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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REVELATION

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Discipleship2, 372:and space. Let us now consider these points of revelation so as to gain from them some realDiscipleship2, 372:on Initiation - Part VIII The First Point of Revelation: Energy follows thought and the eye directsDiscipleship2, 372:perception of the ordinary man and with the revelation which comes to the initiate disciple as heDiscipleship2, 372:before him: The point of tension which precedes revelation. There is much to be considered inDiscipleship2, 372:the forerunner of initiation and its subsequent revelation. The stillness by which the revealingDiscipleship2, 372:if I may so inadequately express the idea. The revelation is given to the initiate as if there wasDiscipleship2, 372:but future activity. The level upon which the revelation (apprehended at the highest possible pointDiscipleship2, 373:must not only realize the significance of the revelation but must also know the sphere of activityDiscipleship2, 373:this last sentence. Each of the five points of revelation indicates to the initiate: procedure,Discipleship2, 373:give you some ideas anent the five points of revelation which I have indicated, leaving yourDiscipleship2, 374:understood. From the angle of our studies, the revelation accorded to the initiate relates to theDiscipleship2, 375:the line of least resistance. The first Point of Revelation has necessarily an unique relation toDiscipleship2, 376:will be mastered by them, and the first point of revelation will no longer be a revelation; theyDiscipleship2, 376:first point of revelation will no longer be a revelation; they will be committed to an intelligentDiscipleship2, 376:on Initiation - Part VIII The Second Point of Revelation: The Will is an expression of the Law ofDiscipleship2, 376:of the Law of Sacrifice. The second Point of Revelation is of peculiar interest. It concerns theDiscipleship2, 376:the astral plane as it essentially is; with this revelation comes also the recognition of the basicDiscipleship2, 377:But the initiate-disciple receives an unique revelation and an applied conditioning which enableDiscipleship2, 378:You can see, therefore, how different is the revelation which comes to the initiate than are thoseDiscipleship2, 378:error. There is a group service quality to the revelation with which we are dealing, and also aboutDiscipleship2, 378:are dealing, and also about these five stages of revelation, which is unknown until the antahkaranaDiscipleship2, 378:connection with the astral plane. This Point of Revelation brings with it certain revelations of anDiscipleship2, 379:you about the results of the second point of revelation, how widely comprehensive is the entireDiscipleship2, 379:how widely comprehensive is the entire theme of revelation as it implements, impulses and motivatesDiscipleship2, 379:of the divine purpose. In all these points of revelation the Spiritual Triad is involved, and everyDiscipleship2, 379:the result of initiation. All the five points of revelation are conveyed or make their impressionDiscipleship2, 380:thrown some light upon this second point of revelation, and much upon which you could well ponderDiscipleship2, 385:initiations, and after the fifth Initiation of Revelation, he sees with a new clarity some of theDiscipleship2, 386:of initiation, thus producing a continuity of revelation and of enlightenment. In reality, theDiscipleship2, 388:to indicate the relation between initiation and revelation. Hint VII. - One of the marks ofDiscipleship2, 388:with the sixth hint, I pointed out that revelation - induced by right orientation and rightDiscipleship2, 388:delay their progress by not recognizing the revelation when it arises above the line of theirDiscipleship2, 388:considered, the seed or germ of an intended revelation. The Master knows well what is the nextDiscipleship2, 388:The Master knows well what is the next revelation [389] which will be in order for the disciple inDiscipleship2, 389:in training; through hints he sows the seed of revelation, but it remains for the disciple toDiscipleship2, 389:the seed until it flowers forth in the beauty of revelation. In seeking to elucidate these hintsDiscipleship2, 389:proceed alone and unaided towards the moment of revelation. You talk of a series of initiations,Discipleship2, 389:work with their disciples is to prepare them for revelation. Bear in mind, brother of mine, thatDiscipleship2, 389:revelation. Bear in mind, brother of mine, that revelation is hard to take and to hold - a pointDiscipleship2, 389:the initiate passes through three stages where a revelation is concerned: First comes the stage ofDiscipleship2, 389:darkness follows and almost despair when the revelation fades and the disciple finds that he mustDiscipleship2, 389:knowledge but dispense with the stimulation of revelation. Finally, he becomes so engrossed withDiscipleship2, 389:and with leading them towards their next revelation that the excitement and the reaction areDiscipleship2, 389:will - if it serves his selfless interests - the revelation is forever his. Ponder on this. Discipleship2, 397:II - Teachings on Initiation - Part IX Points of Revelation We have already dealt with two of theDiscipleship2, 397:We have already dealt with two of the points of revelation and have therefore considered the twoDiscipleship2, 397:form) to employ the will aspect and - in the revelation accorded - he takes a major step toward theDiscipleship2, 397:initiation and is confronted with the revelation which has been expressed for its in the followingDiscipleship2, 397:if brought into relation with the previous revelation, involving the Will and the Law of Sacrifice.Discipleship2, 398:the will of God is known." It is an