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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RHYTHM

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Discipleship2, 205:as he becomes habituated in this meditation rhythm, he learns to swing his own individualDiscipleship2, 205:swing his own individual meditation into the set rhythm of the Hierarchy; this is a definite [206]Discipleship2, 206:[206] step forward, for the hierarchical rhythm is one of tremendous potency - a potency so greatDiscipleship2, 235:truth. But the time has now come when the great rhythm of meditation, ranging from desire throughDiscipleship2, 301:through an entirely new adjustment to a higher rhythm and area of expression. This has greatlyDiscipleship2, 341:time as it conditions speed; as it establishes rhythm; as it directs relationships; as itDiscipleship2, 341:determines choice and fixes decision: activity, rhythm, relationship, decision! The decisionsDiscipleship2, 351:participation necessarily condition the rhythm and the keynote of the Hierarchy at any given time.Discipleship2, 452:closely related, as you can well imagine, to the rhythm of breathing. It might be regarded in theDiscipleship2, 452:remainder of your life they should establish the rhythm of your effort; later, upon the Path ofDiscipleship2, 452:possible turn of the spiral within the planetary rhythm - but that time is not yet. As I give youDiscipleship2, 454:but in doing so you could establish a basic rhythm in your life which you would never regret. YouDiscipleship2, 477:You have consequently established a thought rhythm which naught can change and which will be aDiscipleship2, 502:as follows: He must endeavor to carry the rhythm of service and of fruitful living with him when -Discipleship2, 515:Take six long slow breaths, thus establishing a rhythm. Then take one long breath and gather up byDiscipleship2, 542:of the outer Ashram need in no way disturb the rhythm you are achieving and many of your groupDiscipleship2, 556:necessity for such a stabilization of spiritual rhythm, and too much emphasis is frequently laidDiscipleship2, 587:to your ultimate success. I seek to change your rhythm of work. I asked you - as you know - eachDiscipleship2, 611:no need for me to ask you to stand by A.A.B. The rhythm of years cannot be disturbed and you haveDiscipleship2, 628:and adjustments have been regimented into rhythm, and then the threads are picked up, the oldDiscipleship2, 678:overwhelming success. It had the spirit and the rhythm of the Hierarchy behind it. Today the demandDiscipleship2, 699:permit music to play a major part in your life rhythm; choose only the best music, such as thatDiscipleship2, 700:man" by the power also of sound, and a musical rhythm can usefully be imposed upon the personalityDiscipleship2, 704:the discords and established the theme and the rhythm. What are the lessons which all true leadersDiscipleship2, 717:It will appear to disrupt and to disturb the rhythm of your life, but it will net you good resultsDiscipleship2, 722:remain so until you have brought quietness and rhythm into your physical plane life. It was theDiscipleship2, 722:life problem, you know that you need the steady rhythm and the heartbeat of the Headquarters in NewDiscipleship2, 722:health and peace and a stable settled personal rhythm. This again will signify a step towardsDiscipleship2, 741:here and there that you assist, and there is no rhythm or organization in your service, owing toDiscipleship2, 741:at his own center; his life then has an ordered rhythm, and there is a steadfast adherence to aDiscipleship2, 742:you think it not, and will be better still when rhythm enters into your life. You have a free mindDiscipleship2, 742:you are endowed and to produce that ordered rhythm and arranged living which are required to make aDiscipleship2, 755:where life has placed you in a part to play. The rhythm of all life pulsates in time and space andDiscipleship2, 755:all life pulsates in time and space and in that rhythm you must find a note that liberates. PonderEducation, 10:to color and form, or a response to music and rhythm? Is the intellectual caliber one that shouldEducation, 23:of order, and the imposition of an established rhythm through the development of innate faculty toEducation, 23:and the autocratic imposition of a ritualistic rhythm upon public life in a large number ofEducation, 23:of innate attribute and this instinct to ordered rhythm, making it more creatively constructive andEducation, 134:(and that is going on apace), as the Laws of Rhythm and Approach are grasped, it will then be foundEducation, 135:Through this lack of regulation and of essential rhythm, the natural consequences have occurred,Education, 138:life and sex, to birth and parenthood, that sex rhythm, cyclic experience, psychologicalExternalisation, 6:lack of use, are unaccustomed to the powerful rhythm imposed upon them; and humanity's equipment ofExternalisation, 26:words. Their united saying will set up a rhythm and a momentum of great potency. Let the Forces ofExternalisation, 60:are (as you well know) inertia, activity and rhythm or - giving them their Hindu names - tamas,Externalisation, 117:and is continuously over-emphasized. It is the rhythm of matter in contradistinction to the rhythmExternalisation, 117:the rhythm of matter in contradistinction to the rhythm of the soul, and these constitute theExternalisation, 120:and also of crime. Right before our eyes this rhythm is today changing and a serious problem isExternalisation, 120:of evolution are forcing the breaking up of the rhythm of concentration and substituting for it theExternalisation, 120:of concentration and substituting for it