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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RHYTHM

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Magic, 202:in of new energies and of a new vibratory rhythm so that the soul becomes the positive controllingMagic, 203:be imposed the steady detached and harmonizing rhythm of the soul, the higher self. This work ofMagic, 206:of the average self-centered man. By the rhythm of his divine life and by his conscious cooperationMagic, 206:safely used where there is no attempt to impose rhythm upon the life of every day. The twoMagic, 206:energy. There is the imposition of a peculiar rhythm, brought about by the particular spacing andMagic, 207:body. The entire vital body assumes a particular rhythm according to the breathing exercises. ThisMagic, 208:think of yourself as the soul, the imposer of rhythm, and the voice that speaks. This is somethingMagic, 242:fears and racial, for all of us swing to the rhythm of the second ray. He is dominated by sex andMagic, 285:are coordinated and working in harmonious rhythm then the highest aspect (the spiritual) makes itsMagic, 314:"heart of the solar Logos" beats now in closer rhythm with this planet than has heretofore been theMagic, 323:activity, and of more potent achievement. Rhythm, ebb and flow, and the measured beat of theMagic, 368:power of your will, you seek to make it be; the rhythm becomes heavier and slower, the materialMagic, 368:or three sense the plan intuitively; then the rhythm they set up with their thought sweeps theMagic, 372:vibrates ever to a faster and lighter rate of rhythm. It is necessary likewise that you arrive atMagic, 386:in which it was written necessitates the loss of rhythm and potency. "I stand between the HeavensMagic, 454:holding a certain measure of awareness, of rhythm, and of coherency according to the force of theMagic, 491:ancient habits have been overcome and the new rhythm established. Then the aspirant will discoverMagic, 497:illusion due to old habit and to old established rhythm but not to coordinated coherent purpose. ItMagic, 503:followed now by all who seek to establish such a rhythm that life itself is not only organized andMagic, 514:own peculiar pulsation. Some lives change their rhythm and mode of activity every seven years;Magic, 527:are beginning to fall into the larger divine rhythm. They are learning the nature ofMagic, 530:scope of an incarnation, sets its measure and rhythm, determines the radius of its influence, andMagic, 532:not suffer pain as does mankind. Their rate of rhythm is steadier although in line with the Law.Magic, 571:solar Angel, so that solar force may impose its rhythm upon the lunar forces. An intelligentMagic, 572:of potency and to harmonize them into a unified rhythm. The capacity, therefore, to work at willMagic, 587:automatically brought into a right condition of rhythm, vitality and vibratory activity. This stageMagic, 596:instructions which will reverse the ancient rhythm of the centers, destroy without pain and dangerMagic, 624:they know it to be right and they also have the rhythm of work. Others are grasping opportunity asMeditation, 17:Its exponents develop along the line of music, rhythm and painting. They withdraw within in orderMeditation, 41:form of the new world. Gradually the new rhythm will impose itself on the disorganized communitiesMeditation, 57:thereto by unity of sound, of color and of rhythm. This leads to the second factor we areMeditation, 66:and swinging all into line with the higher rhythm. This results in equilibrium; it stimulates theMeditation, 82:it, and to impose another and still higher rhythm. Growth is one long period of building in orderMeditation, 82:to later disrupt them, and to force the old rhythm to give place to the new. What the PersonalityMeditation, 83:First comes the clashing of the old with the new rhythm. This is followed by a period of gradualMeditation, 180:elemental lives up to the great Words chanted in rhythm that call the Lord of a Ray, the Deva of aMeditation, 190:collectively in a meditation form. The use of rhythm collectively in meditation. Special occasionsMeditation, 191:is that those forms, in employing sound and rhythm, should open up a funnel of communicationMeditation, 194:on the right note and in the right cadence or rhythm, then the downflow of force from above (theMeditation, 196:VI - The Use of Form in Meditation The Use of Rhythm Collectively in Meditation August 22, 1920Meditation, 196:Collectively in Meditation August 22, 1920 Rhythm might be expressed as that cadenced movementMeditation, 197:In the old, so-called pagan rites the value of rhythm was well understood and even David, theMeditation, 197:in this manner is directed (according to the rhythm) to some one or other center in the body. TheMeditation, 197:of rhythmic movement, and the main effect of the rhythm is the direction of the force tapped by itsMeditation, 198:This channel is formed by the use of sound and rhythm simultaneously employed. By the chanting of aMeditation, 200:scientific application of the laws of sound and rhythm. At the same time you will see the misuse ofMeditation, 201:rhythmic ceremonies. By means of their united rhythm and chanted words, they will seek to putMeditation, 201:be the focal point, and, after due ceremony and rhythm on the part of the united congregation, theyMeditation, 232:upon the personality of a certain rate of rhythm. We do this in our study of the third point uponMeditation, 233:altering its rate of vibration, and changing its rhythm, which change demonstrates to the eye