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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REVERSE

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Psychology2, 78:into light, a symbolic way of expressing the reverse of immersion in darkness. The Path of Return,Psychology2, 79:the seven ray methods of appropriation and the reverse stages, that we are dealing with energies.Psychology2, 331:all the stages upon which we have touched but in reverse order, and this time upon the upward arc,Psychology2, 411:inhibitions, suppressions, submissions, or their reverse aspects, are tied up with this wholePsychology2, 464:as a result of illumination are practically the reverse of those just considered. Nevertheless,Psychology2, 512:and its unhappiness? The whole position is the reverse of the problems of stimulation whichPsychology2, 599:sent to feed the forces of the astral body. They reverse, [600] therefore, the normal process andPsychology2, 619:days. That time will come. Then there is the reverse of this problem and one that must be faced byPsychology2, 619:must be faced by many group leaders. In this reverse situation, the leader is overcome and (if IPsychology2, 703:to do, which might be expressed as being the reverse of that with which the personality isRays, 301:Simultaneously, as their numbers increase, a reverse movement is taking place. Men are movingRays, 339:recipient of two currents of energy, going in reverse directions; hence the increased conflict inRays, 350:be noted in the statement that evil and good are reverse aspects of the same one reality, and evilRays, 411:for specific reasons. Here, however, you have a reverse situation. The Hierarchy, owing to itsRays, 482:"matter is spirit at its lowest point," and the reverse is equally true. The whole process is oneRays, 484:place. Just as the individual disciple has to reverse himself upon the wheel of life and tread theRays, 565:angle) appears to the progressing initiate to reverse the process which has up till now governedReappearance, 48:has been successful and what may appear as reverse activity is of no importance in the long run,Reappearance, 58:with Him. His experience and Theirs will be the reverse of the previous one, for this time everySoul, 24:differing among themselves, would hold just the reverse, namely, that all is physical, and that allSoul, 34:information. To that information we respond: a reverse activity is instituted and we are galvanizedTelepathy, 156:on all that is found below the diaphragm. The reverse is not the case to the same extent. This
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