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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RETURN

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Hercules, 156:cloud of birds fled in frantic haste, never to return. Silence spread across the marsh. The horridHercules, 168:this, the further on you go along the path of return, and the more you function as a spiritualHercules, 202:decision arrived at by the Christ to reappear or return to visible presence on Earth as soon asInitiation, 25:of the race, then may we look for a return of that cycle of peace and rest and righteousness whichInitiation, 44:form can be discarded and the liberated spirit return whence it came. Ever since he left the earth,Initiation, 88:the vibrations of the two other bodies when they return to its shelter from the Presence of theInitiation, 132:and the whole scheme is interdependent. To return to the subject of human initiation, and theseInitiation, 136:loose itself from even this limitation, and to return to the source from which it originallyInitiation, 136:lesser lives of which it has been constituted, return to the general fount of deva substance, plusInitiation, 138:crown," as it is occultly called, meaning its return to the Monad whence it came. We must clearlyInitiation, 156:are arrived at. 3. Therefore, on the path of return, speech becomes ever more brief, words are moreInitiation, 190:members of the group, permitting of their return to a cosmic center around which our system, andIntellect, 12:at all. That human beings in Europe can ever return to the old sorry routine, and proceed with anyIntellect, 103:of the man is impressed upon the brain and so a return activity is instituted. But, in the case ofIntellect, 129:man. The day when the word Psychology will return to its original meaning is at hand. EducationIntellect, 162:and whose destiny, in mystical language, is a 'return to his Origin'. Hence an inflow of newMagic, 99:be the elimination of pain and suffering and a return to the ideal conditions of the Garden ofMagic, 128:and, having progressed further along the Path of Return than the aspirants who study theseMagic, 197:course of time works his way back on the Path of Return to one of the three major rays. All haveMagic, 241:a type of involutionary energy on to the path of return. Cosmically speaking, it manifests as theMagic, 243:that of its forthgoing into incarnation and its return or flowing back into the center from whenceMagic, 319:the energies to reverse themselves and to return to their originating center. But with this methodMagic, 356:and go hence to their own place of power to return no more. The rest are lost, submerged andMagic, 364:of instruction have increased the store. To return to our theme: - The heart center in man opensMagic, 436:in the month governed by the sign Leo, it will return into incarnation in the same sign, picking upMagic, 448:will possess it. Such is the law governing the return to incarnation of the average human being.Magic, 477:and under the simplification which marks the return to synthesis, we shall have the cessation ofMagic, 488:thought-form can act like a boomerang. It can return, charged with increased velocity, to the oneMagic, 488:A strong hatred, clothed in mental matter, can return to its creator charged with the energy of theMagic, 488:desire for material acquisition will eventually return bringing inevitably that which has beenMagic, 489:in another aura there to gather strength and so return from whence it came, but it may have aMagic, 495:is preserved intact, and constitutes the path of return to the body. In death, this life thread isMagic, 495:this has happened, the conscious entity cannot return to the dense physical body and that body,Magic, 529:with their higher group relations, with their return to the Father's home, and with the trend whichMeditation, 44:it all; it will end in a rich reward and the return of all that has been lost. Should scorn andMeditation, 134:inevitably forces them back along the path of return in cycles far ahead. Anyone who over-exaltsMeditation, 179:pass out from one as a healing agency on its return to the general reservoir. The true and occultMeditation, 193:can be found, will this power be permitted to return to the common knowledge of men. As yet it isMeditation, 218:or esoteric interpretation. Therefore to return to what I earlier said, this orange comes in as aMeditation, 227:first aspect. I would point out here that as you return to the center of systemic evolution theMeditation, 236:of the groups is of a certain tone, they will return, and bring to the earth much of value pastMeditation, 238:of the Quaternary. These colors on the path of return are resolved into the three and thence againMeditation, 239:and comprehension is developed. On the path of return, renunciation is the rule, inMeditation, 240:ray, the reincarnating jiva takes the path of return and from the seven becomes the three and fromMeditation, 257:it is this that forces him to take the path of return to the All-Self. Ever, throughout the aeons,Meditation, 263:soul consciously Himself (a group on the path of return and formed of the lives of many sons ofPatanjali, 128:so be enabled to tread consciously the Path of return. It might be pointed out that two of thePatanjali, 286:to the center." From that point of rest, no return is possible. The term of necessary experience inPatanjali, 346:(Sutra 31) Eternity entered. (Sutra 33) Return of consciousness to its center. (Sutra 34) InPatanjali, 363:them to certain definite aspects of the Path of Return. Certain types with mathematical bent