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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REVELATION

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Intellect, 50:them, in that light, to see Light. This work of revelation is based on certain definite theories asIntellect, 55:Life, Mind and Spirit, page 32. It is this revelation of Deity that is the goal of the mysticalIntellect, 66:and seek to make God answer their request for revelation. But it is asking, demanding and expectingIntellect, 69:of a doubt. The sense of certainty and revelation comes earlier than any definite belief. TheIntellect, 69:of a way of knowledge which may be called revelation or insight or intuition, as contrasted withIntellect, 71:the mind steps in to fulfil its new function of revelation. Through meditation, the union for whichIntellect, 122:of that world-plan is revealed within us... This revelation is only partial since each of us isIntellect, 124:in man of a Universe which [124] is a revelation of a Life and of Deity, and in which mankind playsIntellect, 136:hard-earned and hard-held waiting for the divine revelation. The ancient sage of India, Patanjali,Intellect, 149:by all writers upon the subject of the mystic revelation. The thought of a Light which enters inMagic, 9:being is the unfoldment of consciousness, or the revelation of the soul. This might be called theMagic, 13:of the third aspect of divinity tends to the revelation of the soul or the second aspect which inMagic, 29:occult platitude but when acted upon leads to a revelation which makes the present 'Unknown God' aMagic, 48:likewise. This middle principle is in process of revelation now. The lower aspect is functioning.Magic, 77:this interesting subject. We can aid in the revelation of the truth by our clear thinking and fromMagic, 85:known form of truth lies the path of further revelation. A realization that dispassion is the greatMagic, 144:sound, the pouring forth of light, causing the revelation of the thought form. Light is known byMagic, 144:by the Sound is intended to be a source of revelation. It must reveal truth, and bring an aspect ofMagic, 144:to be so) is to create thought-forms to carry revelation to thinking human beings. To do this heMagic, 145:Word incarnate, broke forth into the light of revelation. Races appeared and disappeared. TheMagic, 176:the truth that all things are headed towards the revelation, and that the form matters not. TheyMagic, 184:is that which he knows to be undesirable and the revelation of his own unworthiness andMagic, 238:of control, by learning mind control and by the revelation of the form of God. By distinguishingMagic, 356:an eternal future, the innate belief in God, the revelation of the light, the achieving of a wisdomMagic, 451:occult platitude, but when acted upon leads to a revelation which makes the present "Unknown God" aMagic, 460:In its essential meaning it connotes the revelation of the presented idea, of the principle whichMagic, 467:pleased curiosity, he prepares for the important revelation. Yet the earlier injunction is theMagic, 500:has elapsed, for an event will take place and a revelation be given to the race which will turnMeditation, 224:a key fact for studying in the newer school, the revelation will be great. In this statement as toPatanjali, 47:mental control and discipline before the revelation can be truly made. The mystic must eventuallyPatanjali, 51:I am That Group consciousness. AUM The Word of Revelation. The Word God in the Flesh. The GurudevaPatanjali, 51:The Word God in incarnation. AUM The Word of revelation. The Master The self on the throne. ThePatanjali, 105:kingdoms of nature stands revealed. This is the revelation of [106] the true magic and the key toPatanjali, 156:the Father or the spirit may have a medium of revelation. It might therefore be of use if thePatanjali, 179:It should be noted here that the two causes of revelation, the practice of the eight means to yogaPatanjali, 234:upon the triple nature of every form, comes the revelation of that which has been and of that whichPatanjali, 266:are latent in every symbol or form. [266] The revelation of full consciousness, or the streamingPatanjali, 266:forward to the full flood-tide of awareness. The revelation of that which the consciousness aspectPatanjali, 266:the medium of the lower self, produces the revelation of the divine or spiritual self. The matrixPatanjali, 269:upon the triple nature of every form, comes the revelation of that which has been and of that whichPatanjali, 271:direct cause of objective manifestation and the revelation of spirit through the medium of form.Patanjali, 392:of the lower vehicles, and makes possible the revelation of the soul realm. Non-injury. No word,Patanjali, 412:as a source of light and as that which produces revelation. We know it as an instrument which isPatanjali, xi:like him, for we shall see him as he is" and the revelation of the soul to man in physical planeProblems, 10:living, of spiritual growth and of [10] divine revelation has been approached solely from the angleProblems, 17:prove to be the medium through which will come revelation as to the nature of the soul of man.Problems, 21:World War. Russia is the home of a germinating revelation of great spiritual value and groupProblems, 21:great spiritual value and group significance - a revelation for all mankind. It is the dimly sensedProblems, 22:before she herself really knows what is the revelation of which she is custodian. Her activity isProblems, 22:that Russia is the spiritual custodian of a revelation, is sensed by the other nations in