ofMeditation, 233:other with greatly increased rapidity. One has a rhythm slow, sluggish and heavy, the other isMeditation, 234:in incarnation at the same time, and the rate of rhythm will be slightly affected. This from theMeditation, 338:overcome that vibration, by imposing on it a new rhythm, definitely eliminating and constructing.Patanjali, 26:and the reiterated effort to impose the new rhythm upon the old, and to efface deep seated habitsPatanjali, 32:are: 1. Sattva Energy of Spirit Monad Father rhythm or harmonious vibration 2. Rajas Energy of SoulPatanjali, 64:we call the mental body and to the heavy rate of rhythm found in most people. That is the reasonPatanjali, 89:the nature of these forces is determined by the rhythm, the activity and the quality of the atomsPatanjali, 102:as revealed by the Son to the Mother. Sattva (or rhythm) alone becomes manifest, rajas (activity)Patanjali, 102:remember here that sattva has reference to the rhythm of the forms in which the yogi isPatanjali, 112:has three qualities, sattva, rajas and tamas (rhythm, mobility and inertia); it consists of thePatanjali, 147:of matter itself, sattva, raja and tamas, or rhythm, activity and inertia, and are inherent in allPatanjali, 148:later, as he seeks to serve. The attribute of rhythm, or balance, is the quality of the spirit orPatanjali, 148:can be noted that: The attribute of balance or rhythm distinguishes the mental vehicle. When thePatanjali, 153:has three qualities, sattva, rajas and tamas (rhythm, mobility and inertia); it consists of thePatanjali, 155:of thought-substance: 1. Sattvic substance rhythm, equilibrium, 2. Rajasic substance mobility,Patanjali, 219:response of the lower to the higher, lies in rhythm, and in the ability of the physical body toPatanjali, 223:dense physical, and the synchronization of the rhythm of the two bodies and the consequent unity ofPatanjali, 223:man through attention to the etheric breath and rhythm. This inevitably produces the "externalPatanjali, 226:Their due alignment, The regulation of the rhythm of the sheaths so that they are synchronized withPatanjali, 265:in: Its rate of vibration, The nature of its rhythm, The amount of light which it permits toPatanjali, 281:tamasic. That is translated as follows: Sattva rhythm spirit life Rajas mobility soul light TamasPatanjali, 332:and its energies rightly directed, and when rhythm is achieved, then a radiant life is seen. [333]Patanjali, 333:and setting up a pulsation, a vibration, a rhythm. Then the [334] word or sound, causing thePatanjali, 344:scheme is characterized by inertia, activity or rhythm. It is inherent in substance. Only the ratePatanjali, 400:are in both cases concerned with the rhythm or gunas of matter. It might be said that what we arePatanjali, 422:overcoming is the same. The right tendencies and rhythm having been set up, it becomes simply aProblems, 29:steps which would establish unity and beauty of rhythm in the life of its peoples. To foster theProblems, 49:them at first to react correctly to an imposed rhythm of living. Discipline will be needed but itPsychology1, 20:centers of differentiated life which function in rhythm and relation, but which have varyingPsychology1, 57:by little as he swings consciously into the rhythm of the sum total of which he is a part. WhenPsychology1, 57:are possible, the part is lost in the whole; the rhythm of the whole subjects the individual to aPsychology1, 65:detachment. Through thee the life pulsates, the rhythm is imposed. The life is all. Love life inPsychology1, 72:difficult subject in such a form that some new rhythm of thought may be set in motion, and some newPsychology1, 75:reveal their inner purpose, and all is seen as rhythm, a returning on itself. The great scroll canPsychology1, 127:color, which entails a resemblance in note and rhythm. When, therefore, a man is on the red andPsychology1, 153:This condition is governed by a cosmic law of rhythm so obscure as to be incomprehensible at thisPsychology1, 221:mineral kingdom is a result of the "ritual of rhythm," as are all the basic forms upon which thePsychology1, 221:to organize. The urge to create, or the initial rhythm which led the solar Logos to take form. Psychology1, 229:and seventh rays. Their united will and ordered rhythm have produced this Earth and the moltenPsychology1, 229:its original condition, plus the gain of ordered rhythm and the tendencies and qualities wroughtPsychology1, 258:seventh ray cycle, though as law and order and rhythm are imposed upon the planet, and as chaosPsychology1, 268:function, however, which has not been reduced to rhythm in the [269] daily life and regarded as onePsychology1, 270:average man today. The one is controlled by the rhythm of his animal nature, and knows no more ofPsychology1, 278:retrogression, the swinging back into an ancient rhythm, and the resumption of ancient practices.Psychology1, 331:This quality is the development of sattva or rhythm within the human kingdom. This is reallyPsychology1, 349:second ray are dynamic and recur in a regular rhythm at this time and during the twenty-fivePsychology1, 352:and produce a steady heartbeat and a regular rhythm in the solar system. The three rays of aspectPsychology1, 361:ray will foster the group spirit, and the rhythm of the group, the objectives of the group, and thePsychology1, 365:ritual, or through the imposition of a regular rhythm, for rhythm is what really designates aPsychology1, 365:through the imposition of a regular rhythm, for rhythm is what really designates a ritual. When
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