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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REVELATION

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Discipleship2, 308:can be hastened. Hitherto in the past, revelation has come unexpectedly, as it did to Saul ofDiscipleship2, 308:I have included this teaching upon the Points of Revelation in what I have to give you anent theDiscipleship2, 308:than that) between the two phrases "points of revelation" and "mountain of initiation." In the OldDiscipleship2, 309:to point he moves and at each point he gets new revelation. Five are the mountain peaks, and as heDiscipleship2, 309:decided that this was the first of the points of revelation which could safely be given to theDiscipleship2, 310:of comprehension - these emerging Points of Revelation - will form themes for prolonged meditationDiscipleship2, 310:you that, in connection with these Points of Revelation, there are three stages of activity which,Discipleship2, 311:Therefore, this consideration of our Points of Revelation is closely related to another of ourDiscipleship2, 311:in this, that in relation to the Points of Revelation the initiate is presumed to work from a moreDiscipleship2, 311:of experience where light pours in, bringing revelation, conveying information, evoking theDiscipleship2, 312:the initiate has penetrated to the point where revelation becomes possible he automatically attainsDiscipleship2, 312:that the initiate - in process of receiving revelation - is working outside of time and space, asDiscipleship2, 313:the precipitating truth, information or revelation, and then to give it an equally correct formatDiscipleship2, 313:others. I have been dealing with these Points of Revelation today from the angle of vision of theDiscipleship2, 316:contact between the Hierarchy and humanity. The revelation of the true significance of initiation.Discipleship2, 316:for reorientation and the imminence of the revelation of the first secret - the secret ofDiscipleship2, 316:truth, humanity could be simultaneously trusted? Revelation brings responsibility, and oftentimesDiscipleship2, 316:use them for themselves with impunity, but their revelation to the unready might involve seriousDiscipleship2, 319:given at this stage are related to the theme of revelation, or they concern themselves with theDiscipleship2, 319:themselves with the techniques which make revelation possible. The hint, for instance, with whichDiscipleship2, 319:and significance related to the possibility of revelation. My one effort today is to indicate theDiscipleship2, 319:to indicate the relation between initiation and revelation. The revelation - induced by rightDiscipleship2, 319:relation between initiation and revelation. The revelation - induced by right orientation and rightDiscipleship2, 319:delay their progress by not recognizing the revelation when it tops the line of their spiritualDiscipleship2, 320:revelations. They express a past, indicate a revelation, and ground the thinking aspirant in theDiscipleship2, 320:to the masses, and their starting point in all revelation is life, and the result of all revelationDiscipleship2, 320:in all revelation is life, and the result of all revelation is death or the disappearance of veils.Discipleship2, 321:II - Teachings on Initiation - Part VI Points of Revelation I would like at this point to call moreDiscipleship2, 321:directly to your attention the three stages of revelation; you have been dealing with them andDiscipleship2, 321:automatic and the essential in their activity. Revelation seldom breaks in all its completed beautyDiscipleship2, 321:and express the stages of the impact of the revelation upon his mind. There are paralleling innerDiscipleship2, 322:find it of value to take these three points of revelation and apply to them the three outer and theDiscipleship2, 322:pass. You may also have noted how one point of revelation leads normally to another. You willDiscipleship2, 323:impulse of the Monad. The next sequential revelation will be that of creativity, the world ofDiscipleship2, 323:short paragraphs much important teaching anent revelation and its processes and have emphasized aDiscipleship2, 323:a phase of human activity (needed to produce revelation) which has hitherto received little, ifDiscipleship2, 323:has hitherto received little, if any, attention. Revelation is apt to be regaled as apart from allDiscipleship2, 324:That initiation veiled a secret and that its revelation was imminent. That every initiation permitsDiscipleship2, 327:that initiation veils a secret and that the revelation of that secret is imminent. Just what thisDiscipleship2, 338:a moving point, advancing towards a progressive revelation of divinity. The whole concept is,Discipleship2, 341:to indicate the relation between initiation and revelation." Four ideas emerge for the disciple asDiscipleship2, 342:- What is it? [342] Initiation - Which? Revelation - Again, of what? One thing you are all apt toDiscipleship2, 343:for initiation, and the possibility of impending revelation? This would involve constant ashramicDiscipleship2, 345:light. Formula II... Deals with alignment. Revelation of the group antahkarana. Reality revealed byDiscipleship2, 345:- Teachings on Initiation - Part VII Points of Revelation It must not be forgotten that all that isDiscipleship2, 346:passed. Life for all men everywhere is full of revelation, recognized or unrecognized; it might beDiscipleship2, 346:regarded as creating or constituting a "field of revelation" or an area of consciousness whereinDiscipleship2, 346:of consciousness wherein five major points of revelation will some day be seen, grasped andDiscipleship2, 346:has learnt to generate the five points of revelation. These five points (which I shall indicate)Discipleship2, 346:but the right order in itself