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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RETURNING

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Astrology, 177:focused attitude of the pledged disciple. The "returning arrow of the intuition," as it isAstrology, 331:high point of development and upon the returning wheel preserves ever the mass relationship for theAstrology, 336:pull of Capricornian energy which upon the returning wheel (in contradistinction to the wheel ofAstrology, 464:energy blended in the magnetic center. They are returning or responding to the emanating center.Autobiography, 61:Room. It meant getting there at 6 p.m. and returning very late at night, because they hadAutobiography, 68:trouble and wouldn't I try to help him? He was returning from England where he had had to put hisAutobiography, 80:at home on the sea. Once I spent three weeks returning to Great Britain and whilst there spent oneAutobiography, 98:to be married) it was understood that I was returning to marry a clergyman. I went back to UmballaAutobiography, 137:length and - if you search - you will find her returning to her original theme sixty or seventyAutobiography, 204:of the car that would indicate that a boy was returning a girl to her home. This used to annoy myBethlehem, 179:the Mexicans, poor things, greeted him as the returning god! In Peru and among the AmericanDiscipleship2, 540:than he can help living. After all, my brother - returning to the original comments in thisDiscipleship2, 654:There rest. Move forward to the gate at need, returning ever to the place of rest. Open the doorDiscipleship2, 711:resumption of my work when the right time comes, returning to it with a wider understanding, a moreDiscipleship2, 748:is that a very great part of the work of the returning Christ will affect greatly the astral plane.Externalisation, 597:is a most familiar one, and the concept of a returning Son of God in response to human need has itsExternalisation, 612:to recognize the Christ Who is in process of returning. The Christ has no religious barriers in HisExternalisation, 618:sweeping away obstructions in the path of His returning Son. It would have been well-nighExternalisation, 697:forth one by one, doing the required work, returning through the portals of apparent death to theFire, 71:their triple spiral of two and a half coils, and returning to their origin by a spiral within theFire, 71:of the first three on the outer surface and returning to their origin by a spiral within that,Fire, 440:years. Later again the same force will be felt returning, and a new form will be found slowlyFire, 510:merge the seven into the major three subrays, returning thus to unity on his own egoic Ray. First.Fire, 854:but work primarily on mental and astral levels, returning to their own spheres eventually for theFire, 893:passing through it during the prenatal stage, or returning to it when the form is in advancedFire, 1039:knowledge is concerned, and yet they are but the returning impulses set in cyclic motion perhapsFire, 1125:Sons of Mind or the incarnating jivas are the returning nirvanis of a previous logoic incarnation.Healing, 217:carried out over a long period of time and - returning to our theme of health and of disease - whenHealing, 322:produce purification and necessitate period of returning and of rest for the body, preparatory toHealing, 332:and disintegration ensues, with the atomic lives returning to the reservoir of power, to the bosomHealing, 394:meanings: The Work of Restitution signifies the returning of the form to the basic reservoir ofHealing, 394:or of the soul, the divine spiritual energy, returning to its source - either on soul or monadicHealing, 398:that I refer to "acceptable appearances" of a returning spirit. There is enough evidence to warrantHealing, 461:for some reason. It is when they swing into a returning or a fresh ingoing activity that the breathHealing, 476:by the soul during a life cycle consists in returning to this "Caesar" of the involutionary worldHealing, 492:nature of the physical environment in which the returning man will find his place. It is related toHercules, 7:and we are carried forward on the impetus of a returning force towards a newer aspect of the goal,Hercules, 38:to labor once again, enter the second Gate, returning with dispatch." The second Gate stood openHercules, 55:he sought, wandering from place to place and returning oft upon his steps to the third Gate. SadHercules, 80:not yours, nor man's but mine." And Hercules, returning from the test, passed through the GateHercules, 142:it, still fiercely hissing, beneath a rock. Returning, Hercules stood before his Teacher. "TheHercules, 197:of God who is also a son of man," he greeted the returning warrior. "The jewel of immortality isIntellect, 15:of the human family have always penetrated, returning to tell us of their experiences. Let usMagic, 487:mayhap disintegrating, but most certainly returning it harmlessly to the sender. Perhaps it is anMeditation, 62:deliberately realize that he is a Son of God, returning to the Father; that he is God Himself,Psychology1, 75:inner purpose, and all is seen as rhythm, a returning on itself. The great scroll can now be read.Psychology2, 92:the fourth kingdom in nature into being. The "returning nirvanis" (as they are called in esotericPsychology2, 260:carried [260] forward through the souls who are returning to incarnation, for just in so far asPsychology2, 499:hours of sleep and for about one hour prior to returning to full waking consciousness. ThePsychology2, 501:will be found to meet his desire and - on returning to his body in the morning - he brings with himPsychology2, 501:them and can identify themselves with them upon returning to waking consciousness. In fact,Psychology2, 503:a knowledge of those activities [503] and on returning to waking consciousness put it to actual useReappearance, 43:familiar one, and the concept of the Son of God returning in response to human need has its placeReappearance, 60:to recognize the Christ Who is in process of returning. The Christ has no religious barriers in HisReappearance, 165:away all obstructions in the path of His returning Son. It would have been well-nigh impossible toSoul, 98:it to form new combinations, the unused Prana returning to the great universal storehouse from
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