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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REVERSES

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Astrology, 52:of orientation" wherein he slowly and gradually reverses his mode of progress upon the wheel ofAstrology, 91:which every disciple eventually undergoes as he reverses the wheel of life. Astrology, 94:to Libra and Cancer, whilst the developed man reverses the process. We could, for the sake ofAstrology, 220:so strong that the disciple submits to tests, reverses - at tremendous cost and pain - his positionFire, 666:can be heard, and sound which can be seen. Man reverses the process and sees colors and hearsGlamour, 261:You can see, therefore, how much that I teach reverses the usual occult procedures. I teach no modeHealing, 13:form, indicates disaster. When human thought reverses the usual ideas as to disease, and acceptsHealing, 115:resulting inflow of soul energy. The disciple reverses the entire situation and falls a victimHealing, 155:During the life cycle of the soul, it slowly reverses itself, and its petals then reach out towardsHercules, 13:divine Indweller. He emerges as the aspirant, reverses himself, and begins to work through theHercules, 30:but Hercules, the soul, follows the true Way, reverses the usual procedure and, figurativelyMagic, 221:human brain, which in its uninformed condition reverses the reality and sees things in an upsideMagic, 308:the glamor of the astral plane, which distorts, reverses and deceives. There is no need to dwell onMeditation, 147:from the center to the periphery; the occultist reverses the process. The mystic mounts byPsychology1, 206:or failure, but as quickly recovering from all reverses and misfortunes. It is pre-eminently thePsychology2, 276:steadily more definite, so now the personality reverses the process, and recognizes the demands ofPsychology2, 599:or non-personified) of his aspiration that he reverses the normal and wholesome process of "the WayRays, 41:them opens out the Way. Note how this passage reverses the usual presentation. Hitherto, in theRays, 339:there comes a life cycle wherein the disciple reverses himself upon the Wheel of Life (the zodiacalSoul, 104:a form of mechanical motion; Eastern Philosophy reverses the process and derives [105] mechanical
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