712:sudden when the healer is on the sixth ray; the results are drastic and full of pain, but theHealing, 712:results are drastic and full of pain, but the results are sure - healing or death, and oft theHercules, 32:urge to create, that activity of the Deity which results in the formation of worlds of expressionHercules, 136:rays are said to be vibrating in unison. This results in service, beauty, color and fragrance.Hercules, 146:be utilized as the power of synthesis that results in a sense of identification with all livingHercules, 229:ignorance of the forces released and of the results to be achieved. But step by step the aspirantInitiation, 13:oneness of the self with all selves. It results in a horizon that continuously enlarges until itInitiation, 30:to take a more direct method in producing the results he desired for working out his plan. As isInitiation, 43:within the head center, and produces his results through his perfect realization of that which hasInitiation, 45:life and form, the self and the not-self, which results in what we call civilization. HeInitiation, 46:groups, thus bringing about the desired results wherever cooperation and receptive intuition can beInitiation, 52:and not upon the Master, lies responsibility for results and the consequent karma. The method ofInitiation, 53:best [53] method for bringing about the desired results, and to formulate the plans whereby aInitiation, 65:and are in the University itself. Graduation results when initiation is taken and the initiateInitiation, 79:and his own inner God produces at times peculiar results upon his environment. It acts as aInitiation, 95:force of the planetary type, produces results of varying nature and degree. The seasons ofInitiation, 98:which definitely affect our earth, and produce results in the consciousness of men everywhere, andInitiation, 98:he could stand. This increase of mind energy results in an expansion and an apprehension of theInitiation, 103:the worker for humanity, who unfailingly brings results which succeeding generations willInitiation, 119:the revelation of the Presence produce definite results in the initiate, and thus it is judged byInitiation, 121:action and that wise unity in purpose which results in the materialization of the higher ideals,Initiation, 138:at the time of the initiation ceremony, definite results are achieved in connection with theInitiation, 139:of vibratory capacity and of power, and this results in the exoteric life as: A sensitiveness andInitiation, 142:the Rod of Fire, and effects certain specific results in the body of the applicant. Third. That inInitiation, 142:work, their aim being to produce certain results in the consciousness of the initiate and thus toInitiation, 145:of initiation. Just as in the Wesak Festival, results in force demonstration are brought about byInitiation, 157:and to set it in motion, in order to produce results in physical matter, consonant with the clearlyInitiation, 157:terrific responsibility and the magnitude of the results achieved. Each Word is committed to theInitiation, 157:and thus produce more united and far reaching results. Finally the three are blended into one WordInitiation, 159:subsequently [159] the physical. Far reaching results are thus achieved, and the work of many isInitiation, 159:a planetary scheme; of an adept producing results for the helping of humanity on the physicalInitiation, 169:he deem it wise. This he seldom does, as the results gained thereby are practically unimportant andInitiation, 177:of these two, through a man's conscious effort, results in a major initiation. These results areInitiation, 177:effort, results in a major initiation. These results are brought about in two ways: First, by aInitiation, 181:These outside effects naturally [181] produce results in the units or cells in the body of theInitiation, 198:sound and every word spoken produces powerful results in matter of some kind, being energized byInitiation, 198:impulses on the mental plane, thereby producing results in astral or physical manifestation. TheseInitiation, 198:in astral or physical manifestation. These results are powerful and effective, and hence theInitiation, 201:of purification and control. This will produce results in the definitely physical organs throughInitiation, 205:and cultivate either an attitude of mind which results in the complete atrophying of the entireIntellect, 8:in the realms both of science and of religion results from the fact that the follower of bothIntellect, 22:a deep undercurrent of dissatisfaction with the results. We are questioning whether our educationalIntellect, 27:may come, so as to get the highest and the best results. Men's powers should be drawn out to theirIntellect, 61:increasingly soul contact is established. The results of that contact work out in self-discipline,Intellect, 71:of his goal and a lucid understanding of the results eventually to be demonstrated. He will need aIntellect, 72:thought and realization. What are the definite results of this reorientation? It might be statedIntellect, 78:nature it is slow but sure, and unfailing in its results. There is no disappointment to the man whoIntellect, 95:sense, the mind, to produce certain specific results. Other suggested origins have to do with wordsIntellect, 108:the difficulty of control and brings about results which might be enumerated as follows: TheIntellect, 119:has presumably been religious, yet the same results can be equally well reached