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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REVELATIONS

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Meditation, 175:activities had certain results. Later on, revelations can be made as to the rites and ceremoniesPatanjali, 265:This is the consciousness aspect and two great revelations are latent in every symbol or form.Psychology1, 37:in nature, thus constituting the totality of the revelations of the divine purpose. This, he finds,Psychology2, 367:- the race has grasped the smaller aspects and revelations and succeeded eventually in bringingPsychology2, 475:be forgotten. The man who is suffering from the revelations of light in the three worldsPsychology2, 480:urges, voices, clearly impressed commands, revelations of courses of conduct which should bePsychology2, 599:feminine mystics of the Church to the amazing revelations given in the ancient Puranas or in thePsychology2, 624:from doubt as to the future's possible revelations, into a faith that the testimony of the ages isRays, 41:and he sees possibilities and factors and revelations which have hitherto [42] been totallyRays, 241:of revelation. Yet behind all the successive revelations of divinity down the ages is to be foundRays, 241:reaches revelation in seven or fourteen lesser revelations or phases. Ponder on this and learn toRays, 271:touched the fringes of this highest of all revelations for humanity. When, for the first time, theyRays, 328:to revelation towards those points and revelations which, are perhaps part of the Goal of GodRays, 424:far-reaching a nature; mankind has also forced revelations which it had been believed could not beRays, 527:to humanity the nature of the Lighted Way, its revelations and its effects in consciousness. HeRays, 644:the soul into incarnation, is only a series of revelations, all of which lead up to the revelationRays, 704:maturity; each unfoldment is part of a series of revelations, as his vision of life and hisReappearance, 33:of human living, but also to make those revelations which will enable humanity to move forward outReappearance, 64:of its place in the long succession of divine revelations. His Mission on earth two thousand yearsReappearance, 138:sense the approach of new, impending spiritual revelations but are apt to shrink back from theirReappearance, 149:us as definite results as did all the earlier revelations and the missions of Those Who came inSoul, 78:the establishment of modern medicine, and the revelations of the age of electricity. Gradually theTelepathy, 65:it. The reaction of humanity to these two revelations (which come, if you could but realize it, asTelepathy, 163:is a symbolic way of speaking. In the Book of Revelations which was dictated 1900 years ago by the
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