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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RETROGRESSION

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Astrology, 20:as he follows the sweep or path of the Sun's retrogression. This phrase has always disturbed me,Astrology, 20:phrase has always disturbed me, but the apparent retrogression, based upon the precession of theAstrology, 546:of the world is dangerous, evil, and will cause retrogression. Of these, the rulers of Germany wereAstrology, 653:Zodiac From the angle of form. Natural order. Retrogression through signs. Pisces Through the SignsDiscipleship1, 300:you except by rising; you cannot go back, for retrogression is not the way of the disciple. But youDiscipleship2, 32:through a period - definitely temporary - of retrogression or of recession. Next life will see himExternalisation, 643:lead to the Kingdom of God, and the other to a retrogression which will deify the past and prolongFire, 622:identification with that which is past, retrogression and the methods of the old are for a man aHealing, 613:body becomes, in error, the object of attention, retrogression is indicated; and this is why allIntellect, 11:is arrested growth, abnormalities will occur and retrogression be found. Someone has said that thePatanjali, ix:exercises, is, from a certain aspect, a retrogression. It will be found that through the practicePsychology1, 270:of animal life, and we should have a period of retrogression and not of progress. In dealing withPsychology1, 278:the path of progress. It marks indeed a point of retrogression, the swinging back into an ancientPsychology2, 590:the psychic faculties, though along an arc of retrogression, but the man with the AryanReappearance, 106:to that of Aries and thus set the seal of retrogression upon the teaching which now controls so
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