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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RESULTS

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Magic, 214:of the divine man can function and bring about results in the three worlds. The organ used is theMagic, 258:- become more effective in the bringing about of results. It will be apparent therefore that inMagic, 259:and a heavenly self-interest) was one of the results of this endeavor. Seen from the standpoint ofMagic, 263:beginning, and alters consequently his key, it results in dissonance in his surroundings andMagic, 266:majority of aspirants in the world express the results of little and weak thought, but rapidMagic, 274:before the thought-form brings about the desired results on the physical plane there comes too aMagic, 281:which this Rule Ten can be studied and thereby results of practical value can be achieved. We canMagic, 282:be different to that of the refined beautifying results of contact with an older soul, functioningMagic, 282:instance. It is that undefinable reaction which results in two human beings (apart [283] from allMagic, 295:rapport with all parts of the solar system. This results in the fixation of a man's life destiny,Magic, 307:glamor with its devitalizing and depressing results has its roots in various factors which we haveMagic, 335:the scientist of the future will bring about his results; through sound, a new field of discoveryMagic, 342:are oriented towards the light a tension which results in discomfort in all the bodies, and isMagic, 348:of recreation and of amusement. Secondly, it results frequently in a profound depression, in anMagic, 348:but that "joy cometh in the morning". It results also in a sensitiveness of the astral body thatMagic, 348:mind the suggestions that I have given him. It results also in a permanent stimulation of the atomsMagic, 351:the laws and in process of time arrives at results that are of value to him. Time passes and as heMagic, 357:definite effect and has produced outstanding results. The use of two factors differentiates manMagic, 367:time. But the struggle to apprehend will lead to results, and little by little the idea will seepMagic, 386:notes, were most potent and brought definite results in certain ancient ceremonies that have longMagic, 409:the past two hundred years, and are all the results of the group activity started by the Masters.Magic, 412:part and performed most notable service. The results achieved have reached a stage where they areMagic, 425:outer happenings, but that these objective results are produced by an inner growth and not by anMagic, 433:from the physical sun. This produces definite results upon the objective forms, and these areMagic, 448:capable of producing outward manifesting results and tangible effects. Given aspiration, however,Magic, 448:become a true occultist, and produce organized results, and functioning organisms upon the physicalMagic, 461:(when man fails in his duty) with catastrophic results. The problem of cataclysms, the cause, forMagic, 485:living purpose and therefore the karma of the results, and the ultimate work of destroying thatMagic, 492:and not by personality desire. The tangible results are ever dependent upon the strength of theMagic, 512:present which will tend to produce satisfactory results. The fifth ray is passing out, but itsMagic, 522:bringing together of these two divine aspects results in the emergence of a third, which we callMagic, 560:but of a wrong kind and with disastrous results. Because criticism being a faculty of the lowerMagic, 590:of the brain cells is necessarily one of the results of the merging, by an act of will, of theMagic, 593:activity in a center, which produces destructive results upon the protective apparatus, and is noMagic, 640:love for each other, can achieve significant results. That each of you may so work, and that eachMeditation, 8:THE IMPORTANCE OF MEDITATION June 3, 1920 It results in egoic contact and alignment. It bringsMeditation, 16:to the point of achievement, this expansion results in the final shattering of the causal body atMeditation, 18:also the will element (as might be expected) and results in the wresting of the desired informationMeditation, 19:the causal body of an [19] expanding form that results in the shattering of that body. It is theMeditation, 21:ray. He has not that concentration that forces results, and he needs the basic foundation of factsMeditation, 28:to that occult meditation that brings about results, being under the law and hence following theMeditation, 41:will be dominated by ceremonial with the inner results aimed at by the Hierarchy gradually takingMeditation, 58:betwixt the physical brain and the Ego, which results in the divine outpouring, and the consequentMeditation, 65:there is sincerity of purpose, and that certain results, such as protection, quieting andMeditation, 65:reaching and certain reactions will occur. What results, therefore, when the Word is correctlyMeditation, 66:[66] If all conditions are right, it likewise results in a linking with the egoic groups of theMeditation, 66:all into line with the higher rhythm. This results in equilibrium; it stimulates the lower mind,Meditation, 67:to the true occult meditation, achieve certain results. The time for this is not yet, and needMeditation, 77:the habit of abstract thinking, the desired results upon the centers will be produced fromMeditation, 89:of the higher devas to bring [89] about desired results. The dangers attached thereto are too greatMeditation, 89:by a lack