with a purelyIntellect, 132:Reflection or Meditation. What have been the results of the meditation process up to this point?Intellect, 144:- Underhill, Evelyn, Mysticism, pages 42-43. The results of this dual activity and facility ofIntellect, 148:These characteristics of illumination and its results are to be found working out in theIntellect, 159:in the truly unified and coordinated man, results which differ according to the part of hisIntellect, 159:We might, for the sake of clarity, sum up these results as follows: The effect on the mind isIntellect, 160:telepathy in its purest form are, therefore, two results of illumination upon the mind. On theIntellect, 161:Winslow, MD., Illuminanda, page 19. [161] These results on the triple instrument - mental, sensoryIntellect, 163:he tells us "is interested in purely intangible results and, if it disregards time, it is alsoIntellect, 177:universal method that it brings them certain results that might be enumerated as follows: [178]Intellect, 182:schools of mystics in both hemispheres, these results are summed up in the words: Union with God,Intellect, 183:Eight - The Universality of Meditation The results of this realized union (realized when in theIntellect, 200:not know what to do with his discoveries. The results of the first step in the MeditationIntellect, 201:a concentration exercise and brings notable results. Whether a man achieves final illumination orIntellect, 201:any of the visions of the mystic? The spiritual results of the mental application which our WesternIntellect, 202:highly spiritual in nature, for they were the results of ideas, and Hu Shih tells us in thatIntellect, 203:seriously considered. These are purely spiritual results; they indicate a growing soul awareness,Intellect, 207:a shorter time than heretofore and to get better results from his efforts. People who are governedIntellect, 227:we put into them. This rigidity fends off the results we seek for a time, but with practice weIntellect, 229:outlines which can bring about the same results, and many more that are for advanced workers. ThereIntellect, 229:which are drawn up to produce certain specific results in particular people, but it is obvious thatIntellect, 233:day, over a long period of time, will bring results infinitely greater than enthusiastic butIntellect, 233:that "meditation to be effective in producing results must not be merely a sporadic effort in whichIntellect, 234:is that the last person to appreciate the results of his work is the student himself. The goal heIntellect, 234:thing to do is to put all thought of eventual results and their phenomenal effects entirely out ofIntellect, 234:desire, a clear picture of the value of the results, a realization that the goal can be achievedIntellect, 240:known, and is a form of energy, producing big results. The devastating effect of uncontrolledIntellect, 248:him from illusion. If he does this, the higher results will take care of themselves. Should anIntellect, 253:personalities, and dealing with effects and with results. They work in the world of causes, andIntellect, 257:life. There is a third category of undesirable results which should not be omitted. Many studentsMagic, 11:an unavoidable pressure and thus produces group results, at the expense of the unit. This attitudeMagic, 14:a consequent clarifying of the fields of thought results. This discriminating and scientificMagic, 15:problem, a philosophy or a world situation results in an ultimate clarifying and the steady seepingMagic, 63:and his service is arid and apparently without results. All is clear to him some days and he seemsMagic, 69:of the decision made, and so to abide by the results without foreboding or regrets. Secondly, heMagic, 79:The amount of force required to effect certain results does not warrant their use, and time hasMagic, 90:to that knowledge, and their contact and the results of the force they transmit will be felt in allMagic, 99:the lesser devas and angels will be one of the results. In the animal kingdom the effect will beMagic, 99:ignorant stages destructively and with harmful results. Later when acting under the influence ofMagic, 112:the ability to be adaptable. Clarity of vision results in a circumspect attitude. Another cause ofMagic, 117:grasping, and the subsequent disaster that results from that seizure. He stole, he suffered theMagic, 126:detached, and therefore karmically free from the results of such work. Only the soul is trulyMagic, 126:and identification with their working materials, results more potent temporarily and more rapid inMagic, 126:the worker in the White Brotherhood, but the results are ephemeral; they carry destruction andMagic, 138:are in the smoke and roar of battle, to judge results with accuracy or to judge people with perfectMagic, 140:of the Word is of practical value, and results in the building of good bodies for the use of theMagic, 152:creator in mental matter and so produce results in the phenomenal world, this fourth Rule holds theMagic, 161:or depressed, satisfied or dissatisfied by the results they achieve or fail to achieve; thisMagic, 172:more easily achieved and bearing more rapid results. It should be remembered, however, that theMagic, 199:[199] activity and interaction brings about two results, and these should be most carefully noted.Magic, 206:powerful than the physical effects. They produce results [207] in two directions; on the physical
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