theProblems, 36:the unproveable, to seek, search and demand the revelation of that which is hidden and undiscoveredProblems, 62:general unfoldment of humanity. The progressive revelation of the glory of the human spirit stillProblems, 135:ready for the light; they are expectant of a new revelation and of a new dispensation. Humanity hasProblems, 137:that greater light which the new and anticipated revelation will surely bring? Can the materialismProblems, 138:Men want to be assured that a great spiritual revelation is due and cannot be arrested and thatProblems, 140:East and the West. These are: World Religion - Revelation - Recognition. They will not be acceptedProblems, 140:guide to the spiritual life is the hope of revelation. Never before has man's need been greater andProblems, 140:need been greater and never has the surety of revelation been more certain; never has the spirit ofProblems, 140:today and, therefore, never before has a greater revelation been on its way. What that revelationProblems, 140:a greater revelation been on its way. What that revelation will be, we cannot know. The revelationProblems, 140:that revelation will be, we cannot know. The revelation [141] of the nature of God has been a slowProblems, 141:revealing light. A world religion, an expected revelation and then the development of the habit ofProblems, 148:extent to which progress has been made in the revelation of innate divinity in all its fullnessProblems, 149:understanding of divine purpose, a new and fresh revelation of divine quality, the institution ofProblems, 151:when humanity has put its house in order. A new revelation is hovering over mankind and for it theProblems, 152:the new dawning beauty and the coming vital revelation. Of one thing we can be sure, this fifthProblems, 154:been in the past shall indeed be in the future; revelation will succeed revelation until the greatProblems, 154:indeed be in the future; revelation will succeed revelation until the great Informing Life of ourProblems, 158:the preparatory work and of the invocation, is revelation - a revelation which has ever beenProblems, 158:work and of the invocation, is revelation - a revelation which has ever been cyclically given andProblems, 160:human living and which have led man on from one revelation to another have found their way into theProblems, 161:the point of ecstasy or hysteria, Pentecost or revelation. To these three - Prayer, Meditation andPsychology1, 52:we shall have a most peculiar period of revelation and of light-bringing. It is said of this timePsychology1, 70:light he now sees light, and visions a greater revelation and brilliance. This now becomes thePsychology1, 75:takes form. The plan is form. Its purpose is the revelation of the mind of God. The past revealsPsychology1, 78:dissect and analyze. All ways are one. Quality - revelation of the way. God and His Angels nowPsychology1, 87:Build the shrine well. Use care. Quality - revelation of the beauty of God. Watch well thy thought.Psychology1, 95:It is not easy to express the nature of the revelation which is on the way. It involves thePsychology1, 96:The Mystery of the Ages is on the verge of revelation, and through the revelation of the soul thatPsychology1, 96:is on the verge of revelation, and through the revelation of the soul that mystery which it veilsPsychology1, 96:that at the end of the age we shall see the revelation of that which is secret, and the emergencePsychology1, 96:totality emerges in completeness. How will this revelation come? We enter here into the realm ofPsychology1, 97:the holding out of promises of future help and revelation, and the encouragement in the aspirant ofPsychology1, 97:to the racial recognition in many ways, and the revelation will come along so many lines that allPsychology1, 102:age, and which will aid in bringing about the revelation of the presence of the soul. Before longPsychology1, 119:the science of psychology. Thus may the work of revelation be aided. 2. If there is one thing thatPsychology1, 132:soul, through the medium of the brain, causes revelation. It throws its light into the brain, andPsychology1, 133:of Nations. 5. Smell 4th Ray Art The Beauty of Revelation. 6. The Intellect 5th Ray Mind ThePsychology1, 133:thereby bringing beauty into being and the revelation of God's will and His beneficent purpose. ByPsychology1, 134:following to its source of that mysterious revelation which we call beauty, there will be expressedPsychology1, 142:ray Life, and the realization achieved is the revelation of God as the [143] quality of thePsychology1, 156:If aspirants but realized the wonders of that revelation, and if they grasped the magnificence ofPsychology1, 178:and a great preparatory drive towards a revelation of such wonder that I cannot yet detail it.Psychology1, 178:of that which is on the way. Remember, revelation seldom [179] comes along the expected lines.Psychology1, 183:The second aspect of light is on the point of revelation, through the right understanding ofPsychology1, 183:age, the age of light, of illumination and of revelation. The esotericists of the world willPsychology1, 189:so that you will have done your share in making revelation possible; so that you will have servedPsychology1, 221:however, be realized in full potency and magical revelation until the inner eye of true vision isPsychology1, 248:The entire work is, however, one great unfolding revelation of the soul of God, and it is only whenPsychology1, 248:when we divorce humanity from that process of revelation that we find the secrets, the problems,
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