elementary revelation of the divine Purpose which is given atDiscipleship2, 398:be considered in relation to the Points of Revelation: Procedure, Location, Objective. All three ofDiscipleship2, 398:here in considering the nature of the impending revelation. The recognition of these Points ofDiscipleship2, 398:revelation. The recognition of these Points of Revelation falls automatically into two mainDiscipleship2, 399:which will carry him from the immediate point of revelation on to the final glory, must and will beDiscipleship2, 399:The location of this particular point of revelation is on the mental plane; through the alignmentDiscipleship2, 399:channel for vision is created. The medium of revelation at this initiation is the antahkarana,Discipleship2, 400:come. I have told you that these points of revelation are the germ or seed of a certain invocativeDiscipleship2, 401:the three stages which accompany the points of revelation: the Stage of Penetration, the Stage ofDiscipleship2, 401:the teaching. Passing on to the fourth Point of Revelation, we find it covered in the followingDiscipleship2, 401:There it must take shape." This point of revelation carries the initiate to one of the highestDiscipleship2, 403:to him in a successive series of points of revelation) is made possible by his submission to theDiscipleship2, 403:can now - through appreciated and comprehended revelation - add to his work with the Plan and itsDiscipleship2, 403:angle of this process, revealed by the point of revelation attained in the fourth initiation, isDiscipleship2, 404:of the significances involved. These points of revelation emanate from the world of significances,Discipleship2, 404:You have therefore, in this suggested point of revelation, the same three sequential methods ofDiscipleship2, 405:your attention to the fact that this point of revelation is related to the plane of pure reason orDiscipleship2, 406:of that time. We will leave the fifth point of revelation at this time and consider it in our nextDiscipleship2, 411:to indicate the relation between Initiation and Revelation." In the past, it was the Master whoDiscipleship2, 413:that the lower mind becomes the searchlight of revelation? Or has the point been reached where theDiscipleship2, 415:measure of light, of intuitive perception and of revelation which appears to him to be present inDiscipleship2, 416:upon which he is working will lead inevitably to revelation or into the light which will reveal theDiscipleship2, 417:to indicate the relation between Initiation and Revelation. There is no initiation possible withoutDiscipleship2, 417:is no initiation possible without a preceding revelation, and yet each initiation leads to aDiscipleship2, 417:and yet each initiation leads to a subsequent revelation. The objective of all initiation is aDiscipleship2, 417:The objective of all initiation is a conferred revelation, yet no initiation is attained without anDiscipleship2, 417:an earlier self-engendered and not conferred revelation. Let me here give you certain esotericDiscipleship2, 417:what progress you could make towards the needed revelation. Let us now consider the seventh hintDiscipleship2, 422:inclusive and competent within the new field of revelation. He notes the law which is transcended.Discipleship2, 423:will not, by any means, prove an easy matter. Revelation will, however, come if you study what isDiscipleship2, 423:II - Teachings on Initiation - Part X Points of Revelation You will have noted from the previousDiscipleship2, 423:the previous instructions that these points of revelation are essentially planetary in nature, evenDiscipleship2, 424:an [424] individual connotation. These points of revelation concern the Hierarchy and itsDiscipleship2, 424:You will also note that each of these points of revelation can be phrased in such a manner thatDiscipleship2, 424:We have, therefore, in these five points of revelation, the expression of five hierarchical laws;Discipleship2, 424:to realize that only the first point of revelation has been formulated into a law capable ofDiscipleship2, 424:stage where comprehension of this first point of revelation is becoming possible and two factorsDiscipleship2, 424:action. The second, third and fourth points of revelation are (symbolically speaking) stillDiscipleship2, 425:reality of sacrifice in the divine scheme of revelation. The fifth point of revelation is worded asDiscipleship2, 425:divine scheme of revelation. The fifth point of revelation is worded as follows: "When the light ofDiscipleship2, 425:in grasping the significance of these points of revelation and - once you have grasped them - theyDiscipleship2, 426:and embodies within himself the great Point of Revelation which has been expressed by me in theDiscipleship2, 427:In our consideration of this fifth point of revelation, a most complete picture is given of theDiscipleship2, 427:Polarization, Precipitation. In this particular revelation, all the planes (of the cosmic physicalDiscipleship2, 434:hierarchical Plan, from the attained Point of Revelation. All this is implicit in these words, andDiscipleship2, 434:in accordance with the divine Purpose. The word "revelation" is one that has been greatly misusedDiscipleship2, 434:a selfish nature and the concept implied is that revelation is the due reward, conceded to theDiscipleship2, 435:his search seems ended and reward in the form of revelation is accorded him. This procedure andDiscipleship2, 435:dominated religious thought. But the revelation accorded is, in reality, related (until the sixthDiscipleship2, 435:which is for ever consciousness aware of itself. Revelation is a progress of penetration: firstDiscipleship2, 435:- Teachings on Initiation - Part XI The agent of revelation is, for the first two initiations, the
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