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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REWARD

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Astrology, 208:are now taken. Such is the outcome and the reward of the experience in Scorpio. It is in this signAstrology, 424:should be if understanding is to be the real reward of our efforts) the relation of the three basicAutobiography, 103:done it at a sacrifice and was now reaping my reward. The past lay behind me. My work with theAutobiography, 290:I seek to heal, not hurt. Let pain bring due reward of light and love. Let the soul control theBethlehem, 29:all world affairs at this time, and there is reward at the end of the way. Some day, sooner perhapsBethlehem, 35:practical self-application which brings its own reward but which must at first be entered uponBethlehem, 43:transitions of consciousness which are the reward of the tests triumphantly undergone. He is theBethlehem, 101:and completed purification brought its reward. It was at this initiation that God HimselfBethlehem, 128:be given to Christ. He was offered it as the reward of a single recognition - given alone andBethlehem, 150:and [150] helped Him in His work, and now, as a reward for faithfulness and recognition, they wereBethlehem, 207:words which give us a simple rule with a great reward: "If any man will do his will, he shall knowBethlehem, 216:punishment. He stated that he received the due reward of his sins, but at the same time there wasBethlehem, 217:the spirit. Happiness might be regarded as the reward of the new birth, for it has a physicalBethlehem, 217:for at the Crucifixion the bliss which is the reward of the soul's triumph was His. Thus in theseBethlehem, 220:and feel that utter aloneness which is the reward of those who mount the Cross on Golgotha. Discipleship1, 101:to give and can evoke your soul (the only true reward that the disciple seeks) in power and love.Discipleship1, 106:[106] and your service on being and see if the reward is not great. Question not this suggestionDiscipleship1, 124:exchange the abstract vision of future glory and reward for the immediate duty and goal and toDiscipleship1, 125:prideful reaction but as a justified and right reward of patient effort and true occult obedience.Discipleship1, 137:for the sake of others and find in our work the reward, interest and compensation for all theDiscipleship1, 206:field of service is growing, which is ever the reward of service rendered. You have now also gainedDiscipleship1, 281:service once a week will bring to you its own reward. But of that you need not think. Steadiness inDiscipleship1, 329:as you are, but it is one that will bring high reward. Stand by your fellow disciples with renewedDiscipleship1, 421:ponder on the true significance, value and reward of silence. Next, visualizing a vivid electricDiscipleship1, 421:blue, ponder on the true significance, value and reward of joy. Sound the OM three times audibly,Discipleship1, 432:along this line and will find release and the reward of opportunities to serve in this newDiscipleship1, 557:and thus perfect health in some life is the reward of the initiate's effort to live as a soul andDiscipleship1, 577:and may the peace which passes understanding reward all your efforts. Discipleship1, 609:will be necessary. The illusion of selection and reward. To this, all sixth ray aspirants are moreDiscipleship1, 611:list them briefly: The illusion of selection and reward to which, I warned you (as a sixth rayDiscipleship1, 655:do not mention this as in any way constituting a reward, but as indicating a possibility which willDiscipleship1, 721:because it is right so to be, and there is a reward for those who achieve it, but the concentrationDiscipleship1, 730:the vision is clear to him; this is part of the reward accorded to the initiate. He identifiesDiscipleship1, 746:Plan to the best of his ability. It is the reward, if I might so express it, of the worker whoDiscipleship1, 748:becomes a chela on the thread, it is as the reward of selfless service - carried forward at anyDiscipleship1, 767:or lives of service have brought him at last the reward; he has now free access to the Master inDiscipleship1, 790:I seek to heal, not hurt. Let pain bring due reward of light and love. Let the soul control theDiscipleship2, 72:band treading the Path together is adequate reward. It will offset the usual loneliness of theDiscipleship2, 93:closer relationship; they had earned this reward and have availed themselves of that which I hadDiscipleship2, 117:I seek to heal, not hurt. Let pain bring due reward of light and love. Let the soul control theDiscipleship2, 129:it as too elementary. I assure you that it will reward any constant effort. It had been myDiscipleship2, 146:I seek to heal, not hurt. Let pain bring due reward of light and love. Let the soul control theDiscipleship2, 288:about the required changes, but he receives no reward, save the reward of souls salvaged, livesDiscipleship2, 288:changes, but he receives no reward, save the reward of souls salvaged, lives rebuilt and humanityDiscipleship2, 323:mysterious and hitherto unknown knowledge the reward of initiation? There is much vague and looseDiscipleship2, 340:this Law, but is not wielded by it. Such is the reward of following the vision: first of all, theDiscipleship2, 351:Revelation is not only the prerogative and reward of the attaining initiate, but it is increasinglyDiscipleship2, 386:their own transfigured personalities - their reward should be their eventual manifestation asDiscipleship2, 394:no experience can be gained. Knowledge is the reward of both these factors - a knowledge which isDiscipleship2, 396:use them as a seed thought in meditation. The reward would be great. It is wise to remember thatDiscipleship2, 415:developing intelligence is the result and the reward of experience; his understanding of love, theDiscipleship2, 434:concept implied is that revelation is the due reward, conceded to the mystic because of hisDiscipleship2, 435:speaks; suddenly his search seems ended and reward in the form of revelation is accorded him. ThisDiscipleship2, 439:service and [439] progress lie ahead, but the reward of revelation is adequate compensation for allDiscipleship2, 448:which he plans is to him oft the satisfactory reward of effort, and his focused activity andDiscipleship2, 527:same time, full of unimpeded love. This is the reward of perseverance throughout the tests andDiscipleship2, 611:so completely that the recognition of adequate reward supersedes the realization of pain. The LawDiscipleship2, 630:reflection and steady mental poise bring their reward of clarified perception, then endeavor toDiscipleship2, 672:way. You can regard what I have told you as the reward of a life of patient endurance, ofDiscipleship2, 712:last sentence (as she thinks not in terms of reward or recompense), but has done so when I enjoinedDiscipleship2, 726:from old and because you earned the reward of this recognition and opportunity by beingEducation, 120:fearful expectancy and a feeble hope that some reward (in a desirable and usually material form,Externalisation, 41:telepathic work, and illumination which is the reward of effort and the real instrument for theExternalisation, 142:I seek to heal, not hurt. "Let pain bring due reward of light and love. Let the soul control theExternalisation, 237:is theirs, willingly accepted, and their reward is the freedom of humanity. I will give you anotherExternalisation, 281:by unselfish love and sacrifice. This is the reward of those with whom we work, if reward isExternalisation, 281:is the reward of those with whom we work, if reward is desired. This achieved situation will thenExternalisation, 290:human heart, and recognition is the inevitable reward and result of revelation. Progress. TheExternalisation, 516:the little ones, taking and seeking no personal reward, can manifest the ancient way to heal whichExternalisation, 535:is, whilst unity is achieved and is the reward of action and effort. As you progress upon the PathExternalisation, 575:to [575] receive its due wages and the right reward of all service rendered in the building of theExternalisation, 575:proceeds with rapidity. The stage wherein the reward of light is received and the reward of serviceExternalisation, 575:wherein the reward of light is received and the reward of service rendered; spiritual status isFire, 397:followed) yield to the student a rich reward of knowledge. Until the intuition is better developedFire, 542:with no thought of return nor any desire for reward for the immense sacrifice involved. The PetalFire, 738:selfishness during which an Ego reaps the reward of his unselfishness on earth. He is completelyGlamour, 67:is warranted and will evoke its adequate reward. As pointed out in the tabulation (See page 41),Glamour, 76:things carries with it its own beauty and reward, its own joy and glory. Thus he is liberated toGlamour, 138:his intuition is awakened and revelation is his reward. Ponder on this. The true priest is rare andGlamour, 267:range of perceptions and, in order to garner the reward of those possible contacts, He has toHealing, 291:for initiation. There is also the Karma of Reward in contradistinction to that of Retribution; thisHealing, 712:emergence. This is the prime task and the prime reward of all true [713] healers. It is thisHercules, 4:devil comes to an untimely end. And this as the reward of a meek submission to the will of anHercules, 5:upon the Path of Discipleship, and the reward of all the work done by Hercules. Hercules, 31:is the promise made to Hercules and such is the reward held out to all disciples. This first laborHercules, 75:burden of Atlas. After the sacrifice comes the reward, and Hercules received his great surpriseHercules, 181:say that you will do this mighty task without reward?" the King declared suspiciously. "I have noInitiation, viii:to be used in the helping of the race are the reward of the man who is willing to make theInitiation, 213:I kill desire, and I strive, forgetting all reward. I forego peace; I forfeit rest, and in theIntellect, 95:There is no escaping the fiery furnace, but the reward is commensurate with the trial. TheIntellect, 190:into the true nature of the Self) is the reward of the man who can discriminate between the mindIntellect, 215:changed assumption into certainty and reaped the reward of open-mindedness, persistence, andMagic, 90:spiritual energy we call love is the promised reward of the triumphant solar Angels, and the prizedMagic, 197:by personality attraction, and the motive of reward. Until there is this awakening in the heart, heMagic, 227:in common with all disciples and it is the reward of the gained victories of his astral planeMagic, 348:training need indeed to count the cost. The reward at the end is great, but the path is rough andMagic, 349:and expect to see your life spent for no reward that touches the personality. It is only as theMagic, 349:one's true position in the cosmic whole that the reward becomes apparent; but cease from fear, andMagic, 368:hard thing to learn and difficult to do but the reward is great. Magic, 369:So work, not for joy but towards it; not for reward, but from the inner need to help; not for
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