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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REVELATIONS

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Astrology, 291:aligned to or closely related to Their Own. All revelations appear to emerge into the consciousnessAstrology, 639:These are the four animals of Ezekiel and Revelations." (S.D. Vol. II, 561-562) (The Fixed Cross ofAtom, 116:and has had the first series of spiritual revelations, each one of which is a key to a stillAtom, 122:discoveries, and are on the eve of profound revelations. In the human being, as he evolves andAutobiography, 7:of modern science (though not man's use of these revelations) are a major modern spiritual factor;Bethlehem, 8:religion. It is the greatest of the later divine revelations. Much of it, since its inception twoBethlehem, 11:religion of religions, synthesizing all the past revelations and indicating the future hope. TheBethlehem, 20:unrecognized and unknown? Can there not be revelations of God utterly unprecedented, and for whichBethlehem, 49:will not only recognize the truth of the past revelations and testify to their validity and theirBethlehem, 52:of the words spoken to the seven Churches in Revelations will bring much light upon the factor ofBethlehem, 92:revealed to us and in us? There may be future revelations of such stupendous wonder and beauty thatBethlehem, 111:to aid and no voice to strengthen, that those revelations come and that clear insight is developedBethlehem, 149:of the strongest testimonies to the fact of the revelations. The very simplicity of the story asBethlehem, 161:goes on to point out: "We have therefore three revelations of the secret of messiahship, which soBethlehem, 182:(Ezekiel, I, 10.) And again in the Book of Revelations, we find the same astrological symbology:Discipleship1, 211:revealed. All secrets must fade away, yet the revelations which come as one progresses along theDiscipleship1, 733:they can constitute a series of graded revelations upon the Way to light; they exist then asDiscipleship2, 55:the ancient formula) and made possible certain revelations. To students such as you, the symbolismDiscipleship2, 67:be, the more he is consciously aware of these revelations. If his orientation is towards his lifeDiscipleship2, 166:of human living, but also to make those revelations which will enable humanity to move forward outDiscipleship2, 173:evil dwells; the New Testament in the Book of Revelations speaks of evil and of the destruction ofDiscipleship2, 258:inexperienced neophyte is constantly receiving revelations and recording what he regards as mostDiscipleship2, 267:has already been given to you) certain definite revelations become possible. These formulas are sixDiscipleship2, 285:with this third point (referring to the revelations which the [286] initiate can expect), I wouldDiscipleship2, 307:of lesser lights? What is the relation of these revelations to the life of the occultist, and mustDiscipleship2, 308:revelation has its place in a great series of revelations and enlightenments; the disciple has toDiscipleship2, 309:or factually speaking - there are five great revelations, making a total of twenty-five, with tenDiscipleship2, 309:to you in my past instructions three of these revelations. They are, if you will remember: EnergyDiscipleship2, 318:of this unfoldment consists of a sequence of revelations which are induced by his recognition ofDiscipleship2, 320:confine within due limits some of these escaped revelations. They express a past, indicate aDiscipleship2, 322:in his physical plane life. A study of the three revelations indicated in the earlier instructionDiscipleship2, 322:and the three inner stages through which all revelations pass. You may also have noted how oneDiscipleship2, 322:to another. You will (having studied the three revelations indicated on pages 309-10) note how allDiscipleship2, 345:is strictly in relation to initiation. The revelations accorded (of which three have already beenDiscipleship2, 347:in five stages, requiring in addition two final revelations of major importance. One of the linesDiscipleship2, 349:revelation. It will be apparent to you that the revelations with which I am dealing take place as aDiscipleship2, 349:earlier initiations may have their corresponding revelations, under the great Law of Analogy, butDiscipleship2, 369:on Initiation - Part VIII As we consider these revelations, I would like to take them up with youDiscipleship2, 369:ask you also to remember that I am dealing with revelations which are no longer true revelations,Discipleship2, 369:with revelations which are no longer true revelations, because they have been formulated by theDiscipleship2, 378:aspirant and disciple regard as astounding revelations. Their sense of values is in error. There isDiscipleship2, 378:This Point of Revelation brings with it certain revelations of an unexpected nature and imparts toDiscipleship2, 379:motivates hierarchical activity. Through those revelations the initiate-disciple becomes aware ofDiscipleship2, 379:one or other of its grouped masses. These revelations concern the use of the Will in implementingDiscipleship2, 379:Triad is involved, and every one of the revelations is - in a steady crescendo of illumination -Discipleship2, 389:but the Masters talk in terms of a series of revelations, and their work with their disciples is toDiscipleship2, 404:of truth as is to be found in all such revelations. What are these methods? There is, first of all,Discipleship2, 435:on to cosmic levels where he contacts unimagined revelations. The fact that I want you toDiscipleship2, 438:and this makes him not only