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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RETAINED

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Astrology, 402:learnt through the use of the form have been retained; the struggle is to achieve initiation inDiscipleship2, 246:themselves Adepts or Masters. They have also retained in their groups of disciples those who haveDiscipleship2, 424:of revelation are (symbolically speaking) still retained within the Halls of Initiation, and theirDiscipleship2, 563:and those that are called world disciples have retained their position in the older and more potentDiscipleship2, 617:necessarily duly arranged, the needed relations retained and the unneeded discarded. One of theDiscipleship2, 728:What measure of it you have received has been retained upon the mental plane and dedicated toExternalisation, 75:therefore, exists only when the emphasis is retained in the wrong aspect from the point of view ofExternalisation, 326:have been held within bounds; it could have been retained and the problem worked out upon the innerExternalisation, 559:Their activities will still, for a long time, be retained within the Hierarchy upon Its own plane.Externalisation, 569:grades and under instruction from a Master, have retained their worldly knowledge, besidesFire, 765:but the wicks smolder and glow, and the heat is retained. This is cycle the first, and is calledGlamour, 217:There the light and power of the soul is retained and held by the positive personality, for aGlamour, 217:for a negative attitude is not desirable. The retained light and power, combined with the dualGlamour, 236:and the light and power thus generated are retained for use. An intense light is slowly andHealing, 122:nor is the energy wisely directed, deflected or retained. Intelligent intent must lie behind allHealing, 239:plexus center a great reservoir of drastically retained energy. Transmutation of the emotions intoHealing, 241:or insufficient and lacking altogether, or retained instead of used and transmuted into a higherHealing, 375:is no school in existence today which should be retained. All of them embody some useful truth,Healing, 463:in their activity; and through them control is retained. When true death is the soul's intention,Healing, 467:all the withdrawn forces is, up to this point, retained via the head or the heart or the solarHealing, 559:the etheric vehicle. The greater part will be retained (to use an inadequate word) upon the planeHealing, 574:up and driven into the head center and there retained. It must therefore be borne in mind that thisHealing, 588:In that system intelligence was unfolded and was retained within [589] substance in order to formProblems, 70:through their interlocking directorates and have retained it in their own hands. They have madePsychology2, 252:found. The outer phenomenal appearance will be retained as far as the form is concerned, thoughPsychology2, 370:energy. A third part of that energy must be retained within the periphery of the soul nature toPsychology2, 531:in some cases in their upward passage and retained temporarily in the heart [532] center, producingRays, 229:the Hierarchy, they are there concentrated and retained until released under "the swift design ofRays, 335:intended for strictly human use, but which was retained by the Hierarchy for the vitalizing intoRays, 404:astral plane, and with only the pure essence retained, sets the law in motion which draws thisRays, 562:proved that these energies will not be "occultly retained" by him but will become the "strength andRays, 602:unavoidable, though the conflict might have been retained upon mental levels, had humanity decidedSoul, 14:duplication: "If the behavioristic theory is retained it means that we must have two psychologies,
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