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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REVOLUTIONIZED

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Atom, 33:was called Radium, and this discovery entirely revolutionized the world's thought about matter andAtom, 122:earlier teaching of physical science has been revolutionized by the discovery of radium, and theAutobiography, 137:world event and the teaching it contains has revolutionized human thought, little as people mayFire, 475:attitude of man to the animal kingdom will be revolutionized, and the slaughter, ill-treatment, andFire, 910:steamers and railway apparatus, will be entirely revolutionized. This will have a potent effect notFire, 1037:lightbringers of equal rank with H. P. B. All revolutionized the thought of their time; all gave aFire, 1070:astronomy and esoteric astrology will be revolutionized, and the nature of solar energy as anFire, 1186:things and with men from the form aspect will be revolutionized. In the tabulation much informationFire, 1209:on a new coloring. The thoughts of men will be revolutionized on the subject of creation; [1210]Glamour, 187:given by the Christ or the Buddha. It completely revolutionized men's thinking and was - little as
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