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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REVELATION

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Discipleship2, 435:can be faced or confronted step by step and revelation is accorded of the world soul, of theDiscipleship2, 435:After the sixth Initiation of Decision, the revelation begins to shift on to cosmic levels and offDiscipleship2, 436:light and, in these blended lights, comes revelation. The light that shines within the sacredDiscipleship2, 436:lights revealed and they reveal a third - the revelation of the higher states of Being which hideDiscipleship2, 436:- within the human heart." The whole theme of revelation is the revelation of light, and thatDiscipleship2, 436:heart." The whole theme of revelation is the revelation of light, and that implies many differentDiscipleship2, 436:brighter lights which usher in the process of revelation. I am, my brother, speaking symbolicallyDiscipleship2, 436:At a later initiation there comes a point of revelation where the initiate perceives and records asDiscipleship2, 436:the initiate perceives and records as a definite revelation the "light of the divine Purpose," andDiscipleship2, 437:hitherto enlightened his way. At that point of revelation (again speaking symbolically), heDiscipleship2, 437:comes to the critical stage where "he recognizes revelation." I would ask you to think carefullyDiscipleship2, 437:to be forgotten. For instance, the truth that revelation is the revelation of that which is everDiscipleship2, 437:For instance, the truth that revelation is the revelation of that which is ever present; it is notDiscipleship2, 437:which is ever present; it is not in reality the revelation of something new and hitherto unknown.Discipleship2, 437:he discovers, is in himself, and the Way of Revelation is through the discovery and the discardingDiscipleship2, 438:specific initiation. There is another point of revelation on the Way of Initiation to which I wouldDiscipleship2, 438:of consciousness. It constitutes a fundamental revelation and is in the nature of a "summarizingDiscipleship2, 438:as far as I can - some teaching on the points of revelation which the Christ will make possible forDiscipleship2, 439:and [439] progress lie ahead, but the reward of revelation is adequate compensation for all thatDiscipleship2, 439:is concerned, in the words of the fifth Point of Revelation: "When the light of the seven Rays isDiscipleship2, 443:- if he is sincere and earnest - proceeds from revelation to revelation. But for the pledgedDiscipleship2, 443:and earnest - proceeds from revelation to revelation. But for the pledged disciple, such as youDiscipleship2, 443:for the pledged disciple, such as you are, this revelation is not confined to mystical depths andDiscipleship2, 471:which can lead inevitably to the next point of revelation. There are the problems and circumstancesDiscipleship2, 493:through undue interest in the origin of the revelation. A.A.B. here reminds me that I have notDiscipleship2, 511:The only true mysteries are those points of revelation for which the mechanism is inadequate andDiscipleship2, 625:feelings stand revealed and the result of that revelation we call emotion. Thoughts, again, are notDiscipleship2, 629:some aspect of understanding and some immediate revelation which you know (past all controversy andDiscipleship2, 629:that immediately needed truth, information and revelation which you must have? It is not for me toDiscipleship2, 629:of truth within yourself and there await the revelation. It will inevitably come if you care enoughDiscipleship2, 629:of bringing much intuitive perception and later revelation. [630] Will you therefore do theDiscipleship2, 630:yourself what is the next needed truth, type of revelation or requirement which will enable you toDiscipleship2, 630:due search is made. There the desired truth and revelation can be expected and awaited. Then wait.Discipleship2, 630:apply the recognized truth and the germ of the revelation to the practical affairs of living. YouDiscipleship2, 651:The coming months will hold for you revelation, and that revelation will enhance the light upon theDiscipleship2, 651:months will hold for you revelation, and that revelation will enhance the light upon the LightedDiscipleship2, 657:a quality, a tendency and, eventually, of a revelation is one of the first steps that the discipleDiscipleship2, 657:that the dissipation of glamor brings revelation. For you, this is a time of interlude in serviceDiscipleship2, 666:area" of our planetary life, bringing fresh revelation and vision but making the unlighted areaDiscipleship2, 757:What lies at the depths of your being, seeking revelation? What is the essential quality which youDiscipleship2, 762:is very full. Life has its constant points of revelation, some of which we recognize, and othersDiscipleship2, 762:we recognize, and others pass by unnoted. The revelation of a certain type of spiritual lonelinessEducation, 20:translate, analyze, and to construct forms for revelation. Thus the soul of man creates. ThisEducation, 29:leading to a consequent or subsequent group revelation. This provides the modern opportunity in theEducation, 96:because, as the light continues to bring revelation, the power to visualize can grow with the aidEducation, 144:of [144] light manifestation with its results of revelation and consequent changes. It should beExternalisation, 7:bringing assurance of immortality and a fresh revelation of the divine potencies in the humanExternalisation, 100:man and to this self-directed individual is the revelation of the larger Whole of which theExternalisation, 100:knowledge and this personal dedication to the revelation which leads next to the organization ofExternalisation, 155:consciousness which is the first and immediate revelation of the ever present Christ consciousnessExternalisation, 201:of so-called inspired spiritual knowledge and revelation, but their eyes are on the undefinedExternalisation, 202:they will recognize the onward march of revelation and the new emerging truths. These truths willExternalisation, 202:modern need and will manifest progressively the revelation of the divine nature and quality. God isExternalisation, 251:analytical minds have distorted God's revelation, and I would like to do something to produce aExternalisation, 264:of time, man has dreamed, expectant of divine revelation and of divine intervention. When all elseExternalisation, 264:perhaps produce the embodiment of another divine revelation, and - just as the Buddha expressed theExternalisation, 267:Unless this world war has in it the seeds of a revelation of a higher human freedom, and unlessExternalisation, 269:man and half horse. Both refer to an emerging revelation of the consciousness of Deity as revealedExternalisation, 269:informed with the Love of God and carried the revelation of love to man. The Rider is one of ourExternalisation, 269:- has remained for ages in the secret place of revelation (as it is esoterically called), waitingExternalisation, 269:in solution or custody, for gradual release or revelation as humanity can arrive at the neededExternalisation, 272:to grasp. [272] It is in reality the first revelation given to man of the nature of the Will of GodExternalisation, 286:of man's necessity has been met with a divine Revelation. The reason for this faith, innate in theExternalisation, 287:and guarantee of inner divine guidance and revelation in this present world cycle of 2500 years.Externalisation, 288:and have become apparent to mankind through revelation, as evolution has proceeded and man hasExternalisation, 289:relationship and identity of origin. It is the revelation of the life of God, pervading all that isExternalisation, 289:guarantee of all progress and of progressive revelation. 'Having pervaded this whole universe withExternalisation, 289:ready for further knowledge. The Continuity of Revelation. Ever down the ages and at each humanExternalisation, 289:of divinity. Upon this fact of the continuity of revelation and upon the sequence of thisExternalisation, 290:is the inevitable reward and result of revelation. Progress. The reaction of the individual man andExternalisation, 290:and of the masses of men to the continuity of revelation - historically proved - cannot be denied.Externalisation, 290:is the basic fact of religion. The types of that revelation may vary but each new revelation -Externalisation, 290:types of that revelation may vary but each new revelation - given in response to human need andExternalisation, 290:brightening goal and a greater glory. The revelation may come on varying levels of the humanExternalisation, 290:levels of the human consciousness. It may be the revelation of new lands to conquer, terrestrial orExternalisation, 292:[292] and out of the world of illusion. Each revelation brings him nearer to the world of causes.Externalisation, 293:of men, the same great illumination may come. Revelation confronts the aspirant. RevelationExternalisation, 293:may come. Revelation confronts the aspirant. Revelation confronts humanity. God is known within theExternalisation, 293:one - each stage and each life bringing its own revelation of the beauty of divinity and the gloryExternalisation, 295:the cry is going forth for aid, for relief, for revelation, for light, and for strength to shakeExternalisation, 299:divinity appear at those great cyclic moments of revelation when humanity needs the expression of aExternalisation, 360:may use such a term), humanity awaits the coming revelation. This revelation will be brought aboutExternalisation, 360:humanity awaits the coming revelation. This revelation will be brought about by the combinedExternalisation, 360:All that we can foresee or foretell anent that revelation is that some potent and far-reachingExternalisation, 362:dispelling of all past illusions and the gradual revelation of the new truths of which all pastExternalisation, 363:- until 2025 A.D. Today, as humanity awaits the revelation which will embody the thoughts andExternalisation, 363:massed intent of the people. Therefore, whatever revelation may emerge in the immediate future willExternalisation, 363:of living and requirements may save the coming revelation from too swift and quick a submergence inExternalisation, 398:revelations may then be speeded on their way: A revelation of light and understanding to humanityExternalisation, 398:what to do and how to rectify past errors. A revelation of life and of "life more abundantly" asExternalisation, 398:as Christ promised when on earth. This revelation will give to the thinkers, idealists, trueExternalisation, 401:presentation of the new step in this unfolding revelation. We can realize that to our past programsExternalisation, 403:sacrificial work for humanity, the wonder of the revelation which He brought, the imminence of HisExternalisation, 404:know and truly love, will bring humanity the new revelation for which they wait. The new worldExternalisation, 404:and Eternal Persistence The Continuity of Revelation and the Divine Approaches. These four factsExternalisation, 405:and connected with them there is no new revelation but only participation and understanding. TheseExternalisation, 406:understanding of divine purpose, a new and fresh revelation, the institution of some form of a newExternalisation, 407:task it is to save the world, to impart the next revelation and to demonstrate divinity. All theExternalisation, 409:This attitude of humanity will lead to a new revelation, to the new world religion and to newExternalisation, 410:in order and is ready, therefore, for a new revelation. For this coming revelation the work of the
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