andPatanjali, 391:and the effect he has upon them. Thus is the return to group consciousness brought about and thusPatanjali, 417:mind. This is one great stage upon the path of return, and though in due time the intuition willPatanjali, 420:for help. What will thou do, Oh! man of peace? Return from whence I came. Whence comest thou,Patanjali, ix:purpose and it will become apparent that any return to Hatha Yoga practices or those practicesProblems, 16:any action will be taken to ensure a rapid return to the normalcy, demanded by the conservatives,Problems, 34:those who would like to see that civilization return and the old structure again rebuilt; theyProblems, 34:again rebuilt; they yearn for a peaceful return to the situation before the war. They must not beProblems, 39:likeness of the One Father and in which man can return to the simplicity of the spiritual values ofProblems, 40:materialistic civilization has gone, never to return. A spiritual renaissance is inevitable and isProblems, 117:more divinely than at present; we shall have no "return of Christ" or a downpouring of the ChristProblems, 124:organization. It is essential that we return to Christ and to His message and to the way of lifeProblems, 124:recognition of its implications that we must return. Is there any chance that a renewal of theProblems, 124:a renewal of the faith as it was in Christ will return? Are there enough men of vision in theProblems, 125:church workers everywhere; it is they who should return to the simplicity of the faith as it is inProblems, 145:a humanity which is not only expectant of the return of Christ but is assured of His [146] comingProblems, 146:His coming will not be so much a triumphant return to a conquering church (conquering because theProblems, 146:carried forward on earth. He does not return to rule, for He has never left off ruling, working andProblems, 166:stream forth into the hearts of men. May Christ return to Earth. From the center where the Will ofProblems, 168:and progress of humanity that there should be no return to the old ways, whether political,Psychology1, 64:Their united effort leads to abstraction and a return to the center whence the initial impulsePsychology1, 72:- power to express divinity. Growth. Roll and return, and roll again. Cycle around the circle ofPsychology1, 118:will not start for another fifteen years. To return to our two questions, and particularly to thePsychology1, 122:birth and emergence of a new ray is the slow return to its source of the prevailing ray, present atPsychology1, 285:regenerating force, and apart from the cyclic return of the seventh ray energies, we have mankindPsychology1, 348:and began to curve upon itself, and thus return." It is therefore just beginning to wane. When thisPsychology1, 355:ago, and so launched mankind upon the path of return. Again it comes into power, and though it hasPsychology1, 398:them from three of their co-disciples. On their return to life on earth, they spoke of this event.Psychology1, 398:- was the permission to enact each year, on the return of the day when they might have entered intoPsychology2, 36:destroys (or ruptures) the way by which he might return. He grounds himself deeply in the depths ofPsychology2, 36:in the depths of form. He asserts: 'I will return. My power is great. I will destroy all obstacles.Psychology2, 36:word goes forth. Around me lie the waters. Can I return from whence I came? Is the word strongPsychology2, 45:One who is released stands forth and says: 'I return from whence I came; from the formless to thePsychology2, 50:in the process of liberation upon the Path of Return in which the bridge (or the antahkarana) isPsychology2, 60:utilization of the mechanism upon the Path of Return. In the first case, we are dearing with whatPsychology2, 69:one, and the first great unison upon the path of return is complete. A second stage of the way hasPsychology2, 78:reverse of immersion in darkness. The Path of Return, motivated by the wish to appropriate nothingPsychology2, 79:reality as the ruling principle of the life. The return of the Prodigal Son to the Father's home.Psychology2, 83:which we call the seven rays. On the Path of Return and in connection with the process ofPsychology2, 96:he had sacrificed the higher values, and had to return again whence he came. Such is the life storyPsychology2, 98:he sought the least. "He craved permission to return. "He sought the Throne on high and Him who satPsychology2, 98:Light there is none. Peace is not found. Let me return.' But He Who sat upon the Throne turned notPsychology2, 164:it abundantly clear that there was no impulse to return until the pilgrim in the far country hadPsychology2, 166:existence and life in a far country and his return) so concisely or so beautifully treated. SeekPsychology2, 202:beginning of an era of creative activity. They return to their emanating Source when thatPsychology2, 230:a manifested trinity, has gone - never again to return in exactly the same form or expression inPsychology2, 238:materialism, of phenomenalism, and must likewise return and reorient themselves, or rather perhaps,Psychology2, 262:as the Builders or as the Destroyers, and they return eventually to their own place, carrying withPsychology2, 283:Law of Cycles. The Law of Attraction. Let us now return to the level of practical understanding.Psychology2, 322:being upon the physical plane: upon the Path of Return, with which we are concerned in the latterPsychology2, 332:During this second stage upon the Path of Return, the shift of the consciousness is away from the
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