constitutes a revelation, and none of them can be specificallyDiscipleship2, 346:or by the watching Master. All these points of revelation also concern the techniques of creation,Discipleship2, 346:your attention to them anew: The Five Points of Revelation. Of these, three have already beenDiscipleship2, 347:Light. Modes of Interpreting the Points of Revelation: The mental, occult, spiritual, hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 348:this point here because the fourth point of revelation concerns the sudden recognition by theDiscipleship2, 348:We might therefore word this fourth point of revelation as follows: Purpose itself is but anDiscipleship2, 348:this section which we have called the Points of Revelation; they are aspects of the training givenDiscipleship2, 348:aspiring occult students that there is a major revelation - something entirely new and unforeseen -Discipleship2, 348:A consideration of the three points of revelation already given may show you how deep may be theDiscipleship2, 349:revealed to the initiate, who can tell what that revelation will bring of results andDiscipleship2, 349:alignment, who, again, can predict what the revelation will be? When, again (as hinted on pageDiscipleship2, 349:who can foretell the nature of the ensuing revelation? It is alignment that holds the clue or theDiscipleship2, 349:and prepares definitely and consciously for revelation. It will be apparent to you that theDiscipleship2, 351:divine purpose, are steadily being revealed. Revelation is not only the prerogative and reward ofDiscipleship2, 354:in service. It is here that the Points of Revelation are to be found of prime importance, and theDiscipleship2, 354:emphasis upon this little-understood theme of revelation. As you already know, a hint isDiscipleship2, 355:to indicate relationship between initiation and revelation," by pondering upon the initiation whichDiscipleship2, 355:of you as an individual, and the consequent revelation which will then be made to you, then youDiscipleship2, 355:enriches the ashram with its invoked revelation, you will then be arriving closer to the desiredDiscipleship2, 356:all the rays, delved into meaning and arrived at revelation. I have given you these seven hints inDiscipleship2, 364:integration into the Ashram; it concerns the "revelation of group feeling." It is related toDiscipleship2, 367:- Teachings on Initiation - Part VIII Points of Revelation It might here be noted by you, as weDiscipleship2, 367:by you, as we consider this entire subject of revelation from the angle of the initiate, that (inDiscipleship2, 367:process where the disciple is concerned) revelation is simply one way of expressing the constantlyDiscipleship2, 367:there is essentially nothing but a growing revelation. The two terms, Evolution and Revelation, goDiscipleship2, 367:growing revelation. The two terms, Evolution and Revelation, go together. Any distinction liesDiscipleship2, 367:Any distinction lies within the field of revelation or - to word it otherwise - within the variousDiscipleship2, 367:and particularly that in which the revelation is taking place. Earlier I said that "the nextDiscipleship2, 367:place. Earlier I said that "the next sequential revelation will be that of creativity, of the worldDiscipleship2, 367:and demonstrate the hope of the present era." Revelation is both formless and also within form, andDiscipleship2, 367:the more subtle and devoid of form will be the revelation. This is, of course, a platitude of whichDiscipleship2, 367:recognition. Again, there is necessarily, in revelation, always the concept of Light and that whichDiscipleship2, 367:the organ of vision, the eye through which revelation of physical areas of consciousness becomesDiscipleship2, 367:of the recognitions which he renders to the revelation that unfolds before him, once he is anDiscipleship2, 368:Decision that Perception and Recognition of the revelation reach their heights for the initiate.Discipleship2, 368:them we shall not deal, for they are effects of revelation so far removed from the possibleDiscipleship2, 368:them constituting what we mean when we speak of revelation. This revelation can be - as I said -Discipleship2, 368:what we mean when we speak of revelation. This revelation can be - as I said - either in form orDiscipleship2, 368:to you, my brothers. It is with these aspects of revelation that we are here dealing, because theyDiscipleship2, 368:an emotional orientation to light and revelation, and that which is the consequence of thought andDiscipleship2, 369:by you mentally, alongside that of the revelation itself. I would ask you also to remember that IDiscipleship2, 369:initiates of today and made visible in words. Revelation is therefore, as far as you are concerned,Discipleship2, 369:taken the fourth initiation. The three points of revelation (indicated by me) can usefully beDiscipleship2, 369:- in their briefest form - the four points of Revelation already indicated, and then "in the Light"Discipleship2, 370:upon the Path. There follows next the fifth revelation, which is as follows: When the light of theDiscipleship2, 370:these apparently simple statements anent revelation can be. As I have formulated them above, theyDiscipleship2, 370:I have formulated them above, they indicate the revelation in its primary and initiatory individualDiscipleship2, 370:is deeply involved in these five points of revelation. [371] It has been occultly stated that: "TheDiscipleship2, 371:within the emanating rays - lies a point of revelation, offsetting the radiation but preserving theDiscipleship2, 371:I will endeavor (as we consider these points of revelation) to express as far as may be thisDiscipleship2, 371:into expression - as far as the points of revelation are concerned - at their respective
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