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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REVOLUTIONARY

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Astrologyby the academic and uninspired astrologer as revolutionary, or as erroneous, as improbable orAstrology, 4:as yet to be discovered and may even be of as revolutionary a nature. From certain astrologicalAstrology, 20:space. But onward I will move." There is another revolutionary idea which the esoteric science ofAstrology, 63:which I have made or will make which will seem revolutionary to the orthodox investigator. ThereAstrology, 497:I have made statements which are of necessity revolutionary in nature and, therefore, disturbing,Astrology, 497:of response. These two ideas are obviously revolutionary and when to them you add the new sets ofAutobiography, 140:the fact of the Law of Rebirth. It seems so revolutionary; it is apt to evoke a spirit of wearinessAutobiography, 236:factor in all human relations. Another revolutionary thing that the Tibetan did was when HeAutobiography, 239:are considered and emphasized. One other revolutionary activity brought to the attention ofDestiny, 124:is developed, then many rapid, significant and revolutionary discoveries will be made. One of theDiscipleship2, 262:and a coming beauty in living which will be revolutionary and a material response to an intensiveDiscipleship2, 583:thinking, and I will give you four which can be revolutionary in their effect upon you and of majorDiscipleship2, 671:to call "sparking" concepts, and they can be revolutionary in their effect, if you reflect uponExternalisation, 510:church must show a wide tolerance, and teach no revolutionary doctrines or cling to any reactionaryExternalisation, 542:of that mission is deeply needed and should be revolutionary in its effects. Starting [543] withExternalisation, 589:men will also realize the truth of the present revolutionary statement that at no time has He everFire, 891:are one of the factors which make possible the revolutionary progressive activity of a planet.Fire, 901:occult standpoint, much will be ascertained of a revolutionary nature. The laws of the path ofHealing, 68:I may make are, in any case, so new and revolutionary (from the standpoint of orthodox medicine)Hercules, 135:imprinted in their essential being. Yet, this revolutionary change is not to be accomplished by aPatanjali, 16:witness (or accurate evidence). One of the most revolutionary realizations to which the occultProblems, 131:Church did in the past. The refusal of the revolutionary party in Russia to recognize this corruptPsychology1, 185:release of the potencies in an atom will mark a revolutionary era, and science will have much toPsychology2, 658:They are thus preparing us for the still more revolutionary changes of the new age. Some of themRays, 251:Teaching on the New Discipleship. This has been revolutionary where the older schools of occultismRays, 419:angle of humanity is one of progress, emphatic revolutionary decisions and climaxing crises.Reappearance, 138:but are apt to shrink back from their revolutionary effects. They ask themselves many questions and
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