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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REVOLUTIONS

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Astrology, 656:was the constellation...called the Mother of the Revolutions, and the Dragon with seven heads wasDiscipleship2, 278:of this? Do you grasp the fact that the revolutions of the past two hundred years are signs of theExternalisation, 50:condition of the masses of men. That is why revolutions [51] so seldom, if ever, can be carried outFire, xiii:every tangible form is understood, certain great revolutions will be brought about in the domainsFire, 153:combinations of matter, produced by the dual revolutions of planes and rays. The seven planes,Fire, 160:not meant the ability of any atom to make four revolutions, but the fourth dimensional quality ofFire, 1092:in three cycles and as making three kinds of revolutions, covering varying periods of time. ThereMeditation, 40:They demonstrate on the physical plane in great revolutions, gigantic cataclysms, and fundamentalMeditation, 82:carefully and scientifically awakened, its revolutions have to be intensified, its radiationsPsychology2, 47:and fused.) [47] The great Triangle begins its revolutions, and its rays reach out in allPsychology2, 261:past, and the present sexual and proletarian revolutions now going on, are the result of the
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