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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REVEALED

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Psychology1, 385:and that light, when released upon the world and revealed to humanity, will bring about harmony inPsychology1, 388:of it, but the incidents of travel cannot be revealed, but lie hid in the racial karma. The timePsychology1, 417:forth: 'Beauty and Glory veil Me not. I stand revealed. I Am!' " FIFTH RAY "Let the three forms ofPsychology2, 8:of the purpose of God, symbolized through revealed, divine quality and manifested through the form.Psychology2, 46:of their lives. Glory shines forth. Truth is revealed. he work is done. Then man, who is the soul,Psychology2, 46:outer Way; it shews itself. The Whole will stand revealed. That Plan I know. I will, with love andPsychology2, 46:ends, in peace, the strife. The warrior stands revealed. His work is done. Back to back, the AngelPsychology2, 46:forth. Such is the Plan. Thus is the Whole revealed. The higher and the lower meet; form and thePsychology2, 47:The Plan can now be known. The Whole can stand revealed. The love that stretches from the heart,Psychology2, 47:and to blind, sees the Way free. It stands revealed. He ceases from the clamor and the fight. HePsychology2, 47:Plan. The Whole is with us now. The purpose is revealed. With all I have, I serve that Plan.' " RayPsychology2, 83:been said, the mystery remains, and will not be revealed, even in partial measure, until the middlePsychology2, 84:forth: 'Beauty and glory veil Me not. I stand revealed. I am.'" Ray Five - "Let the three forms ofPsychology2, 97:the whole clue to man's unfoldment will stand revealed. This tendency or urge is somethingPsychology2, 98:place and sought the place of light, and light revealed all that he sought the least. "He cravedPsychology2, 135:by the light of the soul. Thereby the Plan is revealed. This will not be the shedding of that lightPsychology2, 163:It is this central,, intermediate way that is revealed to the initiate, through the working of thePsychology2, 166:Life The Direction of Ray I "The garden stands revealed. In ordered beauty live its flowers andPsychology2, 167:of Ray II "The Scholar knows the truth. All is revealed to him. Surrounded by his books, andPsychology2, 168:in upon his woven carpet. Its ugliness is thus revealed... A voice proclaims: 'Look from out thyPsychology2, 186:much alone except when karmic relationships have revealed them to each other and telepathicPsychology2, 212:consciousness of the planetary Logos and is only revealed at initiation. There are as yetPsychology2, 223:to express this hidden wonder which must be revealed than the revelation of meaning. This isPsychology2, 242:of that vision for the immediate present, is revealed for the next nine year cycle. They then, inPsychology2, 243:in unison with God's plan as far as it has been revealed to us by Those Who know. These ancientPsychology2, 246:point of view can grasp. That which is to be revealed lies all around us, and within us. It is thePsychology2, 271:hid by the inverted lotus (the world) is to be revealed by the opened lotus of the kingdom ofPsychology2, 271:the flesh, which is the prison of the soul, is revealed by the perfume of the unfolding lotus ofPsychology2, 330:of those advanced men whom we regard as the revealed sons of God. The crisis of approach is one ofPsychology2, 353:raised. In that light, the first thing which is revealed to him is the devastating sight of thatPsychology2, 354:efforts, and aspects of the Plan are then revealed to him. [355] Psychology2, 392:the ways of God and the plans of God will stand revealed to him. The creative imagination will bePsychology2, 395:stations within that Whole - all these stand revealed to the man who is permitted, as a soul, toPsychology2, 401:until Deity, the essential divine Life, is revealed and from a materialized Triplicity only anPsychology2, 470:light that can be contacted in meditation has revealed a level of mental phenomena and of thoughtPsychology2, 473:and he becomes the victim of that which has been revealed. It might justly be remarked that allPsychology2, 473:a measure of the higher light. That which is revealed to him is interpreted by him in terms ofPsychology2, 474:the threshold of consciousness. The light has revealed this world of phenomena to him; he deems itPsychology2, 494:regarded as undesirable, probably because they revealed or indicated, in the majority of cases, thePsychology2, 568:all cases, it is the astral plane which stands revealed. The statement can here be made that wherePsychology2, 578:days and led to the entire astral plane standing revealed, but not understood. Its undesirablePsychology2, 579:entire lower levels of the astral plane stand revealed, though the possessor of these powers canPsychology2, 594:the whole story of the individual stands [594] revealed. The head center, looked at for the averagePsychology2, 601:top where God is to be found, and all stands revealed. Such are a few of the forms in which theirPsychology2, 678:The new, compelling, inner impulses must stand revealed to the human intellect. The growingRays, 31:and the sacred sacrificial aspect of life is revealed in its beauty, purity, simplicity and in itsRays, 40:mystery of time, space and electricity stands revealed. The major effect of this revelation (priorRays, 41:overpowering sense of loneliness. But the truths revealed by the clear cold light of the divineRays, 51:the radiant