of knowledge that engenders not karmic results. The powers gained in meditation, the [90]Meditation, 92:possibilities, and to caution the pupil against results that are to be [93] reached by undueMeditation, 94:Above all, the Master will know, for the results on causal levels will be apparent to Him longMeditation, 94:not be possible to do more than indicate certain results due to certain conditions; each manMeditation, 95:he will stop circulation and may bring about results of a serious nature. This inhibition has aMeditation, 96:their progress and retard development. The results may indeed be more serious. What are the rightMeditation, 99:wrong centers are over-stimulated, and disaster results. Another danger to be guarded against isMeditation, 104:its condition with that of the brain. Good results will thus be achieved. Meditation, 105:(no matter how high the aspiration) greater results would be seen and the Great Ones would haveMeditation, 106:is no easy task for it means working against the results of agelong development. He has to directMeditation, 111:caught in the reaction of the fire with dire results. The dangers now are different. TheMeditation, 114:object of specialized attention, yet [114] the results will be identical. Danger arises when theMeditation, 120:This may lead at times to undesirable results. Therefore, I shall with brevity touch upon theMeditation, 129:likewise play. The work is slow, and certain results are inevitable. It is not my purpose to takeMeditation, 129:They unwarily force matters and dire disaster results. One hint here I give: In meditation [130] itMeditation, 140:letter certain specific forms to achieve certain results cannot be fully acquiesced in. I do notMeditation, 143:into the faculty of abstract conception which results eventually in physical plane manifestation.Meditation, 153:deal with the use of forms in achieving specific results, and though it is not my intention to giveMeditation, 155:first) may not be in the least conscious of the results achieved. He will obey the orders, say theMeditation, 155:or work through the outlined formulas, and the results attained may do their work even though theMeditation, 155:meditation on the emotional and mental planes. Results never concern us. Strict obedience to theMeditation, 155:or to give specific instructions as to how the results indicated may be achieved. That will be doneMeditation, 157:work, and can employ as his agent to attain results that will be part of the purificatory andMeditation, 159:it has an equally dangerous effect, and results in a diseased condition of the liver, in biliousMeditation, 161:The downflow of life from the God within results in sound vehicles, so that it is only as theMeditation, 162:that work on and through the centers will come results that may throw light on this obscure matterMeditation, 162:which by virtue of rhythmic effect achieve results that would not be possible apart from them.Meditation, 162:and on certain keys, accomplish certain results, such as the invoking of protective angels; theyMeditation, 169:of meditation - in three different ways. The results of meditation as demonstrated in terms ofMeditation, 170:Each line has its specific forms whereby those results are achieved, and the time is coming whenMeditation, 175:in world making. Certain activities had certain results. Later on, revelations can be made as toMeditation, 179:and present widespread era of crime are the results, very largely, of force misused and misapplied.Meditation, 181:were known in Atlantean days. They led to dire results at that time, for they were used by those ofMeditation, 189:but the mental concentration that visualizes the results to be attained. This must be accompaniedMeditation, 189:be accompanied by the will that causes those results to be dominated by the one who chants theMeditation, 191:suffering. [191] Now having some dim idea of the results to be achieved, and the methods to beMeditation, 191:of all peoples that its raison d'ętre, and the results achieved, are apt to be overlooked. EveryMeditation, 191:of a united attempt to contact the Divine. Results are inevitably achieved, ranging all the wayMeditation, 196:followed in unison by a body of people, which results in certain alignments and effects upon one orMeditation, 197:the ages, even though the methods, procedure and results have not been scientifically comprehendedMeditation, 197:the lowest type of matter in that vehicle. This results on the physical [198] plane in a mostMeditation, 198:with intensest aspiration and ardent desire - results in a downflow of force from above. ThisMeditation, 199:it will be utilized for the achieving of certain results. Groups of people will gather together toMeditation, 204:It is the finding out of the method whereby results are achieved, and it involves close analysis ofMeditation, 222:if followed closely, may lead to surprising results. By the study of colors and the planes, by theMeditation, 225:progress is made, and as the ability to meditate results in the faculty of transmitting from theMeditation, 238:stated mantrams, thereby bringing about certain results, but with all these we need not, in thisMeditation, 241:and with technical knowledge and at length, the results achieved might prove more disastrous thanMeditation, 246:through scientific comprehension, the desired results. Some member of the group will also be aMeditation, 246:the cooperation of all those units in the group, results will be achieved that will merit the name
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