the rhythm [121] of dispersion. This will do much for theExternalisation, 183:Hitler and Mussolini. These have all upset the rhythm [184] of their times and have come to powerExternalisation, 193:nation is the perfecting of its national life, rhythm and machinery, so that it can be an efficientExternalisation, 298:His work will demonstrate the law, order and rhythm of the creative process as it works out on theExternalisation, 412:Detachment is in reality the imposition of a new rhythm or habit reaction upon the cells of theExternalisation, 518:of the race, vibrates to a more rapid rate of rhythm. This will be tremendously increased duringExternalisation, 540:problems of increased personnel, disturbing the rhythm but necessitated by the demand for workers;Externalisation, 568:Shamballa) came as a major disturbance to the rhythm of many tens of thousands of years; it hasExternalisation, 621:this leads later on to the highest quality of rhythm or sattva. To the rhythm of life under whichExternalisation, 621:the highest quality of rhythm or sattva. To the rhythm of life under which the Christ and theExternalisation, 655:humanity, and necessarily of the Hierarchy. Its rhythm is established and its effects are wellExternalisation, 659:of thousands) and the sound of its mantric rhythm is increasingly responsible for this work; aExternalisation, 667:when correctly directed and used, a right rhythm is being imposed upon all aspects of human [668]Externalisation, 668:task is one of supreme difficulty. The entire rhythm of international thinking has to be altered,Externalisation, 668:by those who can work in cooperation with the rhythm of the seventh ray, and thus produce orderedExternalisation, 673:established - each of them - their needed cyclic rhythm; they are responsible for the activity ofExternalisation, 681:ashram to those in other ashrams in a measure or rhythm of telepathic relation. From this unifiedFire, 114:minor Rays: The Ray of Beauty, Harmony, Art or Rhythm. The Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science.Fire, 124:vibratory movement (feeling the warmth and rhythm of each other, yet separated), the fire leapsFire, 128:the interest that is awakened by the study of rhythm. This is true, not only cosmically andFire, 128:Underlying all the physical sense attached to rhythm, vibration, cycles and heartbeat, lie theirFire, 129:slowing down and gradual cessation of the cyclic rhythm, the adequate vibration is achieved, andFire, 129:we know, by three qualities: Inertia, Mobility, Rhythm. These three are experienced in just theFire, 130:of the Logos or the Totality) comes a period of rhythm and of stabilization wherein the point ofFire, 157:by the three qualities, of inertia, mobility and rhythm. 1. Inertia. This characterizes every atomFire, 158:quality is brought into definite recognition. 3. Rhythm, or the attainment of the point of perfectFire, 159:and of Spirit upon each other. When the point of rhythm or balance is reached in a solar system, inFire, 161:all sheaths in their progress from inertia to rhythm, via mobility, pass through all stages,Fire, 197:vibration by means of touch. Inertia, mobility, rhythm, are the qualities manifested by theFire, 197:are the qualities manifested by the not-self. Rhythm, balance, and stable vibration are achieved byFire, 214:from one another, wide distribution, vibratory rhythm, [215] heterogeneity and quality and theirFire, 256:key of the lowest cosmic plane, and its rate of rhythm can be felt on the cosmic astral, with aFire, 260:extra-systemic centers, and discover the basic rhythm. Then, and only then, will he be a trulyFire, 427:up the basic laws of color and of music and rhythm. When music produces warmth or stimulation, andFire, 568:of equilibrium, and with the necessary rate of rhythm. Unevenness of rhythm is really an illusionFire, 568:with the necessary rate of rhythm. Unevenness of rhythm is really an illusion of time, and does notFire, 575:the positive aspect of the process. All is rhythm and movement, and when all that evolves on eachFire, 785:three groups of Pitris form a unity in work. The rhythm set up has been established and the workFire, 792:after a moment of equilibrium, the effect of the rhythm is felt entirely on the higher planes, andFire, 800:a potent and active factor in the imposition of rhythm upon the atom in every body. In the humanFire, 800:life of the solar Logos, for that Life imposes rhythm upon every human atom in the system, and doesFire, 802:the dissociation of the human atom from the rhythm imposed upon him by the lower "influences" whichFire, 802:Heavenly Man. Man is no longer the slave of the rhythm of matter per se, but controls it in theFire, 831:summed up under the generic term of the Law of Rhythm. All manifestation is the result of activeFire, 928:depend for their potency upon the sound and rhythm and upon the syllabic emphasis imparted to themFire, 937:process whereby the solar Lord imposes a certain rhythm and vibration upon different aspects ofFire, 951:of the Ego, as we well know, is to impose a new rhythm upon his shadow and reflection, the lowerFire, 954:things: The imposition of the newer and higher rhythm upon men. The dissipation of the murky cloudsFire, 960:and meditation. Later, when the right rhythm has been set up in the bodies, and the purification ofFire, 983:on the mental plane with a certain rate of rhythm, and a certain vibratory activity. This is theFire, 1035:with the monadic aspect, until that higher rhythm is imposed upon him. This is equally true of aFire, 1039:on other cohering atomic forms, until the rhythm is built up, and a [1040] vibration instigated
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