light and the dynamic energy of a revealed Son of God." This is the esoteric definitionRays, 54:secret of the Law of Vibration is progressively revealed as people learn to sound forth the Word inRays, 73:light which the individual light in the head has revealed. That soul light which the initiate hasRays, 117:Purpose will reveal itself; the Whole will stand revealed and then the soul - loaded with richesRays, 118:remind you that just as the light of the soul revealed to the struggling aspirant a new vision, setRays, 118:all qualities present in his equipment, and revealed the past, the present and the future of theRays, 141:relation. The mystery of relationship becomes revealed to him. Then the entire scheme of evolutionRays, 149:in the world of light, where all stand clearly revealed. Then he can begin to face the lessons andRays, 152:significant matters which, step by step, are revealed to the initiate as his consciousness isRays, 177:applying the Plan which the world of meaning has revealed, so the higher initiate works consciouslyRays, 198:strike a new note for many, and can only now be revealed. It is concerned with the facility withRays, 224:of all that hinders progress as it is revealed to the eye of the soul, lays a sound foundation forRays, 225:of illumined group relation. This is revealed by the mind, functioning as an aspect of the groupRays, 246:be grasped and the purpose of Sanat Kumara be revealed by an appreciation of the plan, followed byRays, 248:he can advance to the mysteries which will be revealed to him sequentially as he advances along theRays, 264:the Law of Attraction the nature of love is revealed, first of all through desire for form life,Rays, 270:of the divine purpose as the Plan has been revealed to him. This he can do only through the meansRays, 280:is only a phase of that which shall later be revealed. All that now remains for the initiate areRays, 283:of the One Life. Now the cosmic astral plane is revealed to Him. He sees the reason why, first ofRays, 284:the true significance of which will be revealed through the medium of the coming world religion.Rays, 291:in the Lord of the World at Shamballa, was now revealed to Him. It is this living realization ofRays, 301:is what we reveal that is of importance; what is revealed to us is of lesser importance, though itRays, 302:that may come. What seest thou? Beyond the dark, revealed to me by means of light, I see a radiantRays, 328:you; what divine qualities and objectives may be revealed to the Master and to the Christ as TheyRays, 331:secret and nature of electrical phenomena be revealed. The Mysteries are, in reality, the trueRays, 332:so, and that which has been veiled will now be revealed; that which has been withdrawn will emergeRays, 336:is externalized. These mysteries will not be revealed to men. Only a general statement of theRays, 337:given the needed information. The Mysteries are revealed, not primarily by the reception ofRays, 363:the implications of the wonder which will be revealed to the initiate who can transcend the entireRays, 382:and what the implications are, will be revealed in such a distant future that we need waste no timeRays, 411:whereby the purpose of creation is finally revealed. The force which enables the Hierarchy toRays, 414:The mystery of this relationship is partially revealed at one of the higher initiations and it isRays, 415:focused in the Hierarchy, until Christ came and revealed the love of God to humanity. He is theRays, 422:though two of these principles will later be revealed; many of them are controlling factors onRays, 442:[442] This inner life with its three slowly revealed objectives concerns essentially the life ofRays, 469:in touch with divinity as a progressively revealed Whole. The part, through the magneticRays, 472:to the initiate of the third degree. This Way is revealed only when the antahkarana is built andRays, 477:their racial history), and the interpreting mind revealed nothing to them. They [478] simply livedRays, 524:order to enhance His equipment as World Savior) revealed to Him the new possibilities, from which -Rays, 536:the medium of the antahkarana. [536] It is revealed both through the Spiritual Triad and theRays, 536:of love (that which we call the Will-to-Good) is revealed. For humanity, struggling upon thisRays, 540:is pendant until the Cross of Sanat Kumara is revealed to him; he knows then why this planet is -Rays, 561:become dominant. Its symbol cannot yet be revealed. There will then come a blending of divine willRays, 567:the first time the nature of divine Purpose is revealed to the initiate; hitherto he has beenRays, 567:of the will of the planetary Logos will only be revealed in the next solar system wherein theRays, 591:come from three sources and are sequentially revealed to man. These three are: Impressions from theRays, 597:that lies behind all human phenomena will stand revealed. Let us now consider the effect of thisRays, 599:the Monad or Spirit or Life. This is subtly revealed in the Transfiguration Initiation of theRays, 610:and to the door of initiation, progressively revealed to him as the result of right choice, rightRays, 643:perception generally to be found, and the light revealed her from the personality angle in theRays, 644:the Way of the Higher Evolution. This Way is revealed to the initiate in a new light and with anRays, 645:twenty-one forces. It is this synthesis which is revealed at the fifth initiation and - as I said
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