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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RETROSPECT

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Discipleship1, 327:happening is the case and everything dwindles in retrospect and becomes too small. Hence the wordFire, 318:cycles which have passed into the dim mist of retrospect, even from the angle of vision of a solarFire, 603:viewed by passing the history of the races in retrospect. Man's personality reveals his nature asHercules, 219:this is a fact, and if we can get a wide enough retrospect, it should surely be possible toMagic, 406:As can be seen in any intelligent historical retrospect, the work that they did for the race andMagic, 536:limitations into the world of souls. In the retrospect of history, the picture of the emergingMagic, 606:of universals. Let them look at the historical retrospect as part of the emerging preparation whichPatanjali, 278:second in the life of an old man as he passes in retrospect his long life. All that stands out areProblems, 85:problem is badly obscured by its historical retrospect and presentation, much of which is unsoundPsychology1, 223:events; but it would take much time and only in retrospect would the broad general outlines of theRays, 596:cleavages have been noted during an historical retrospect. Today, all men everywhere are consciousRays, 627:politics. The quality of the British historical retrospect has been predominantly masculine. Today
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