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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REVEALS

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Initiation, 14:systemic and cosmic, in graduated sequence. It reveals the hidden mystery that lies at the heart ofInitiation, 52:procedure is somewhat as follows: - The Master reveals to a disciple the objective in view for anInitiation, 92:the power of the Solar Logos, and he it is who reveals to the initiate that the Absolute isInitiation, 118:is the Monad, to the five-pointed star, which reveals the Presence of the Planetary Logos to theInitiation, 164:The solar plexus, The base of the spine, and reveals to him knowledge concerning the various typesIntellect, 17:use of the mind, whereby the world of souls reveals itself and that secret door is found and openedIntellect, 56:unification, which meditation brings about [56] reveals to man. Through its ordered technique, manIntellect, 77:well-tried out and much used, which unfailingly reveals the divine. The important words here areIntellect, 84:It is this light that the process of meditation reveals and with which we learn to work. The heartIntellect, 114:interpretation or meaning is the one which reveals the idea lying behind the objectiveIntellect, 123:C. Lloyd, Life, Mind, and Spirit, page 32. God reveals His purpose through the activity of theIntellect, 128:upon the human mind of 'the divine', as it reveals itself whether obscurely or clearly. The primaryMagic, 13:of the soul or the second aspect which in turn reveals the highest aspect. It must ever beMagic, 48:but that which links them (and at the same time reveals the nature of the higher) is on the vergeMagic, 61:but he cannot as yet see that which the light reveals. If he looks around, he sees but shiftingMagic, 70:the smaller group. Ponder on this. The intuition reveals not the way ambition can be fed, nor theMagic, 143:within us into audible expression. Speech reveals, and right speech can create a form of beneficentMagic, 144:illumination, for it conveys the Truth and reveals Reality; it is of vital import, for it vibratesMagic, 229:self. Clear discrimination of these two paths reveals what is called in some occult books thatMagic, 355:sun pours through him - revealing the Path, - it reveals at the same time the Plan. SimultaneouslyMagic, 355:Has he the ability to face what the light reveals and still go his way with serenity, sure of theMagic, 411:him to his fellow men, whilst the intuition reveals to him the life of divinity. All these threeMagic, 636:contacting them with greater facility. Love reveals. The rendering of service with completeMeditation, 43:is the rest left and what that inner guide reveals is of more value to the individual than aughtMeditation, 264:ahead to be taken; each initiation achieved but reveals still higher ones to be mastered, and neverPatanjaliperception is now unfailingly exact (or his mind reveals only the Truth). 49. This particularPatanjali49. This particular perception is unique and reveals that which the rational mind (using testimony,Patanjali, 67:might be enumerated as follows: Physical vision reveals the nature of the physical plane, and isPatanjali, 83:dwells Brahma, says the old Scripture and He reveals Himself in the light. The aspirant hasPatanjali, 84:and as that point of light is dwelt upon, it reveals a road which must be travelled should thePatanjali, 104:is now unfailingly exact, (or, his mind reveals only the Truth). Both translations are here given,Patanjali, 106:49. This particular perception is unique and reveals that which the rational mind (using testimony,Patanjali, 108:him from error and of a sense which only reveals to him things as they are. The conditions goveringPatanjali, 136:opposites. Hate causes separation, whereas love reveals the unity underlying all forms. Hate is thePatanjali, 136:that which every form (in more or less degree) reveals; hate is the feeling of repulsion and leadsPatanjali, 146:indwelling all forms, to the Spirit of man as it reveals itself through the soul, and to the FatherPatanjali, 266:The matrix holds the diamond and when the matrix reveals its hidden gem, and the work of cuttingPatanjali, 273:process when duly and correctly carried out reveals therefore the second or soul aspect, and thePatanjali, 293:As the lotus center of the heart opens and reveals the love of God, through meditation aPatanjali, 295:the path is within ourselves and this the heart reveals. It leads us to the head, where we find thePatanjali, 296:the one between the eyebrows, and in time reveals to the aspirant, the exit at the top of the head,Patanjali, 322:who creates, who indwells, The Son who reveals, meditates and links the highest aspect with thePatanjali, 322:this experience he has achieved maturity, he reveals the Father or spirit and so fulfils the wordsPatanjali, 387:if he follows the golden rule which reveals the mystery of creation and studies himself. ThePatanjali, 387:of creation and studies himself. The microcosm reveals the nature of the macrocosm. He will findPatanjali, 413:aware of the light of the soul and of what it reveals in the realm of the soul. The third eyePatanjali, 413:It should be remembered here that the third eye reveals primarily the light to be found in thePatanjali, x:culminating in that marvellous chapter where he reveals himself to Arjuna, the aspirant, [xi] asPsychology1, 28:the hour arrives wherein the light of the soul reveals the antahkarana (the bridge between thePsychology1, 36:quality of love within all forms, and