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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RETARD

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Bethlehem, 209:accorded to Him as the Savior of the world would retard for centuries the materializing of theFire, 650:Hierarchy at this stage is seeking to do, is to retard this awakening of the mass of mankind toFire, 1054:progress cyclically, and which stimulate it, or retard its activity according to the strength ofFire, 1105:and serve either to speed, or in some cases, to retard the evolutionary process. It should be borneHealing, 318:motivation and like interests can sometimes retard the development of the disease; where this isHealing, 350:in motion superior energies which can negate or retard disease. The whole subject of faith, and itsHealing, 467:for existence, the desire nature fighting to retard the processes of death, and the soul, intentHercules, 57:he seek the one who seemed in need and thus retard his steps? He pondered on the problem of delay;Meditation, 96:against it they will stultify their progress and retard development. The results may indeed be morePsychology2, 260:are the ones who can at times be influenced to retard or delay their entry into physical life inPsychology2, 704:reactions do not affect the issue and in no way retard the event, though they may make the task ofRays, 343:prevent contact, to mislead in recognition, to retard progress and to misinterpret information. AsTelepathy, 38:is quite possible for a member of the group to retard the work and to hold back the group because
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