welcome the revelations of light but also to become one of the AgentsEducation, 56:works can be more easily appreciated through the revelations [57] of science than by the hymns,Externalisation, 136:for the emergence of fresh opportunity and new revelations. It is the universality of theseExternalisation, 286:of Avatars, and in the continuity of divine Revelations. This is the persistent belief -Externalisation, 394:record by means of certain great registered revelations - the result of these Approaches. Always inExternalisation, 398:this can be successfully accomplished, two great revelations may then be speeded on their way: AExternalisation, 400:Process The New World Religion All past divine revelations have brought humanity to the point whereExternalisation, 401:divinity and recognizing the glory of all past revelations and the still more glorious promise ofExternalisation, 543:attention of the Hierarchy. There have been many revelations of divine purpose down the ages, eachFire, 434:discoveries anent matter and form, and fresh revelations concerning energy in matter. Fire, 739:has secured all the intended "realizations" and "revelations"; he can no longer be held imprisonedFire, 882:a coming cycle. This [882] is one of the great revelations at initiation: the unveiling to theFire, 1008:Among the coming discoveries, and among the next revelations of materialistic science will be oneGlamour, 174:determine and condition the world process. These revelations or subjective, vital impressions areGlamour, 174:his goals, and indicated his true nature. The revelations given throughout the ages and impressedGlamour, 174:same time a graded, wisely imparted series of revelations which have led humanity as a whole nearerGlamour, 183:technique underlies both primary and secondary revelations. In the case of the first, the timeGlamour, 183:from the Hierarchy (the Custodian of secondary revelations, as Shamballa is of primary) fifty yearsGlamour, 185:of modern history made the following simple revelations to humanity: The cause of all humanGlamour, 186:by its Revealers) has been lost. All basic revelations are presented in the simplest forms.Glamour, 187:transmutation and transfiguration. The revelations of science when basic and fundamental are asGlamour, 188:- A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor The revelations of science, though focused often throughGlamour, 188:and of trained group activity than are the revelations of religion, so called. Revelation,Glamour, 188:re-enacts. He epitomizes in Himself the revelations of the past, and to them adds His OwnGlamour, 189:is a little less illusion gathered around the revelations of science than has gathered around theGlamour, 189:of science than has gathered around the revelations of what humanity calls the more definitelyGlamour, 189:has grown greatly since that time. Again, the revelations of science are largely the result ofGlamour, 205:brings with it a constantly developing series of revelations which, [206] like all else in theGlamour, 206:and are symbolic of its character. But all these revelations constitute one great unifiedHercules, 7:to function rightly is equally true. That in the revelations that astrology will make in time toHercules, 35:the spiritual man, and so we find in the Book of Revelations that Christ comes forth riding upon aHercules, 106:the completed form. We are told in the Book of Revelations that the mark of the Beast is 666, andHercules, 108:about, seeking whom he may devour," and in Revelations V, 5, we find the words, "Behold, the LionHercules, 139:It is on mountain tops that all the great revelations occur, where the mists of the valleyHercules, 207:which may try the lower nature. One of the great revelations which has come almost unnoticed toHercules, 222:the four evangelists, and in the four beasts of Revelations. This cross is the cross of all worldInitiation, 112:Human and Solar - Chapter XII - The Two Revelations THE TWO REVELATIONS We can now consider theInitiation, 112:- Chapter XII - The Two Revelations THE TWO REVELATIONS We can now consider the stages of theInitiation, 113:Human and Solar - Chapter XII - The Two Revelations The Revelation of the "Presence" Right throughInitiation, 115:Human and Solar - Chapter XII - The Two Revelations These profound revelations shine forth beforeInitiation, 115:Chapter XII - The Two Revelations These profound revelations shine forth before the initiate in aInitiation, 118:of the Presence has to precede all other revelations. It produces within the mind of the initiateInitiation, 119:to be the necessary preamble to all later revelations. Initiation, 119:Human and Solar - Chapter XII - The Two Revelations The Revelation of the Vision Having brought theInitiation, 121:Human and Solar - Chapter XII - The Two Revelations Having learned somewhat group relations, andInitiation, 123:Human and Solar - Chapter XII - The Two Revelations When the adept of the fifth initiation can workInitiation, 132:of the Initiation ceremony, after the two great revelations there comes a moment of utter silence,Intellect, 250:soul. The prophecies in the Books of Daniel and Revelations have been responsible for the buildingMagic, 29:answered. Their solution is one of the ordinary revelations and attainments of initiation. The onlyMagic, 200:you have the number of the saved in the Book of Revelations, the one hundred and forty-fourMagic, 434:to function rightly is equally true. That in the revelations that astrology will make in time toMagic, 451:answered. Their solution is one of the ordinary revelations and attainments of initiation. The only
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