ultimately reveals the purpose of all creation. This is thePsychology1, 63:that is, and open up the golden door. This door reveals the way which leads towards the centerPsychology1, 68:of the Light The One Who veils and yet reveals The Dispenser of Time The Lord of Space ThePsychology1, 70:Form is there found, and yet the psychic sense reveals that which the form is powerless to hide, -Psychology1, 70:point of unity which - when it is duly reached - reveals a further point where all the three arePsychology1, 75:is the revelation of the mind of God. The past reveals the form, but the present indicates thePsychology1, 79:be remembered therefore that this fifth ray reveals the way down into death or into incarnationPsychology1, 79:is the death-like prison of the soul), or it reveals the way up and out of darkness into the purePsychology1, 264:chamber of death, the blue light of dawning day reveals the group of workers who seek to raise thePsychology1, 341:which eventually dispels illusion and glamor and reveals reality), and a shift of thePsychology1, 342:of values, to that dispelling of glamor which reveals at present an unfamiliar landscape, and toPsychology1, 346:repeated, become the four, then the Life of... reveals Itself in beauty." It is interesting to notePsychology1, 387:of the intellect and the intuition, and which reveals the wisdom aspect of love in its [388]Psychology2, 38:Angel of the Presence guards that Way. The mind reveals the Angel and the door. Stand in thatPsychology2, 47:light and glory of the Day is here. That light reveals the Plan. The Whole is with us now. ThePsychology2, 147:prime prerequisite to true self-knowledge. It reveals at the same time that it divides or scatters.Psychology2, 149:or law of our spiritual being is that which reveals the will, plan or purpose of the divine life,Psychology2, 164:and the light of a steadily waxing sun. One reveals the fact of night. The other reveals the worldPsychology2, 164:sun. One reveals the fact of night. The other reveals the world of daylight and of conscious Being.Psychology2, 271:be that of the light of God's countenance, which reveals that which is undesirable and must bePsychology2, 350:through a process of reorientation. This reveals to him, as he slowly [351] changes his direction,Psychology2, 357:- The Coordination of the Personality Light reveals, and the stage of revelation now follows. ThisPsychology2, 357:A vision, first of all, of defects. The light reveals the man to himself, as he is, or as the soulPsychology2, 369:of life, of beauty and usefulness. The mind reveals the One. The mind can blend and fuse the formPsychology2, 417:unit, producing illumination. This illumination reveals the essential oneness which exists on thePsychology2, 467:All wisdom is a form of light, for it reveals to us the world of meaning which lies behind thePsychology2, 474:and even a disciple, that which the [474] lights reveals upon the astral plane, for instance, isPsychology2, 502:and frequently receives an interpretation which reveals to him the depths of evil to which hisPsychology2, 593:to "appear". The state of the pranic channels reveals this accurately, particularly those foundPsychology2, 593:the seed of the life principle in the heart) reveals this. The rhythm of the psychic life. This is,Psychology2, 609:see the Lord of Light and that which the Light reveals". I would point out here that all aspirantsRays, 39:growing sense of divinity. The clear cold light reveals two things: The omnipresence of GodRays, 46:and for ascending radiance." This dual activity reveals the nature of the will. Note how thisRays, 59:driven by an inner something which constantly reveals to him an enticing vision of that which isRays, 89:through two episodes: One of them, the first, reveals the Christ in His capacity of the God-Savior,Rays, 96:man. Rightly understood and followed, this rule reveals the nature of the fourth plane or fourthRays, 108:visioned goal, then by his selfish will, which reveals to him the nature of the will: persistentRays, 117:Their work is done on Earth and a greater glory reveals itself ahead. But this I give not. I giveRays, 118:of the individual, so this still greater light reveals to the initiate a horizon so vast that itRays, 139:The doctrine of Avatars. This religious history reveals. The nature of consciousness, through theRays, 175:now - with lifted rod, surrounded by the fire, reveals to him the significance of life and theRays, 241:revelation; each of the seven kingdoms in nature reveals one aspect of it, and each of these sevenRays, 297:attractive love, indicates the nature of things, reveals the world of meaning, and gives the greatRays, 329:see Light." It is the lesser light within that reveals the greater light; when the light of theRays, 404:life - human, planetary, systemic and cosmic; it reveals also that the Law of Attraction, the LawRays, 461:in time and space. The abstract mind. This reveals itself most completely under the influence ofRays, 523:within himself, and is learning rapidly to use, reveals to him the Way of the Higher Evolution, theRays, 533:to the bridge (I am speaking in symbols) [533] reveals the existence of the cosmic Antahkarana,Rays, 538:light is warm and red. It nearer draws as it reveals the things that are, the things which may be.Rays, 539:that pure essential essence of that Light which reveals Itself through light." It was the secondRays, 557:and of its field of activity; each initiation reveals to him the quality and the type of
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