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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REVOLVES

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Astrology, 4:be regarded as a point around which the zodiac revolves or through which the sun passes in itsAstrology, 61:to left, and then again from left to right. He revolves in giddy fashion upon an axis of desire. HeAstrology, 142:is himself; he turns upon himself and revolves entirely upon his own axis and in respect andAstrology, 150:first three signs of the zodiacal wheel as it revolves from Aries, through Pisces, to Taurus. EachAstrology, 657:point around which our universe of fixed stars revolves." (Vol. II, 582) "The number seven isAstrology, 679:to be the star around which our universe revolves. Atom, 152:is a central point around which our solar system revolves; others say that in the constellation ofBethlehem, 37:center of spiritual life our Western world revolves. Whether we accept this fact or question itDiscipleship2, 15:way, yet loves his brother on the darkened path, revolves upon the pedestal of light and turns theFire, 136:which every form of existence, as moving power, revolves." - The Serpent Power, by Arthur Avalon.Fire, 256:the key of the great kalpa or solar cycle, and revolves around its central solar pole. c. The solarFire, 273:The cycles wherein an atom of any plane revolves upon its axis are uniform on its own plane.Fire, 279:- Section Two - Introductory Questions An atom revolves upon its axis. In its revolution it comesFire, 279:human being in objective manifestation likewise revolves upon his axis, or around his centralFire, 280:through the form of a planetary chain, similarly revolves upon His axis, and a like phenomenon mayFire, 937:a very ancient writing, which says: "As the moon revolves, she reflects. As she reflects, sheFire, 1035:the electrical forces are tapped, this diamond revolves on its axis, picturing the rotary nature ofFire, 1036:portion. At the same time, each serpent revolves upon itself, and likewise cycles around itsFire, 1044:and the pole performs its function. The sphere revolves in many cycles. As it revolves it sensesFire, 1044:The sphere revolves in many cycles. As it revolves it senses other spheres, and seeks to know theirFire, 1055:activities: First. It rotates upon its own axis, revolves cyclically within its own ring-pass-not,Fire, 1056:that undergone by a disciple. The planetary atom revolves upon its axis and comes periodicallyFire, 1056:understood. Second, the planetary atom also revolves orbitally around its solar center. This is itsFire, 1064:it in the following way. The atom in a form revolves upon its own axis, follows its own revolution,Fire, 1064:atom in a form becomes aware that it not only revolves upon its axis, but that it also follows anFire, 1083:of scientific truths is that the earth revolves upon its axis, and that it travels around the sun.Fire, 1083:is that the entire solar system equally revolves upon its axis but in a cycle so vast as to beFire, 1118:as evolution proceeds, likewise active, and revolves around the central Jewel, so that we have, notFire, 1118:petals opens, revealing that which is hid, and revolves around the Jewel, only in a contraryFire, 1155:are the center around which our solar system revolves. - S. D., II, 251, 581, 582. The Sun is theFire, 1165:Later, for a still vaster period, each petal revolves within the greater whole, and at an angleFire, 1265:our system, and the greater system of Sirius, revolves. Only one adept here and there has theFire, 1269:on the world He has returned to serve. The disk revolves and brings around - before His yetHealing, 708:supplies and thus the work is done. The heart revolves; two hearts revolve as one; the twelveHercules, 46:of the soul around which the wheel of life revolves. It is interesting to discover again, inInitiation, 8:his part, to the system wherein that planet revolves, until it finally escapes from the solarInitiation, 71:himself (as the pivot around which everything revolves) to the group center. A disciple is one whoInitiation, 130:in the heavens around which our solar system revolves, and which is termed "the central spiritualIntellect, 126:at the center of his own world, and the universe revolves around him. All that occurs has referenceMagic, 621:that they are the center of the universe, which revolves automatically around them, or are theyPsychology2, 196:constellations constitutes a special unity which revolves within our universe of heavens as ourPsychology2, 196:within our universe of heavens as our planet revolves in the center of our circle of influences. ByRays, 769:left save Flame primordial. That Flame absorbs, revolves, receives, and remains. When all that is
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