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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REVERBERATES

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Astrology, 173:to the secret of rebirth, and of that word which reverberates from Cancer to Capricorn. The door ofFire, 190:as it is in process of sounding forth. As it reverberates throughout the system, it drives matterFire, 218:himself as omnipresent. As the sound of Vishnu reverberates within himself, he knows himself asFire, 516:the microcosmic 'Son of Necessity,' and when it reverberates on the physical plane producesFire, 1276:the value numerical of the synthetic indigo. It reverberates forth. The scales descend. He who hathFire, 1277:holds hid the number of the sacred blue. As it reverberates, the scales ascend, and the man whoHealing, 689:need for the egoic body to disappear. The Sound reverberates throughout the four higher subplanesHealing, 691:to report or to transmit, and - as the Sound reverberates - the soul disappears, as testimony ofInitiation, 4:cosmic chord, of which we form so humble a part, reverberates in synthetic perfection, then, andPsychology1, 63:who is the seven goes forth a word. That word reverberates along the line of fiery essence, andRays, 201:Only the Sound remains. This is the Sound which reverberates in the formless worlds; it is the
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